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About CSPG

2014 CSPG Board

Executive Committee 

President – Dale Leckie
Education: B.Sc. (Honours), University of Alberta (1977); M.Sc., McMaster University (1979);
Ph.D., McMaster University (1984)
Experience: Petro-Canada (1983-1985); Geological Survey of Canada (1985-1998);
Nexen Energy ULC (1998 – present)



CSPG Conference Organization; Co-Organizer of 2009 CSPG William C. Gussow Geoscience Conference “Towards Sustainable Oil Sands Development.” Oct 5-7, 2009, Banff, Canada; Co-Chaired 1988 CSPG Conference on Sequences, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology: Surface and Subsurface (1100 delegates); CSPG Technical Luncheon Presentations – 2009, 2004, 1997, 1995, 1996a, 1996b, 1993, 1987, 1985.
Publications: Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology – 16 papers; CSPG Memoirs and others – 6 papers; Edited CSPB Books, Co-Editor of CSPG 1988 Memoir 15, Sequences, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology: Surface and Subsurface, Leckie, D.A. and Barclay, J.E. 2011. Gas Shale of the Horn River Basin – Discovery, Potential and Future, CSPG Publication; Numerous CSPG Core Conference and Field Trip publications; CSPG Gussow Conference Committee Chair – 2011/12.
Awards: CSPG Medal of Merit (2005), best paper in Canadian Petroleum Geology; CSPG Service Award1996/97; CSPG Link Award 1995; CSPG Medal of Merit (1987), best paper in Canadian Petroleum Geology; CSPG Distinguished Lecturer 1986; CSPG Honourable Mention, Best Ph.D thesis (1985); Several AAPG and SEPM awards.
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Tel:     403.613.0458


President Elect – Tony Cadrin
Education: B.Sc. Geology, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Saskatchewan (1985);
Ph.D Geology, University of Saskatchewan (1992)
Experience: Geologist, PanCanadian (1991-1997); Geologist, Anderson Exploration (1997-2000); Geologist, Startech (2000-2001); Geologist, Impact/Thunder Energy (2001-2005); Geoscience Manager, Thunder Energy Trust (2005-2006); VP Geosciences, Thunder Energy Trust/ Sword Energy/Journey Energy (2006-Present).
Memberships: CSPG, AAPG, APEGA, CSEG
CSPG Member since 1984. Student Industry Field Trip Committee member/Chair (1991-1996); Convention Technical Committee ans session Chair (1988); CSPG Services Director (1998-1999); CSPG Program Director (2001); Tech Lunch Committee Chair/ Link Committee (2002-2005); CSPG Webcasts Program (2003-2004); CSPG Committee on Conventions/JACC (2005-2010); 2010 GeoCanada Convention (2010); CSPG East Coast Ambassador (2013).
CSPG Awards: CSPG Volunteer Award; CSPG Services Award; CSPG Tracks Award;
CSPG Presidents Award 2009
  Contact Information: Email:
Tel:     403.303.3493


Past President – Paul MacKay
Education: B.Sc.(Honours, Geological Sciences), Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario (1980);
Ph.D. in Geology, University of Calgary (1991).
Experience: Geologist/Geophysicist, Amoco Canada (1980-1993); Structural Geologist, Morrison Petroleum (1993-1996); Exploration Manager-Foothills, Northstar Energy (1996-1999); Principal, GeoConsultants Ltd. (1999-2010); President, Shale Exploration (2010-2011); President, Shale Petroleum (2012-Present); Adjunct Professor, University of Calgary (2005-present). Lecturer for numerous industry courses on Structural Geology and Fractures (1995-present).
Memberships: CSPG, AAPG, APEGA, CSEG
Speaker at several conferences and luncheons; Structural Division Chair (1993-1994); Visiting Petroleum Lecturer (1995, 2010), Editor (Bulletin), Triangle Zone Volume – Special Issue (1996); Canadian Petroleum CSPG Executive, Program Director (2000-2001); CSPG/CSEG/CWLS Annual Convention Co-Chair – Recovery (2011); GeoConvention (JAC) steering committee (present); CSPG Executive Committee 2012Vice President.
CSPG Awards: CSPG Service Award; CSPG Tracks Award; CSPG President's Award; CSEG/CSPG/CWLS Best-Integrated Geology and Geophysics Paper for the National Convention Geotriad; GeoCanada (2010), National Convention for the CSPG, CSEG, CWLS, GAC/MAC – Best Geology Paper; CSPG President's Award 2011
  Contact Information: Email:
Tel:     403.457.3930 ext. 305



Finance Director – Gord Stabb
Education B.Sc. Geology, University of Toronto (1981).
Experience Unocal Canada Ltd., Exploration and Development Geologist, P&NG (1981-1992); Gulf Canada Resources Ltd., Development and Oilsands Geologist (1993-1998); Durando Resources Corp., Consulting Oilsands Geologist (1999-2006); Southern Pacific Resource Corp., V.P. Exploration Oil Sands (2006-2009); Canadian Heavy Oil Association; Technical Director, Board (2008-2010); Durando Resources Corp., Consulting Oilsands Geologist (2009-Present).
Memberships:   CSPG, APEGA, CHOA.
Basin Analysis & Sequence Stratigraphy Division: (2002 to 2009); Publication Indexing Committee: (1983 to 2004); Conference Presenter: Geologic Considerations in Horizontal Well Placement for McMurray Fm Thermal Exploitation: Case Example, Surmont Alberta (1999). Nisku Sedimentology, Meekwap to Sturgeon Lake (1991). Application of 3-D modeling to Leduc Exploration (CSEG 1986).
Awards: CSPG Service Award (2011).
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Tel:     403.819.8778

Finance Director Elect – Astrid Arts
Education: B.Sc. (Honours), Geology, University of Alberta (1995)
M.Sc., Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta (2000)
Experience: ConocoPhillips Canada/Conoco/Gulf/Crestar (1998-2006), Barrick Energy (2011-2013), Cenovus Energy (2013-Present).
Memberships: CSPG, AAPG, APEGA, SPE
Digging Deeper Convention - Core Conference sub-committee (1999), Rock the Foundation Convention - Special Events Chair (2001), Diamond Jubilee Convention - Publicity & Marketing Chair (2002), Educational Trust Fund - Director (2003), CSPG Executive - Services director (2004- 2005), Chair Electronic Communications Committee (2005-2009)
Awards: CSPG Tracks Award (2002, 2009), CSPG Service Award (2001, 2005, 2010)
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Tel:     403.766.5862


Director – Alexis Anastas
Education: B.Sc. in Earth Science, University of Toronto (1988); M.Sc. in Geology, University of Waterloo (1992); Ph.D. in Geological Science, Queen’s University at Kingston (1997)
Experience: Geologist, Amoco and BP Canada (1997-2003); Sedimentologist, Devon Canada (2003-2006); Staff Geologist,
Nexen Energy ULC (2006-present).
Memberships: CSPG, AAPG
CSPG Convention Short Courses Chair (1997), Joint Annual Core Conference Chair (2012, 2013).
Awards: CSPG Service Award (1997).
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Director – Andrew Fox
Education: B.Sc. (Geology), Laurentian University (1985); M.Sc. (Geology), University of Alberta (1988).
Experience: Geologist, Dome Petroleum (1988); Geologist, Amoco Canada (1988-1998); Geologist, BP Canada (1998-2004), VP Resource Development, MEG Energy (2004-2011), Senior Advisor Subsurface, MEG Energy (Present).
Memberships: CSPG, APEGA, CHOA
CSPG Activities: SIFT Committee (1992-1997); Environment Division Chair (2004 to Present).
Awards: CSPG Volunteer Award (2007), CSPG Service Award (2010, 2011).
  Contact Information: Email:
Tel:     403.770.5345


Director – Milovan Fustic
Education: B.Sc. (Honours), University of Belgrade, Serbia (1993);
Ph.D., University of Calgary, Canada (2010)
Experience: Naftagas (1993-1994); Magnohrom (1994-1997); TIH Consulting Ltd. (1997 – 2000); Albian Sands Inc. (2000-2004); Petroleum Reservoir Group, University of Calgary (2004-2006); Nexen Energy ULC (2006-2011); Statoil Canada Ltd. (2011 – present)


CSPG Activities: CSPG Technical Chair for GeoConvention 2013; CSPG GeoConvention Session Chair (2009, 2011); CSPG Technical Luncheon Presentation 2013; CSPG Short Course and Field Trip Instructor (2010 – present)
Awards:  CSPG Medal of Merit (2011), best paper in Canadian Petroleum Geology; CSPG Medal of Merit Honourable Mention (2009), Geoscience Advancements (2002)
  Contact Information: Email:
Tel:     403-724-3307


Director – Michael LaBerge

Education: B.Sc. (Honours, Geology and Biology), Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia (1977).
Experience: Geologist, Amoco Canada Petroleum Company Limited (1977 – 1980); Geologist, Flame Oil & Gas Ltd. (1980 – 1985); Exploration Manager, Vanguard Petroleum Limited (1985 – 1989); VP Exploration, Tarragon Oil and Gas Limited (1990 – 1991); Consulting Geologist/ Co-Manager Exploration Geology/ District Manager. Crestar Energy Inc. (1991 – 1999); Geologist, Channel Energy Inc. (1999 – 2005); VP Exploration, SunOcean Energy Ltd. (2005 – 2007); VP Exploration, Tuscany Energy Ltd (2007), Partner, Intercept Resources Inc. (2007 - 2008); Geologist, Channel Energy Inc. (2008 - 2011); Senior Exploration Geologist, Surge Energy Inc. (2010-2013); Geologist, Channel Energy Inc. (present).
Memberships: CSPG, AAPG
Advisory Committee for the Advantage Program (1994-1995),
Classic Gold Committee (1993-2013)
Awards: CSPG Service Award (1994,2009,2010,2011); CSPG Tracks Award (2012)
  Contact Information:  Email:
Tel:     403.301.3739

Director – Robert Mummery
Education: McMaster University, Ph.D. Geology (1973),
Univ. of Western Ontario, Hons. B.Sc. Geology (1968)
Experience: District Geologist/Chief Staff Geologist; Home Oil(1997-1980); Chief Geologist/Vice President-Interpretation/Vice; President-Seieslog, Executive Vice President – Teknica Resource Development Ltd. (1982-1989), Manager Strategic; Exploration Projects/Foothills Team Leader/Northern Team Leader – Wascana/Saskoil (1989-1997); Founder/Vice; President – Exploration - Golden Eagle Energy Corp. (2003-2006) Director – Unbridled Energy Corp., Director – Altima Resources Inc.(2009); Almandine Resources Inc. (1997-Present)
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Director – Weishan Ren
Education: B.Eng. Petroleum Geological Exploration, Southwest Petroleum Institute, P. R. China (1992); M.Sc. Petroleum Engineering, University of Alberta (2002);
Ph.D. Petroleum Engineering, University of Alberta (2007).
Experience: SINOPEC China (1992-1997); Centre for Computational Geostatistics, University of Alberta (2003-2006); Geostatistician, Surmont geomodeling advisor, ConocoPhillips Canada (2006-2011); Principle geologist/geomodeler, Statoil Canada (2011-present).
Memberships: CSPG.
Chair of geomodeling committee (2007-2012); 2011 Gussow Conference organizing committee; Geomodeling session chair in GeoConvention (2008, 2009).
Publications: Published 20+ technical papers as principle or co-author relating to geostatistics, geomodeling, and reservoir engineering.
Awards: CSPG Volunteer Award (2007-2010), CSPG Service Awards (2011).
  Contact Information: Email:
Tel:     403.724.0325

Director – Darren Roblin
Education: B.Sc.E (Honours, Geological Engineering), Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario (1997); MBA, University of Calgary - Haskayne School of Business (2013).
Experience: Geophysicist, Crestar Energy (1997-2000), Senior Geophysicist, BonaVista Energy (2000-2003), Geophysical Advisor, NuVista Energy (2003-2012), Exploration Manager, Shale Petroleum (2012), Geophysical Manager, Marquee Energy (2012-2013), Chief Geophysicist, Endurance Energy (2013- Present).
Memberships: CSPG, AAPG, APEGA, CSEG
  Contact Information:  Email:
Tel:     587.233.0784