Awards Overview

Every year the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists presents a variety of awards to recognize technical achievements and excellence in volunteerism. To learn more about the individual awards and recipients please use the links below.

Technical Awards
Award Description
Stanley Slipper Gold Medal The Stanley Slipper Gold Medal was established in 1989 and is the CSPG's most prestigious award. The award is named for Mr. Stanley E. Slipper (1890-1982) who was the Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists first President and a pioneer of early exploration efforts in Alberta.
R.J.W. Douglas Medal Presented annually for outstanding contributions to the understanding of sedimentary geology in Canada, commending major contributions to regional tectonics, petroleum and structural geology. The award is open to all geologists who follow the example of Bob Douglas in contributing to the development of Canadian sedimentary, petroleum and structural geology.
Honourary Membership Awarded for distinguished service to the Society.
Link Award Given for the best oral presentation by a current CSPG Member at one of the Society's Technical Luncheon meetings. Topics of the presentations must be either geological or a related technical subject, and must be presented in Calgary by a CSPG member.
Medal of Merit Awarded annually to authors of the best paper published during the previous year on a subject related to the petroleum geology of Canada. A medal is presented to each author on the paper.


Volunteer Awards
Award Description
President's Special Recognition
Presented to individual CSPG Members, institutions, or organizations whose sustained efforts have brought great honour and distinction to the Society and to the geoscience community, or have provided significant, outstanding and sustained contributions to Canadian petroleum geology.
President's Award The highest volunteer award presented in a year. It recognizes a current CSPG Member who has contributed to the society through outstanding service, and is chosen by the CSPG President at the end of their operating year.
Tracks Award Presented to CSPG Members who have made outstanding contributions to the society through committee or other work, very few of these are given out each year. It is designed to recognize individuals who have set new standards of excellence within the Society – those who have made "tracks" for others to follow. Citation of volunteer history required with nomination.
Partnership Tracks Award Presented to non-CSPG members or non-geologists who have made outstanding contributions to the welfare and prestige of CSPG.
H.M. Hunter Award Presented to CSPG members who have provided long-term service to the society in a variety of capacities. Citation of volunteer history required with nomination.
Service Award Given to members of the CSPG who have contributed to the welfare of the society through Committee or other volunteer work, generally awarded for 5-10 years of Service on a Committee and for exiting committee chairs, or volunteer service on multiple committees.
Volunteer Award Presented every year to those members of the CSPG who have demonstrated significant service to the society through volunteer work, presented for at least 2 years of service on a committee, recognizing committee members who have demonstrated commitment to the Society's needs.


Student Awards
Award Description
Andrew D. Baillie Awards Presented for the Best Student Oral and the Best Student Poster Presentations at the annual convention.
Graduate Thesis Awards Eligible theses are either produced in a Canadian university, regardless of project location, or deal with a Canadian sedimentary/petroleum geology topic, regardless of university of origin.
Undergraduate Student Awards Awarded to up and coming Geology or Earth Science students who demonstrate a keen interest and flair for geology, particularly as it pertains to soft-rock geology and oil and gas exploration and development.
Student Conference Awards
AESRC Award Best oral presentation of a paper at the AESRC.
AUGC Award Awarded to an undergraduate student for the best presentation of a geological paper. A paper that is read should be given a lower rating. The CSPG Trophy is presented to the winner at the AUGC banquet, preferably by a member or representative of the CSPG, and will reside at the winner's university for one year.
WIUGC Award Awarded for the best presentation of a geological paper at the Western Inter-University Geosciences Conference. The CSPG Award is presented to the winner at the WIUGC banquet, usually by a member of the CSPG University Outreach Committee.