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Undergraduate Student Scholarships


There will be three (3) scholarships in the amount of $1000 each which will be awarded across Canada by region plus one (1) scholarship of $1000 not restricted by region. Regions are defined as follows:
  1. Atlantic & Quebec Universities
  2. Central / Ontario Universities
  3. Western Universities
  4. Unrestricted by Region

This scholarship is sponsored by:


To provide recognition to up and coming Geology or Earth Science students who demonstrate a keen interest and flair for geology, particularly as it pertains to soft-rock geology and oil and gas exploration and development. 

Deadline for applications - January 31, 2019
Click here for more information on how to apply!

2017 Recipients

West:  Callum Buchan | University of Calgary
East:  Kelsey Koerner | University of New Brunswick
Central:  Celeste Cunningham | University of Western Ontario
Regional:  Sarah Hyslop | University of Calgary
Regional:  Ryan Millar | University of Western Ontario

2016 Recipients

West:  Scott Hazell | University of British Columbia
East:  Alex Brubacher | Memorial University of Newfoundland
Central:  Eleanor Mcauley | Queen's University
Regional:  Kendra Zammit | Memorial University of Newfoundland

2015 Recipients

East:  Billy Garrison | Dalhousie University
West:  Zennon Weleschuck | University of Calgary
Central:  Rebecca Englert | McMaster University
Regional:  David Law | University of Calgary

2014 Recipients
1. Kevin Schmidt | University of Manitoba
2. Audrey-Anne Fournier | Universite de Quebec a Montreal
3. David Cray | Memorial University
4. Kienan Marion | Western University

2013 Recipients

1. Kevin Brady | McMaster University
2. Natasha Morrison | Dalhousie University
3. Omar Al-Mufti | University of Ottawa

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