Amy Fox
Amy Fox earned her undergraduate degree in Geology from the University of New Hampshire and a MSc and PhD in Geophysics from Stanford University. Between her MSc and PhD, Amy worked for a geomechanics consulting firm where she fell in love with the topic. Amy returned to Stanford as part of a research group specializing in geomechanics. After completing her PhD, she went back to the consulting company, which had grown to a global workforce of 70-80 people, to develop a technical training program.  Shortly after, Baker Hughes acquired the company, and for about 3 years Amy was in the world of corporate training and development. In that role Amy co-developed a two-week training course to introduce newly hired engineers to the company, geology, and the oil and gas industry in general. In 2011 Amy returned to to Canada and quickly tried become an active member of the Calgary energy community by organizing a local group of geomechanics experts to write a series of articles for the CSPG Reservoir. Since then Amy has continued to be active in CSPG through giving talks and chairing sessions at the GeoConvention and volunteering for two years as the chair of the Spring Education Week committees. Amy now runs her own consulting firm but continues to write, teach and volunteer both for her own professional development and to contribute back to the professional community.