Abstract Archive (2012)

Author(s) Paper Title Presentation
Acker, Rachael M.*; Stephen M. Hubbard, Thomas Hadlari Sedimentology and Stratigraphy from the Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate, Upper Devonian Imperial Formation, Northwest Territories Oral
Ackerley, Nick Estimating the Spectra of Small Events for the Purpose of Evaluating Microseismic Detectability Threshholds Poster
Ackerley, Nick; Neil Spriggs* Importance of Pre-Frack Site Surveys and Broadband Seismometers to Microseismic Monitoring Oral
Adams, Jennifer*; Steve Larter, Barry Bennett, Haiping Huang Oil Charge Migration in the Peace River Oil Sands and Surrounding Region Oral
Aderoju, Titi*; Stephen L. Bend The Bakken Formation of Saskatchewan: A High Resolution Geochemical Evaluation Poster
Ahmadi, Amin Baharvand*; Igor Morozov Anisotropic Frequency-Dependent Spreading of Seismic Waves from VSP Data Analysis Oral
Akram, Jubran*; David Eaton Adaptive Microseismic Event Detection and Automatic Time Picking Oral
Akther, Shamima*; Jinyeon Hwang, Hyomin Lee The Sedimentation Behavior of Two Commercial Bentonites with the Additives of Polymers and Water Qualities: Used for Drilling Fluids Oral
Al-Khaled, Osman*; Yousef Al-Zuabi, Keith Edwards, Mohammad Hafez, Denny Sulistiono Geostatistical Inversion in Carbonate and Clastic Reservoirs: Oilfield Case Studies from Kuwait Oral
Almutlaq, Mahdi H.*; Gary F. Margrave Surface-consistent Matching Filter for Time-Lapse Processing Oral
Amorim, Elisa*; Yasin Hajizadeh, Long Nghiem, Mario Costa Sousa Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Optimization Algorithms and Large Parameter Spaces for Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering Poster
Amorim, Ronan*; Emilio Vital Brazil, Daniel Patel, Mario Costa Sousa Interactive Reservoir Geomodelling from Uncertainty Oral
Anagaw, Amsalu Y.*; M. D. Sacchi Full Waveform Inversion using Blended Acquisition Geometry Oral
Angiel, Piotr J.*; A. Guy Plint Tectonic and Eustatic Controls on the Distribution of Sandstone and Hot Mudstone: The Goodrich-Shaftesbury Transition, Upper Albian and Lower Cenomanian, NE British Columbia Oral, Poster
Armbruster, Meghan Improving Shale Reservoir Evaluation Using Digital Rock Physics for Smarter Core Plug Sampling Oral
Artman, Brad; Ben Witten, Brad Birkelo* Pre-survey Planning for Microseismic Monitoring Projects Poster
Askari, Roohollah*; Robert J. Ferguson, Kristof DeMeersman Estimation of Group Velocity using Slant Stack Generalized S Transform Based Method Oral
Baig, Adam M.*; Ted I. Urbancic, Shoshana B. Goldstein Structural Controls on the Vertical Growth of Microseismicity Revealed Through Moment Tensor Inversion Oral
Baig, Adam M.*; Ted I. Urbancic, Eric von Lunen, Jason Hendrick Towards Using Seismic Moment Tensor Inversions to Infer Reservoir Rock Properties Oral
Bale, Richard*; Tobin Marchand, Keith Wilkinson, Kurt Wikel, Robert Kendall Processing 3-C Heavy Oil Data for Shallow Shear-wave Splitting Properties Oral
Bancroft, John C.*; Thais Guirigay, Helen Isaac Image Enhacement After Migration Oral
Bancroft, John C.*; Thais Guirigay, Helen Isaac Imaging Oblique Reflectors with Prestack Migration Oral
Baniak, Greg M.*; Murray K. Gingras and S. George Pemberton Reservoir Characterization of Burrow-Mottled Dolomites: Devonian Wabamun Group, West-Central Alberta, Canada Core
Banks, Graham Porosity Types in the Prolific Carbonate Reservoirs of northern Iraq Oral
Baranova, Valentina; Azer Mustaqeem*, Danson Mburu, Francis Karanja Neural Network Application for Frontier Exploration: East/Central African Rift Example Poster
Barclay, J. (Jim) E.*; Andrew R. Vogan Geological Mentoring and Training – ConocoPhillips Canada initiatives Oral
Batchelor, Christine L.*; Julian A. Dowdeswell, Jeffrey T. Pietras Reflection Seismic Investigations of the Beaufort Sea Margin Oral
Bégin, Normand Influence of Pre-Existing Late Cretaceous Extensional Faulting and Foredeep Basin Geometry on the Origin and Extent of a Pliocene-Age Triangle Zone in the Zagros Mountain Belt of S.E. Kurdistan Oral
Bell, J.S.; Larry S. Lane*, Sarah Saad The Stress Regime of the Liard Basin, Western Canada Oral
Bennett, Barry*; Magda Ciulavu Exploiting the Natural Variation in Fluid Properties in Heavy Oil and Oil Sands Reservoirs: Geochemical Fingerprinting Supporting Well Placement Oral
Bennett, Barry*; Norka Marcano, Steve Larter Geochemical Insights into the Oil Charging and Degradation Systematics of the Grosmont Bitumen Accumulation Oral
Bistran, Rares*; David Herbers, Murray Gingras, John-Paul Zonneveld, and S. George Pemberton Core Examples from Modern Estuarine Tidal Bars, Tillamook Bay, Oregon Core
Blackwood, Chris An Effective Medium Model for a Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Undergoing CO2 Flood at Weyburn Field, Saskatchewan Oral
Boisvert, Jeff B. Incorporating Complex Geological Features into Geostatistical Property Modeling Oral
Bonar, David*; Mauricio Sacchi Non-Local Means Denoising of Seismic Data Oral
Boroumand, Neda*; Dave W. Eaton Comparing Energy Calculations: Hydraulic Fracturing and Microseismic Monitoring Oral
Boroumand, Neda*; Henry Bland Noise and its Effect on Microseismic Event Locations Oral
Borsato, Ron*; Jennifer Greenhalgh, Mark Martin, Tom Ziegler, Paul Markwick, Andy Quallington Conjugate Margins: An Exploration Strategy Oral, Poster
Boyd, John A Review of the APEGGA Practice Standard for Quality Inspection of Geophysical Data Oral
Boyd, Ron Stratigraphic Techniques and their Application to the Upper Mannville of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin Oral
Broger, E.J. Kevin Brazil & West Africa Petroleum Systems: Are They Perfect Analogs? Oral
Broger, E.J. Kevin Merging Technical and Regulatory Expertise to Bring Onshore Resources to Production in the Amazon Oral
Burns, Chris*; Teddy Seyed, Ken Bradley, Russ Duncan, Aaron Balasch, Frank Maurer, Mario Costa Sousa Multi-Surface Visualization of Fused Hydrocarbon Microseep and Reservoir Data Poster
Butler, Patrick Strong Noise – Removal and Replacement on Seismic Data Oral, Poster
Butler, Patrick White Noise Supression in the Time Domain – Part I Oral, Poster
Butler, Patrick White Noise Supression in the Time Domain – Part II Oral, Poster
Campbell, Adrienne*; Winnie Pun, Bernd Milkereit Investigation of the Relationship between Seismic Velocity Dispersion Principles and the Permeability of Subsurface Porous Materials Poster
Cann, Blair*; Rudi Meyer Permeability Trends within Sandstones, Conglomerates, and Mud Laminated Sandstones of the Viking Formation, Joffre Field, Central Alberta Poster
Cant, Doug*; Michael Staniland Falher-Notikewin and Glauconite-Wilrich Liquids-Rich Gas Plays, Alberta Oral
Cary, Peter*; Mike Perz 5D Interpolation and COV Migration: An Ideal Marriage Oral
Cary, Peter*; Mike Perz High Resolution 5D Interpolation: Measuring and Compensating for 5D Leakage Oral
Catuneanu, Octavian International Subcommission on Stratigraphic Classification: Guidelines for Sequence Stratigraphy Oral
Chalmers, Gareth R.*; R. Marc Bustin, Amanda M.M. Bustin Geological Controls on Permeability of Gas Shales: Examples from the Triassic Montney/Doig Formations and Devonian Strata of the Horn River Basin, northeastern British Columbia, Canada Oral
Chan, Judith S.*; Douglas R. Schmitt, Jochem Kueck Log Analysis of Fractures in a Deep Borehole, Northeastern Alberta Oral
Chatellier, Jean-Yves*; Michael Chatellier Importance of Low Angle Migration Paths in Alberta – Detection and 3-D Visualization Oral
Chen, Zhuoheng*; James Dietrich, Kirk G. Osadetz, Yexin Liu Petroleum Resource Potential of the Canada (Amerasian) Basin Rift Margin of the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, Arctic Canada Oral
Cheng, Peng*; Gary F. Margrave Q Estimation by a Match-Filter Method Oral
Chiu, Stephen K.*; Jack Howell, Jason A Stein, Samik Sil, Jeff Malloy Application of Target-oriented VVAZ on Relatively Thin Fracture Reservoir Oral
Cho, David*; Craig Coulombe, Scott McLaren, Kevin Johnson, Gary F. Margrave Seismic Fracture Detection in the Second White Speckled Shale: Anisotropic Perspectives on an Isotropic Workflow Oral
Choi, Albert*; Jeffrey Pietras, Don Tanasichuk, Richard Tozer Athabasca Oilsands Caprock Integrity: A Regional Minimum Principal Stress Model Oral
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt J. Marfurt Which Curvature is Right For You? – Part 1 Oral, Poster
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt J. Marfurt Which Curvature is Right For You? – Part 2 Oral, Poster
Connolly, Patrick Inversion & Integration – in a geological framework Oral
Cooper, Byron D.*; Kirby Nicholson, Derry MacFarlane, Robert Cluff, Elizabeth Roberts Defining and Targeting Pay in Colorado Group Gas Shales, East Central Alberta Oral
Coulman, Trevor*; Igor Morozov Investigating Physical Mechanisms of Seismic Anelasticity Poster
Chou, Queena*; Mark Rabin Clearwater Fm Caprock Integrity Assessment, Saleski, Alberta Poster
Chowdhury, Md. Mizanul Huq*; Douglas R. Schmitt Seismic Behaviour of CO2 Saturated Fontainebleau Sandstone Under In Situ Conditions Poster
Cox, Leif H.; Glenn A. Wilson, Michael S. Zhdanov, Jonathan Rudd*, John Wilson Large-scale 3D Inversion of Helicopter Electromagnetic Surveys for Oil Sands Exploration near Fort McMurray, Alberta Oral
Dembicki, Eugene A.*; Tom J. Podivinsky Geological and Geophysical Evaluation of the Leduc Formation in northeastern Alberta, Canada Oral
Dorey, Kathleen*; Brad Hayes Geophysical Evaluation of the Kakapo Miocene Prospect, Taranaki Basin, Offshore New Zealand Oral
Downton, Jon*; Benjamin Roure Azimuthal Fourier Coefficients: A Simple Method to Estimate Fracture Parameters Oral
Duhault, John L. J. Cardium Formation Hydraulic "Frac" Microseismic: Observations and Conclusions Oral
Dunn, Jennifer Recognition of Intra-Field Variability in Contact Styles, An Example from the Hoadley Barrier Complex in south-central Alberta Core
Dunn, L.*; G. Schmidt, K. Hammermaster, M. Brown, R. Bernard, E. Wen, R. Befus, and S. Gardiner The Duvernay Formation (Devonian): Sedimentology and Reservoir Characterization of a Shale Gas/Liquids Play in Alberta, Canada Core
Eaton, David W.*; Chad M. Hogan Crack-tip Stress Field, Coulomb Failure, and the Spectral Characteristics of Tensile Rupture Oral
Eggie, Lauren*; Nancy Chow, M.P.B. Nicolas Lithofacies Analysis and Reservoir Potential of the Duperow Formation (Upper Devonian), Williston Basin, Southwestern Manitoba Oral
Embry, Ashton Episodic Tectonism and Depositional History of the Mid-Cretaceous (Aptian-Turonian) Succession of Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Archipelago Oral
Embry, Ashton*; Benoit Beauchamp, Keith Dewing, Kirk Osadetz, Zhuoheng Chen Petroleum Resources of Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Archipelago Oral
Emsley, Simon J. Fracture and Fault Imaging From VSP Data Oral
Engel, Lynn A.*; Carmen C. Dumitrescu Case Studies Highlighting Tight Sand Reservoir Characterization from the Interpretation of AVO – Inversion Techniques Oral
Ershova, Victoria*; Andrei Khudoley, Andrei Prokopiev Rift-to-drift Transition in the Early Carboniferous of North-eastern Siberia: The Evidence from the Sedimentological Record Poster
Euzen, Tristan*; Matthew Power Well Log Cluster Analysis and Electrofacies Classification: A Probabilistic Approach for Integrating Log with Mineralogical Data Oral
Evans, Kate C.*; Roger B. Davies, Andrew Davies, Domenico Lodola, Richard Martin A 3D Evaluation of Reservoirs Associated with the Break-up of Alaska and Assessment of the Impact of Mantle Plumes Oral
Falkovskiy, Alex A.*; Robert Tilson, Gerry Schlosser, Elvis Floreani Bin-Sharing Stacking for 3D Converted Wave Processing Poster
Fay, Mathew*; Steve Larter, Barry Bennett, Lloyd Snowdon, Martin Fowler Petroleum Systems and Quantitative Oil Chemometric Models for Heavy Oils in Alberta and Saskatchewan to Characterize Oil-Source Correlations Oral
Ferner, Robert*; Mostafa Naghizadeh, Mauricio Sacchi Frequency Enhancement of Seismic Data via Tunable Q-factor Wavelet Transform Oral
Ferri, Filippo Unconventional Resource Potential of the Intermontane Basins, British Columbia Oral
Fic, Julianne D.*; Per Kent Pedersen Reservoir Characterization and Variability of the Tight Oil Play of the Cardium Formation in East Pembina – Alberta Oral
Fiess, Kathryn M. The Hydrocarbon Potential of the Birdbear Formation, South Eastern Saskatchewan – Preliminary Results Oral
Flynn, Jessica*; Burns Cheadle Integration of Allostratigraphy with Organic Geochemistry: Implications for Stratigraphic and Spatial Distribution of Organic Matter in a Foreland Basin Poster
Fraser, Adam*; Per Kent Pedersen A High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Framework in the Cardium Formation, West Pembina Boundary, Alberta, Canada Poster
Freer, Carley M.*; Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, Michael A. Murphy Microseismic Monitoring and Structural Interpretation of Reactivated Laramide Fractures North-Central New Mexico Oral
Gagliardi, Peter G.*; Don C. Lawton Orientation Analysis of Borehole Geophones in Vertical and Deviated Wells: Calibration Consistency Oral
Galbraith, Mike*; Zhengsheng Yao Pseudo ARMA FX Deconvolution for Seismic Data Noise Reduction Oral
Gao, Le*; Igor Morozov Skeletonization of Potential-Field and Seismic Images Poster
Glemser, Chad*; Jeffrey MacDonald From Small Beginnings Come Great Things: Correlating Mineralogy from Thin-sections to Production History for the Panther River Tight Gas Field Oral, Poster
Grasby, Stephen E. Development of the Selwyn Range Shear Zone in Relation to Middle Miette Facies Change Oral
Gray, David*; Seann Day, Scott Shapper Eye-Openers from Re-Processing of Oil Sands Seismic Data Oral
Gray, Ken*; Jen Russel-Houston, Anne Sherman Facies Analysis and Seismic Inversion of the Grosmont Formation Oral
Green, Sam*; Stephen O'Connor, Richard Swarbrick The Challenge of Pore Pressure Prediction in Complex Environments – Jeanne d'Arc Basin, Eastern Canada Oral
Greff, Kevin*; Burns Cheadle Conventional Oil Petroleum System of the Cenomanian – Turonian Blackstone Formation, Ferrier – Willesden Green – Gilby Area, west-central Alberta Poster
Greggs, D.H.*; Murray Gilhooly Controlling Chaos: A Core-Based Approach to Managing the Complexity of the Upper Devonian Grosmont Formation Bitumen Reservoirs Core
Grifi, Meriem D.*; A. Guy Plint, Ireneusz Walaszczyk Rapidly Changing Styles of Subsidence Inferred From a High- Resolution Allostratigraphic Study of Coniacian Mudstones in southern Alberta and northwestern Montana Oral
Grob, Melanie*; Mirko van der Baan Statistics of Microseismic Events: Implications for Geomechanics Oral
Guirigay, Thais A.*; John C. Bancroft, J. Helen Isaac A Comparison of Standard Migration with EOM for Hussar Data Poster
Hadlari, Thomas*; B.C. MacLean, W.J. Davis, L.M. Heaman, K.M., Fallas, R.B., MacNaughton, D. Thomson, C.J. Schroder-Adams Detrital Zircon Geochronology of the northern Mackenzie Region: Proterozoic is the Key to the Cretaceous Oral
Hadlari, Thomas*; Dale R. Issler Natural Fracturing of the Canol Formation Oil Shale: An Unconventional Spin on the Norman Wells Oilfield Oral
Hadlari, Thomas*; K. Dewing, R.H. Rainbird, J.H. Bedard, A. Embry, T. Brent, B.R. Pratt Tectonic Interpretation of the Neoproterozoic-lower Paleozoic Franklinian Margin of the northwestern Canadian Arctic Oral
Hall, Kevin W.*; Gary F. Margrave, Malcolm B. Bertram Receiver Comparison for a Non-Repeatable Earthquake Source on the Hussar 2011 low-Frequency Seismic Experiment Oral
Hamel, Cathy M. The Hole Truth: Upper Mannville Diagenesis Oral
Hammermaster, Kristal*; G. Schmidt, L. Dunn, M. Brown, R. Bernard, E. Wen, R. Befus, S. Gardiner The Duvernay Formation (Devonian): An Emerging Shale Liquids Play in Alberta, Canada Oral
Han, Jiajun*; Mirko van der Baan Inversion Approach to Calculate Instantaneous Frequency Oral
Han, Li*; David Bonar, Mauricio Sacchi Seismic Denoising by Time-Frequency Reassignment Poster
Hannigan, Peter K.*; David W. Morrow, Bernard C. MacLean The Mackenzie Corridor Petroleum Province, Northern Mainland of Canada Oral
Harris, Nicholas B. An Integrated Sedimentology, Geochemistry and Well Log Approach to Sequence Stratigraphy in Shale Formations Oral
Harrison, Christopher B.*; Gary Margrave, Michael Lamoureux Harmonic Decomposition of a Vibroseis Sweep using Gabor Analysis Oral
Hartel, Tim H.D.*; Barry C. Richards, C. Willem Langenberg Wabamun, Bakken Equivalent Exshaw and Banff Formations in Core, Cuttings and Outcrops from southern Alberta Oral, Core
Hassan, Hassan H.*; Janine Weber Shock Filter: A Powerful Tool to Map Basement Blocks and Faults in the Peace River Arch of Alberta Based on Magnetic Signatures Poster
Hathway, Benjamin*; Glen Prior, Christopher Banks Regional Subsurface and Outcrop Correlations of the Albian Loon River Formation, Fort St. John Group, northwestern Alberta Poster
Hauck, T.E.*; J. Peterson*, A. Melnik*, S. Bachu Geology and Hydrogeology of the Basal Aquifer in the Prairie Region of Canada: Characterization for CO2 Storage Poster
Hausmanis, Paul The CSEG Mentorship Program Oral
Hayden, Doug*; Lisa Griffith Applications of Core and Drill Cuttings Data – Professional and Ethical Issues Oral
Hayes, Brad J. Unconventional Oil and Gas Potential of Yukon Territory Oral
Hayes, Sean; Tony Wain* Save Money, Make Money, Make More Money, and Make it More Efficiently – Using Integrated Subsurface Geomodels for Commercial Success in Smaller Oil & Gas Corporations Oral
Haynes, Simon*; Dawn Hodgins, Stephen Dryer Attraction of University Students to Petroleum Geosciences – A Snapshot of the CSPG Outreach Program Oral
Hernandez, Melissa*; Kris Innanen, Joe Wong Inverse Scattering Internal Multiple Prediction on Physical Modeling Data Poster
Hendrick, Jason*; Eric von Lunen, Sheri Bowman Decimating a Microseismic Dataset: How Many Events are Needed to Properly Sample Hydraulic Fracture Stages with a Multi-Array Monitoring Program? Poster
Hendrick, Jason*; Eric von Lunen, Sheri Bowman The Effects of Optimal Positioning of Multiple Borehole Microseismic Arrays for Monitoring Hydraulic Fracture Treatments Oral
Henley, David C. Getting Something for Nothing: Noise Attenuation in an Aliased World Oral
Herd, Larry The Changing Face of Geosciences in the 21st Century, and What You Need to Know to Survive Once You Get There Oral
Herrera, Roberto H.*; Mirko van der Baan Automated Seismic-to-well Ties Using Dynamic Time Warping Oral
Herrera, Roberto H.*; Mirko van der Baan Short-time Wavelet Estimation in the Homomorphic Domain Oral
Hildred, Gemma V.*; Craig Rice Using High Resolution Chemostratigraphy to Determine Well-bore Pathways in Multilateral Drilling Campaigns: An Example From the Horn River Formation, British Columbia, Canada Poster
Hill, Cal The Changing Role of Oil & Gas Regulation: the ERCB between now and 2020 Oral
Holley, Eric*; Mathieu Molenaar, Ben Banack, Erkan Fidan Interpreting Uncemented Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Completion Effectiveness Using Fiber-Optic DTS Injection Data Oral
Hornby, Brian Borehole Geophysics: Recent Progress, Challenges, and the Road Ahead Oral
Hosseini, Amir H.*; Hong Feng, Abu Yousuf, Tony Kay Time to Depth Conversion and Uncertainty Characterization for SAGD Base of Pay in the McMurray Formation Oral, Poster
Hsieh, Jean C.C.*; Normand Begin and Ross Deutscher Reservoir Quality Development in the Oligocene of the Topkhana-1 Well, Block 39, Kurdistan, Iraq Core
Hu, Kezhen*; Zhuoheng Chen, Keith Dewing, Ashton Embry, Yexin Liu Hydrocarbon Reservoir Evaluation in Triassic-Jurrasic Strata in the Western Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands Poster
Huggins, Ken*; S. Mohammad, S. Sharuddin, N. Rashid, Z.i Zahari, H. Hassan, I. Marzuki, N. Ishak, M. Machala, K. Adesina, C.Y. Lee, J. Loaiza A Field Study of the Montney Shale in British Colombia, Canada: An Organic Shale Development Roadmap for Existing Wells Oral, Poster
Hunt, Lee*; Bruce Palmiere, Hans den Boer, John Boyd, Mark Sykes, Doug Uffen,Charles Welsh A Practical Perspective on APEGGA's Guideline for Ethical Use of Geophysical Data Oral
Hunter, Ian G.*; Geoff Wilcox Duvernay Shale – An Unconventional Reservoir Core
Irvine, Janelle*; Catherine Reid, Kari Bassett The Sedimentary Record of the Transition from Passive to Active Tectonic Settings; North Canterbury Basin, New Zealand Poster
Isaac, J. Helen*; Gary F. Margrave Hurrah for Hussah! Analysis of Stacked Data from a Low-Frequency Seismic Data Acquisition Experiment at Hussar, Alberta Oral
Issler, Dale A Standardized Approach to Optical Thermal Maturity Assessment with Application to the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, Arctic Canada Oral
Jackson, Kevin W.*; Per Kent Pederse, Larry S. Lane Albian-Cenomanian Stratigraphy and Petroleum Systems, Eagle Plain Basin, Yukon Oral
Jans, Patricia*; Michael Shepley*, George Magarian, Joe Recsky and Tristan Rugg Rocking the Viking: Reservoir Quality and Net Pay Determination in the Bioturbated (Shaley Sand) Viking Formation of Western Canada Core
Jauer, Christopher D.*; Gordon N. Oakey, Mike Avery, Graham Williams, Hans Wielens The Saglek Basin in the Labrador Sea; Past Exploration History, Current Estimates and Future Opportunities Oral
Jiang, Peng*; Burns Cheadle Pore Morphometrics and Thermal Evolution of Organic-Matter Microporosity, Colorado Group, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Poster
Jin, Hongzheng; Min Yang, Ping Wang, Yan Huang*, Mervyn J. Parry, Yvonne Paisant-Allen MWD for Shallow Water Demultiple: A Hibernia Case Study Oral
Johnson, James*; Lisa Holmstrom, Satwant Diocee, Rob Tilson, Sean Johnston Rock Physics Inversion: A Montney Case Study Oral, Poster
Johnson, Stacy M.*; Shahin E. Dashtgard Sedimentology and Ichnology of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification in a Mixed Tidal-Fluvial Setting: Middle Arm, Fraser River, British Columbia Oral
Jones, Brittan M.*; James A. MacEachern Integrated Ichnology and Sedimentology of Mixed River- and Wave-Influenced Delta Complexes, Upper Cretaceous Basal Belly River Fm, Central Alberta, Canada Core
Juss, Darren P.*; Ronald J. Spencer, Thomas C. Weedmark, Francois Marechal Applications of Portable XRF for Chemical Stratigraphy: Horn River Basin Poster
Kazemi, N.*; H. R. Siahkoohi Local Stretch Zeroing NMO Correction Oral
Keighley, Dave Chemostratigraphic Correlation and Early Phosphogenesis of Carbonate (Oil-) Shale Beds in the Green River Formation, Utah Oral
Kelly, Byron M.*; Don C. Lawton Monitoring Active Steam Injection through Time-Lapse Seismic Refraction Surveys Oral, Poster
Kendall, Rob*; Kurt Wikel Multicomponent Time-Lapse Monitoring of Bitumen Recoveryand Geomechanical Implications Oral
Kent,Don*; John Lake* Entrenched Channels within the Mississippian Frobisher Beds of Southeast Saskatchewan: Tidal Influence on Reservoir Quality Core
Khan, Safdar; Sajjad Ansari, Nader Khosravi Prudent and Integrated Approach to Understanding Wellbore Stability in Canadian Foothills to Minimize Drilling Challenges and Non-Productive Time Oral
Khaniani, Hassan*; John C. Bancroft, Gary F. Margrave, Eric von Lunen Full Waveform Inversion Algorithm using Time Imaging Methods Oral
Khatchatrian, Valentina Fourier Domain Regularization 5D and More Oral
Kofman, Randolf S.*; Lucas L. Duerksen and Douglas R. Schmitt, Todd Brown A Portable Core Imaging Scanner Core
Kohlruss, Dan*; Erik Nickel Understanding Saskatchewan's Middle Bakken Oil Trapping Mechanisms Oral
Kreimer, Nadia*; Mauricio D. Sacchi Tensor Unfolding Principles and Applications to Rank Reduction Reconstruction and Denoising Oral
Kukulski, Ross B.*; M. Keegan Raines, Brett D. Miles, Stephen M. Hubbard An Updated Stratigraphic Nomenclature for Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Strata in the Alberta Deep Basin; Minnes, Monteith or Nikanassin? Poster
Kuntz, Brent*; Per Kent Pedersen, Michelle Spila Reservoir Characterization of the Cardium Formation in the Carrot Creek Area Poster
La Croix, Andrew D.*; Shahin E. Dashtgard, James A. MacEachern Ichnological and Sedimentological Variability in IHS Across the Tidal-Fluvial Transition: McMurray Formation, Southern Athabasca Oil Sands Oral
Langenberg, Willem LiDAR, GIS and Down-plunge Cross Sections: Examples from the Livingstone Thrust Sheet and the Morcles Nappe Oral
Larter, Steve*; T. Oldenburg, N. Marcano, L. Snowdon, J. Adams, K. Chanthramonti, A. Stopford, H. Huang, F. Song, C. Laflamme, M. Ranger New Routes to Solutions of the WCSB Oil Charge Conundrum: γ- ray Photons and Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry Oral
Lavoie, Denis*; J. Dietrich, N. Pinet, P. Hannigan, S. Castonguay, P. Giles, T. Hamblin Hydrocarbon Potential of the Paleozoic basins of eastern Canada: An Assessment of Conventional Resources Oral
Lavoie, Denis*; N. Pinet, M. Duchesne, S. Zhang, J. Dietrich, K. Hu, V. Brake, E. Asselin, J. Galloway, V. Decker, J. Reyes, B. Khon, D. Armstrong, M. Nicolas, R. Bertrand New Geoscience Data for the Hudson Platform: Opening-up the Last North American Intracratonic Basin to Oil Exploration Oral
Lavoie, Denis*; Robert Thériault Upper Ordovician Shale Gas and Oil in Quebec: Sedimentological, Geochemical and Thermal Frameworks Oral
Laycock, Dallin P.*; Per Kent Pedersen, Ron J. Spencer Mudstone Aggregates and their Implications for Shale Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Oral
Lebel, Daniel "What about Transfer Zones?" – One of Eric Mountjoy's Provocative Questions Oral
Lee, Derek*; Andrew Couch, Tom Nardin Algar Lake SAGD Well Planning Oral
Lespinasse, Diane*; Christopher Clarkson, Robert Ferguson Elastic Impedance Analysis in Fruitland Coals, San Juan Basin Poster
Li, Xiang*; Felix J. Herrmann Efficient Full-waveform Inversion with Marine Acquisition Geometry Oral
Li, Xinxiang; Jeff P. Grossman* A Stable Criterion for Shear Wave Splitting Analysis Oral
Liu, Yexin*; Zhuoheng Chen, Kezhen Hu Shear Velocity Prediction and its Rock Mechanic Implications Oral
Long, Darrel G.F Cobble Berms as an Indicator of Flashy Discharge in Ephemeral River Deposits in the Precambrian and Pleistocene Oral
Long, Darrel G.F.*; Jordan Mathieu Comparing Petrographic and Paleo-Hydraulic Methods for Estimating of Paleo-Drainage Basin Size: An Example from the Cretaceous and Tertiary Bonnet Plume Basin (NTS 106E) Yukon Oral, Poster
Longfield, Stephen*; M. Dunlop, H. Slayman, S. Charbonneau, Y. Z. Ma, S. Chen Integration of Facies Analysis and Geostatistics in the 3D Modeling of South Swan Hills Devonian Reef Reservoir Oral
Lloyd, Heather J.E.*; Gary F. Margrave How Much Well Do You Need in Acoustic Impedance Inversion? Oral, Poster
Lynch, Steven Oops: An Introduction to Seismic Wavefield Visualization Oral
Lyster, Steve Quantification of Uncertainty in Shale Gas Resource Estimates Oral
Machel, Hans G.*; John E. Mylroie, Patricia N. Kambesis, Michael J. Lace, Joan R. Mylroie, Jonathan B. Sumrall Pleistocene-Holocene Karstification of Barbados and its Implications for the Devonian Grosmont Reservoir Oral
Machel, Hans G.*; Mary Borrero, Eugene Dembicki, Harald Huebscher, Luo Ping, Yi Zhao The Grosmont: A Complex Dolomitized, Fractured and Karstified Heavy Oil Reservoir in a Devonian Carbonate-Evaporite Platform Oral
Magarian, George R.*; Michael Shepley, Patricia Jans Returning to the Rocks: Where's the Oil? Assessing the Oil-In-Place Volumes from Core Data for Bioturbated Viking Sand Reservoirs of Western Canada Oral
Mahmoudian, Faranak*; Gary F. Margrave, Joe Wong AVAZ Inversion for Anisotropy Parameters of a Fractured Medium Oral
Mahmoudian, Faranak*; Gary F. Margrave, Joe Wong Physical Modeling for Azimuthal AVO over a Simulated Fractured Medium Oral, Poster
Mallamo, Mark P. Devonian Reef-builders and the Development of the Fairholme Carbonate Reef Complex, Banff-Kananaskis Country, Alberta Oral
Mahood, Robert; Matthijs Verhoef and Frank A. Stoakes* Paleozoic Stratigraphic Framework beneath the Muskeg River Mine (Twp 95, Rge 9-10W4): Controls and Constraints on Present Day Hydrogeology Core
Manzano-Kareah, Kim Petroleum Geochemistry of the Lower Cretaceous Mannville and Jurassic Ellis Groups, Southern Alberta, Canada Oral
Marcano, Norka*; Haiping Huang, Dennis Jiang, Barry Bennett A Review of Some Petroleum Geochemical Tools for the Assessment of Heavy Oil and Bitumen Reservoirs Oral
Margrave, G.F.*; M.B. Bertram, K.L. Bertram, K.W. Hall, K.A.H. Innanen, D.C. Lawton, L.E. Mewhort, T.M. Phillips, M.Hall A Field Experiment Recording Low Seismic Frequencies Oral
Marsh, Arden*; Megan Love, Melinda Yurkowski Saskatchewan Phanerozoic Fluids and Petroleum Systems Regional Stratigraphic Framework Poster
Marshall, Jonathan Aptian/Albian Reservoir Development in the Jeanne d'Arc Basin, Offshore Eastern Canada Oral
Martínez, Jaime Meléndez*; Douglas R. Schmitt, Randolph Kofman Anisotropy Measurments in a Multi-Faced Core Sample by using Pulse Transmission Method Poster
Mauger, Simon*; Lev Virine Outlook for Montney Tight Gas Oral
Maxwell, Shawn Comparitive Microseismic Interpretation of Hydraulic Fractures Oral
Maxwell, Shawn*; Zuolin Chen, Irina Nizkous, Richard Parker, Yuri Rodionov, Mike Jones Microseismic Monitoring of Ball Drops During a Sliding Sleeve Frac Poster
McCartney, Tannis*; Andrew Leier Tectonic Setting of the Lower Fernie Formation: Insights from Subsidence Analysis Oral
McMechan, Margot Structural Style and Kinematic Evolution of the Central Rocky Mountain Foothills, British Columbia and Alberta Oral
McMechan, Margot*; Elizabeth Macey Geology of the Rocky Mountains west of Calgary, Alberta in the Kananaskis West Half Map Area (82J) Poster
Medina, Andres*; Doug Schimtt, Randy Koffman, Gautier Njiekak Physical Parameter Estimation in Rock Samples via Image Analysis of Computed Micro-Tomographies (CMT) Oral, Poster
Medina, Andres*; Mirko van der Baan Monte Carlo Markov Chain Methods in Seismic Deconvolution Oral, Poster
Meisinger, Dennis*; Norm Kalmanovitch A Seismic Workstation Solution to Bakken AVO Oral
Miall, Andrew D. The Nature of the Sedimentary Record Oral
Midwinter, Derrick W.*; Martin R. Gibling, Thomas Hadlari Fluvial-Deltaic Sedimentation Affected by the P-T Extinction in the Early Triassic Bjorne Formation of the Eastern Sverdrup Basin, Nunavut, Canada Oral
Millis, Keith The Benefits of Receiver Infill Stations: A Technical and Operational Case Study Oral
Moghadam, Ali Karami*; N. Sultanum, Z.M. Filho, D.N. Miranda-Filho, H. Hamdi, J. Chen, M.C. Sousa Interactive Visual Steering for Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering Poster
Mohebati, Somayeh Hosseininejad*; Per Kent Pedersen, Ronald James Spencer, Michelle Nicolas Mineralogy, Sedimetalogy and Facies Description of a Potential Cretaceous Shale Gas Play in Western Manitoba Poster
Molgat, Marianne*; Jean-Yves Chatellier Tools to Get the Most Information from Shale Cores: An Example from the Lorraine and Utica Shales of Quebec Core
Molina, Marivi Using Geophysics to Optimize Horizontal Well Performance in the Bakken Oral
Moslow, Thomas F.*; Davin Ala Reservoir Properties and Sedimentary Characteristics of the Falher G (i.e. Wilrich) Tight Gas Resource Play, Deep Basin, Alberta Oral
Mostafa, Ahmed E.; R. Amorim, E.V. Brazil, D. Eaton, S. Carpendale, E. Sharlin, M.C. Sousa Exploratory Visual Modeling and Analysis of Microseismic Events Oral
Mukhtarov, Timur Uncertainty Space for Microseismic Event Locations using a Double Difference Algorithm Poster
Muller, Mark*; George R Magarian Resource Potential of the Peco Lower Belly River Sand Reservoirs Oral
Munson, Erik O.*; R. Marc Bustin Initial Insights into Reservoir Development of Gas and Oil Bearing Shales of the Devonian Duvernay Formation, Alberta Oral
Murphy, Pippa*; Jeannette Watson, Tom Cox Data Integration Is Critical to the Challenges in Heavy Oil Reservoirs Oral
Nagarajappa, Nirupama (Pam) Adaptive f-xy Hankel Matrix Rank Reduction Filter to Attenuate Coherent Noise Oral
Naghizadeh, Mostafa*; Mauricio Sacchi De-aliased Cadzow Reconstruction Oral
Nicol, Andrew*; Don C. Lawton Analysis of Time-lapse Multicomponent Seismic Data from a Potash Mining Area in Saskatchewan Oral, Poster
Niccoli, Matteo*; Steve Lynch A More Perceptual Color Palette for Structure Maps Oral
Nicolas, Michelle New Insights into the Three Forks Group, southwestern Manitoba: Stratigraphic Changes and New Sedimentological Model Oral
Noad, Jon Teaching Geology to Non-Geologists: Getting Back to the Rocks Oral
O'Connor, Darragh E.*; Grant D. Wach Architectural Elements of Mesozoic Rift Basin Sediments – Offshore Scotian Margin Oral
O'Connor, Stephen*; Sam Green, Richard Swarbrick, Richard Lahann Lateral Drainage in the Jeanne D'Arc and Flemish Pass Basins, East Canada Oral
Oakey, Gordon. N.*; P. N. Moir, T. Brent, K. Dickie, C. Jauer, R. Bennett, G. Williams, B. MacLean, P. Budkewitsch, J. Haggart, L. Currie The Scott Inlet – Buchan Gulf Oil Seeps: Actively Venting Petroleum Systems on the northern Baffin Margin offshore Nunavut, Canada Oral
Oh, Ju-Won; Dong-Joo Min*, Felix J. Herrmann Re-establishment of Gradient in Frequency-Domain Elastic Waveform Inversion Oral
Olajide, Oluseyi*; Stephen L. Bend 1D Petroleum Systems Modelling: An Application of McKenzie's Lithospheric Stretching Technique Poster
Osadetz, Kirk G.*; Zhuoheng Chen The Foundations of the Resource Pyramid: Canada's Other Petroleum Resources Oral
Ouellet, Josh; Charles M. Henderson* Late Paleozoic Chronostratigraphy and Tectonostratigraphy of Pericratonic Terranes near Barkerville, British Columbia Poster
Pan, Jianhua*; Robert Tilson, Gerry Schlosser, Elvis Floreani Kirchhoff Prestack Time Migration With Angle Domain Common Image Gathers Poster
Pana, Dinu*; Tim O'Brien, Ben Van Der Pluijm An Early Eocene Deformation Phase in the Alberta Portion of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Fold-and-Thrust Belt; New Evidence From 40Ar/39Ar Dating of Clay-Rich Fault Gouge Oral
Pedersen, Per Kent*; Chris Clarkson Categorization of Unconventional Tight Light Oil Plays of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral
Perez, Marco*; Bill Goodway, David Close Geomechanics, Anisotropy and LMR Oral
Perez, Marco*; David Close, Greg Purdue Rock Physics and Depositional Trends Oral
Petten, Christopher C.*; Gary F. Margrave Investigating Power Variation in First Breaks, Reflections, and Ground Roll from Different Charge Sizes Poster
Pietras, Jeffrey T*; Albert Choi, Donald Tanasichuk, Richard Tozer Mega-regional Depositional Environment Map of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin in the Middle Aptian Oral
Plint, A. Guy Mud Transport Processes on a Cretaceous Prodelta Oral
Potma, Ken*; Rene Jonk, Matthew Davie, Nick Austin A Mudstone Lithofacies Classification of the Horn River Group, British Columbia: Integrated Stratigraphic Analysis and Inversion from Wireline Log and Seismic Data Oral
Prasad, Manika Rock Physics Observations of Organic Maturity, Elastic Modulus, and Flow in Organic-Rich Rocks Oral
Price, Raymond A. The Cordilleran Foreland Thrust-and-Fold Belt in southern Canada: Plate Tectonics, Mantle Flow, Gravitational Spreading and Tectonic Heredity Oral
Pyle, Leanne J.*; Len P. Gal Devonian Horn River Group in Mackenzie Plain Area, Northwest Territories Oral, Poster
Qing, Hairuo*; Daizhao Chen, Zhijun Jin, Liguo Cai, Shaonan Zhang, Siyang Zhang Hydrothermal Alteration of the Cambrian Dolomite: Petrography and Geochemical Evidence from Deep Cores (7200-8500 m) in the Tarim Basin, Northwestern China Oral
Quigley, Laura*; Yijian Meng, Bernd Milkereit, Emmanuel Bongajum* On the Road to 3D Seismic Imaging of Massive Sulphide Deposits in a Sediment-Hosted Permafrost Environment Poster
Quinn, Garrett M. Carbonate Concretions in a Stratigraphic Framework, Clearwater Formation, Cold Lake Oil Sands, Alberta Poster
Ramdoyal, Akhil*; Nancy Chow Sedimentological Analysis and Reservoir Potential of the Lower Silurian Attawapiskat Formation, Hudson Bay Basin, Northeastern Manitoba Oral
Recsky, Joe*; Tristan Rugg Is it the Completion or the Reservoir... or Both? The Impact of Reservoir Quality on the Completion and Productivity of the Viking Formation in West Central Saskatchewan Oral
Reyes, Julito C.*; Sarah Saad and Larry S. Lane* Regional Vitrinite Thermal Maturity Trends in Eagle Plain, Yukon Poster
Rodionov, Yuri; Richard Parker, Mike Jones, Zuolin Chen, Shawn Maxwell, Tim Leslie, Larry Mathews Optimization of Stimulation Strategies Using Real-time Microseimic Monitoring in Horn River Basin Oral
Rodionov, Yuri; Richard Parker, Mike Jones, Shawn Maxwell, Chris Pan Real-time Microseismic Enables Effective Stimulation Through Actively Managed Diversion with a Montney Example Oral
Rodriguez, Vera Stochastic Simulation of Microseismic Events Not Recovered From Monitoring Records Oral
Rogers, Michael B. Water Disposal in the Upper Elk Point Carbonates under the Athabasca Oil Sands Area, N.E. Alberta Core
Rohr, Kristin M. M.*; Larry S. Lane, Bernard C. MacLean Potential Structural and Stratigraphic Traps of the Peel Plateau, Yukon Poster
Roure, Benjamin*; Jon Downton Azimuthal Fourier Coefficient Elastic Inversion Oral
Salas, Carlos J.*; Marc Charest The Notikewin – A Tough "Not" to Crack! Oral
Saleh, Ramin*; Emmanuel Bongajum, Bernd Milkereit Effects of Lateral Heterogeniety Scales on AVO Trends Poster
Sapia, Vincenzo*; Andrea Viezzoli, Greg Oldenborger Investigating the Role of Contraints from Seismic, Resistivity and Boreholes in the Inversion of Airborne EM Data Oral
Schneider, Chris L.*; Shilong Mei, Matthias Grobe, Kristine Haug Beneath the Oil Sands: Stratigraphy and Structural Features of the Devonian of Northeast Alberta Oral
Schumacher, Dietmar (Deet) Pre-Drill Prediction of Hydrocarbon Charge: Microseepage-Based Prediction of Charge and Post-survey Drilling Results Poster
Scott, Jennifer J.*; Murray K. Gingras, David A. Eberth and S. George Pemberton The Freshwater to Brackish Channel-Dominated Transgressive Upper Belly River Group, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta Core
Selim, S. S.*; A.A.El Araby, M. Darwish, A. M. Abu Kharadah Anatomy and Development of Tectonically-induced Middle Eocene Clastic Wedge on the southern Tethyan Shelf, North Eastern Desert, Egypt Oral
Shank, Joel A.*; A. Guy Plint Fault-controlled Deposition of the Cardium Formation in southern Alberta, Revealed by High-resolution Allostratigraphy and Trend Surface Analysis Poster
Shank, Joel A.*; A. Guy Plint Regional-scale Allostratigraphy of the Cardium Formation in Subsurface and Outcrop, southern Alberta and northern Montana: Evidence for High-frequency Relative Sea-level Change Oral
Sharma, Ritesh K.*; Satinder Chopra A Comparative Study of Seismic Inversion Methods Oral
Sharma, Ritesh K.*; Satinder Chopra Determination of Elastic Constants using Extended Elastic Impedance Poster
Shin, Changsoo*; Wansoo Ha Macro-velocity Model Building in a Laplace-Domain Waveform Inversion Oral
Shultz, Candice*; Benoit Beauchamp Microfacies Analysis of a Transect along a Pennsylvanian to Early Permian Shelf Margin and its Adjacent Slopes. Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada Oral
Seckarova, Katarina*; David W. Eaton Array Analysis of Surface Microseismic Data from the Rolla Microseismic Experiment Oral
Smith, Craig*; Steven A. Aitken and John M. Behr Comparison of Conventional Density and NMR Porosity with Core Porosity from the Montney & Doig Phosphate in the Monias area, N.E .B.C. Core
Solano, Nisael*; Chris Clarkson, Federico F. Krause, Roberto Aguilera Upper Monteith and Lower Beattie Peaks Formations at the Sinclair and Albright Fields in westcentral Alberta: Some Views into the Reservoir Properties Poster
Somanath, Sowmya*; Nicole Sultanum, Jonatas Medeiros, Emilio Vital Brazil, Sheelagh Carpendale, Ehud Sharlin, Carla Dal Sasso Freitas, Eric Mackay, Mario Costa Sousa Interactive 3D Modeling and Visualization of Well Configurations and Trajectories in Reservoir Simulation Post-Processing Poster
Soubaras, Robert; Robert Dowle and Ronan Sablon* Variable Depth Streamer Acquisition: Enhancing Interpretation with Broadband Marine Seismic Oral
Sousa, Mario Costa Interactive Modeling, Visualization & Visual Analytics Challenges for Smart Oil/Gas Exploration & Production Oral
Springer, Austin*; Bernard Guest and Keith Dewing Hoodoo Dome, Ellef Ringnes Island: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration in Canada's High Arctic Poster
St-Onge, Andy Lamb Waves Recorded in Microseismic Monitoring Wellbores Oral
Stanton, Aaron*; Mauricio Sacchi 5D Reconstruction in the Presence of Residual Statics Oral
Starr, Joel Closure Stress Gradient Estimation of the Marcellus Shale from Seismic Data Oral
Stephenson, Randell*; Kenni D. Petersen, Søren B. Nielsen, Ole R. Clausen Unconformity Bounded Sequences are a Natural Consequence of Mantle Dynamics at Rifted Margins Oral
Stewart, Robert R.*; Henrique A. Fraquelli Estimating Reservoir Oil Volume and its Likelihood from 3C-3D Seismic Data, Well Logs, and Geostatistics Oral
Sultanum, Nicole*; S. Somanath, P. Lapides, D.N. Miranda-Filho, R. Eastick, E. Sharli, M.C. Sousa Interactive Tabletops for Visual Analysis of Reservoir Models Poster
Sun, Frank A Case Study on Acquiring 4D Seismic Data Using Different Sources in Base Line and Monitor Surveys Poster
Sutcliffe, Owen E. A Global Investigation of Shale-Oil Potential: Insights from a Global Geochemical Database Oral
Tary, Jean-Baptiste*; Mirko van der Baan Unusual Events and Resonance Frequencies in Microseismic Experiments Oral
Taylor, Neil*; Paige Snelling, Kyubum Hwang, Mark Stacey, Dave Abbott Horn River Microseismic Acquisition: Designing a Shallow Array Oral
Thornton, Michael Resolution and Location Uncertainties in Surface Microseismic Monitoring Oral
Tilley, Barbara*; Karlis Muehlenbachs Isotope Systematics of High Maturity Shale Gases in the WCSB Compared to Other North Amercan Shale Gases Oral
Todorovic-Marinic, Dragana*; D. Gray, D. Vanhooren, G. Osiowy, P. Garossino*, P. Gutowski, J. Alison Shedding More Light on an Oil Sand Reservoir by Applying Integrated Spectral Method Analysis – Case Study Oral
Tozer, Richard*; Albert Choi, Jeffrey Pietras, Don Tanasichuk Athabasca Oil Sands: Mega-Trap Geometry and Timing Oral
Tozer, Richard*; T. Bevan, A. Choi, J. Hossack, S. Matthews, S. Phillips, J. Pietras, D. Tanasichuk A Unified Model for the Opening of the Canada Basin Oral
Trickett, Stewart*; Lynn Burroughs, Andrew Milton Robust Rank-Reduction Filters for Erratic Noise Oral
Tullius, Dylan*; Jennifer Galloway, Hamed Sanei, Andrew Leier, Per Kent Pedersen Cretaceous Possibilities: Sedimentology and Reservoir Potential of the Early Cretaceous Isachsen Formation of the Sverdrup Basin, Ellef Ringnes Island, Arctic Canada Oral
Uffen, Doug How to Set Up a Dataroom Oral
Unrau, Sean*; Bill Nagel Using Compositional Gas Data for Horizontal Drilling and Practical Detection of Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Oral
Ursenbach, Chuck*; Peter Cary, Mike Perz A Study of Spectral Broadening Methods for Multicomponent Data Oral
van der Baan, Mirko Importance of Wavelet Phase Stability in Seismic Interpretation Oral
Vera, Virginia C.*; Don C. Lawton Seismic Modelling and Monitoring of Carbon Storage in a Shallow Sandstone Aquifer Virginia Oral
Verma, Akhilesh K.; Burns A. Cheadle*, Aurobinda Routray, William K. Mohanty, Lalu Mansinha Porosity and Permeability Estimation using Neural Network Approach from Well Log Data Poster
Verma, Akhilesh K.; Burns A. Cheadle*, William K. Mohanty, Aurobinda Routray, Lalu Mansinha Detecting Stratigraphic Discontinuities using Wavelet and S-Transform Analysis of Well Log Data Poster
Vickerman, Kris*; Paul Heffernan and Richard Surtees Understanding Sand Body Geometry and Lithofacies in Horizontal Oil Sands Wells – Wireline and MWD Image Examples Oral, Poster
Viegas, Gisela*; Katherine Buckingham, Adam Baig, Ted Urbancic Large Scale Seismicity Related to Wastewater Injection near Trinidad, Colorado, USA Poster
Viegas, Gisela*; Katherine Buckingham, Anisa Kassam, Margaret Seibel, Adam Baig, Ted Urbancic Extending the Magnitude Range of Seismic Reservoir Monitoring by Utilizing Hybrid Surface – Downhole Seismic Networks Oral
Wach, Grant Reservoir Analogues for East Coast Reservoirs from the Lusitanian (Portugal) and Wessex (England) Basin Oral
Walker, Victoria M.*; Benoit Beauchamp Isotopic Signatures of Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Pennsylvanian-Permian Strata, Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada: Implications for Diagenetic Pathways and Reservoir Potential Oral
Walls, Joel D.*; Elizabeth Diaz Shale Reservoir Properties from Digital Rock Physics Oral
Wang, Shaowu*; David Wilkinson Azimuthal Processing For Unconventional Resource Plays Using An Orthorhombic Velocity Model Oral
Wason, Haneet*; Felix J. Herrmann Only Dither: Efficient Simultaneous Marine Acquisition Oral
Weedmark,Thomas C.*; Ronald J. Spencer, Darren P. Juss, Francois Marechal Applications of Portable XRF, Chemical Stratigraphy and SEM in the Horn River Basin Oral
Westlund, D.*; M. Thurber, J. McClurg Best Environmental Practices for Seismic Exploration in Tropical Rainforest Poster
Westlund, D.*; R. Fife, C. Monges, J. Rebaza, R. Erlich*, Margaret A. Stratton Sub-Thrust Hydrocarbon Potential of Block 107: A Potential Giant Field Complex Along the Peruvian Mountain Front Oral
Wikel, Kurt*; Rob Kendall 4D Study of Secondary Recovery Utilizing THAI® from a Saskatchewan Heavy Oil Reservoir Oral
Williams, K.*; Stefan T. Knopp*, Federico F. Krause and Terry P. Poulton Lithofacies Analysis and Depositional Scenarios for the Rock Creek Member and "Niton B" sandstone of the Fernie Formation in west-central Alberta Core
Williams-Stroud, Sherilyn*; William Barker, Kevin Smith Distinguishing Natural Reactivated Fractures from Hydraulic Induced Fractures using Microseimic Event Analysis Oral
Wilson, Nick*; JP Zonneveld, Mike Orchard Biostratigraphy of the Montney Formation: From the Alberta and British Columbia Subsurface, to the Outcrop Oral
Wilson, Nick*; JP Zonneveld, Mike Orchard The Montney-Doig Boundary: From Log to Core to Biostratigraphy Core
Wong, Joe*; Laurence R. Lines Physical Modeling of Reflections off Low-Q Media Oral
Wong, Pak*; John Weissenberger, Murray Gilhooly Sequence Stratigraphy of Late Devonian(Frasnian) Carbonate Platforms from the Front Ranges of West Central Alberta Poster
Wood, James M. Water Distribution in the Montney Tight Gas Play: Insights from Integrated Analysis of Core and Log Data Oral
Wrolson, Bree M.*; Stephen L. Bend High Resolution Organic Facies of the Bakken Formation, Williston Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada Poster
Xie, Wei*; Douglas R. Schmitt Effect of Thermal Shock on P and S Wave Speeds in a Low-Porosity Quartz Sandstone Poster
Yang, Chao Hydrocarbon Play Ranking and Production Trends in Saskatchewan Poster
Yao, Zhengsheng*; Mike Galbraith Seismic Source Wavelet Estimation and Sparse-Spike Deconvolution Oral
Yousefzadeh, Abdolnaser*; John C. Bancroft Kirchhoff Imaging in a Matrix Form. Part I: Modelling Poster
Yousefzadeh, Abdolnaser*; John C. Bancroft Kirchhoff Imaging in a Matrix Form. Part II: Least Squares Migration Poster
Yousefzadeh, Abdolnaser*; John C. Bancroft, Gary F. Margrave Migration Velocity Analysis of Incomplete Data using LSPSM CIGs Oral
Yuan, Sanyi*; Shangxu Wang, Ning Tu and Xiang Li Multi-trace Acoustic-impedance Inversion with Transform-domain Sparsity Promotion Poster
Zajac, Nick A.*; Per Kent Pedersen Reservoir Characterization and Depositional Interpretation of the Middle Cretaceous Jumping Pound Member Sandstone in the Southern Alberta Foothills Poster
Zambrano, Liliana; Fernando Castillo*, Laureano Gonzalez, Roberto Aguilera A New Correlation of Compressional and Shear Slowness for the Tight Gas Nikanassin Group in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin based on Geostatistical Analysis Poster
Zambrano, Liliana*; Per Kent Pedersen, Roberto Aguilera Tight Gas Sandstones of the Uppermost Nikanassin Group Poster
Zambrano, Liliana*; Per Kent Pedersen, Roberto Aguilera Upper Grand Rapids Formation in Cold Lake Field, Alberta Poster
Zhang, Liuping*; Zhenli Wang, Yingquan Zhao Eliminating the Influence of Caprock Thickness on Anomaly Intensities in Geochemical Surface Survey in the South Slope of the Dongying Depression in east China Poster
Zhang, Shunxin* Any Source Rock Potential on southern Baffin Island, Nunavut? A Point of View on Ordovician Stratigraphy and Oil Shale Rock-Eval Data Poster
Zuleta, Liliana M.*; Don C. Lawton P-wave and S-wave Near-Surface Characterization in Northeast British Columbia (NEBC) Poster