Abstract Archive (2004)

Author(s) Paper Title Presentation
Aarseth, Eivind; A.C. Barnwell, J. Skogseid, R.C. Whittaker, Stacey Hunter and M. McDonough New Palinspastic Plate Reconstruction of the Southern North Atlantic, with Implications for the Formation and Development of Basins on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland Oral
Abbas, Ghulam Porosity Evolution in Eocene Carbonate Gas Reservoirs,Sulaiman Sub-Basin, Pakistan
Adams, Jennifer J.*; C. Riediger and M. Fowler Geochemistry and quantitative 1-D burial history modelling of the Peace River tar sands
Aherne, Allison; Gregg Birrell Enhanced Mass Transfer in the Vapex Process Using Non-Condensable Gas Fingering
Andrews, Bradley*; Paul Bauman
The Successful Application of Surface 2-D Resistivity to the Exploration and Direct Detection of Quaternary Gas Reservoirs Oral
Arnott, William Massive and Planar Laminated Sandstone, High- and Low-Density Turbidity Currents: New Insights into Deep Marine Processes and Deposits Oral
Awadallah, Sherif A. Turbidite bed thickness distributions and submarine fans architecture, examples from the lower Cloridorme Formation, Québec Appalachians
Bagdan, Corinne*; Michael J. Ranger, Curtis Lettley and S. George Pemberton Karst Breccia and Bank Collapse Breccia; Implications for Reservoir Characterization of the McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada Oral
Bagdan, Corinne*; Ken Weaving, Mike J. Ranger, Curtis Lettley and S. George Pemberton Ichnology and Stratigraphic Significance of the "Coal-Bearing Unit" of the McMurray Formation; Northeast Athabasca, Alberta Oral
Bailey, Bruce The Silurian Guelph Reefs of Ontario: A Fascinating Story Revealed by New 3-D Seismic Images Oral
Barber, Tom*; Steve Bonner, Tracy Broussard, Sophia Davydycheva, Dean Homan, Gerald Minerbo, Richard Rosthal, and Hanming Wang Handling Environmental Effects on a Triaxial Induction Tool Oral
Beauchamp, Benoit*; Aymon Baud Carboniferous to Triassic carbonate and chert factories along NW Pangea controlled by global thermohaline circulation Oral
Beauchamp, Benoit*; Charles M. Henderson and Aymon Baud Uninterrupted Middle Permian to Early Triassic sedimentation in the Canadian Arctic : Cold NW Pangea margin as a formidable barrier to biotic migration prior to the PT extinction Oral
Bernstein, Lawrence; P. Marner*; C. Noble, R. Widdowson, G. Becker, A. Willis, D. Mundy, and A. Thompson The Greater Angostura Development Project, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago: A Case Example of Successful Exploration and Fast-track Development Oral
Blakney, Barton Tidally-influenced Point Bars: Morphological Signatures and their Application to the McMurray Formation Oral
Blakney, Barton*; Murray Gingras, Tyler Beatty and John-Paul Zonneveld The Temporal Implications of Storm Deposits from Equilibrichnnia Within the Baldonnel Formation, Northeast British Columbia Oral
Boyes, John*; John Runia Through Bit Logging: a new method to acquire log data, and a first step on the road to Through Bore Drilling Oral
Brekke, Howard*; Richard W. Evoy Implications of dipmeter data for the definition of the internal architecture in point bar deposits from the Athabasca oilsands Poster
Bryan, J.*; A. Kantzas, F. Manalo and A. Mai Applications of Low Field NMR in the Characterization of Oil Sands Mining and Extraction Oral
Burnie Sr., S.W.*; Dr. Brij-Maini and Kaush Rakhit An Experimental Model for the Origin of Underpressured and Overpressured Shallow and Basin-Centered Gas Pools: Rate Competitive Gas Generation, Drainage, Gas Leakage and Imbitbition Oral
Cant, Doug Log Correlation: The Real Significance of Sequence Stratigraphy to Subsurface Geological Work Oral
Carlson, Mike Geomechanics and SAGD Oral
Carrière, Kevin. L. *; Ulrich A. Glasmacher and Günther A. Wagner and Thilo Bechstädt Post Variscan cooling of thin-skinned tectonic structures: Apatite Fission-Track thermochronological evidence against a significant Jurassic or later thermal overprint in the southern Cantabrian Zone, NW Spain Oral
Chalmers, Gareth* ; R.M. Bustin Gas potential of organic-rich shale in the Fort St. John Group, Northeastern British Columbia Oral
Chapman, Ross Thermogenic gas hydrates in the Northern Cascadia Margin Oral
Chatellier, Jean-Yves*; Rene Perez Giant oil field found in a non-prospective area through integration of diagenetic modeling and tectonics, the Tomoporo field, Venezuela Oral, Poster
Chatellier, Jean-Yves Chert, a diagenetic and sedimentological indicator often underused, Mississippian examples from Alberta and world analogues Oral
Chen, D.*; K. Parks, W. Langenberg and M. Berhane Deep Structures and Their Possible Impact on Formation Development and Natural Gas Production, Medicine River Area, Alberta Oral, Poster
Chhina, Harbir A Review and Update of EnCana's In Situ Oil Sands Operations Oral
Christie, Robert W. * ; Craig Therens A New Client Tool for Editing Borehole Image Interpretations Oral
Coffey, Brian P. *; J. Fred Read Cuttings-Based Sequence Stratigraphic Model of a Transition Zone Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Continental Shelf Succession in a Boundary Current-Swept Setting, Paleogene, North Carolina, USA Poster
Cooley, Michael A.*; Raymond A. Price, John M. Dixon and T. Kurtis Kyser Fault-Propagation Folding in the Livingstone Range of Southern Alberta: Faulting, Folding and Fluids in a Hangingwall Ramp Anticline Oral, Poster
Cox, John*; Christopher J. Collom 39Ar-40Ar Geochronology of the Bow Island Formation – implications for regional correlation of events in the Late Albian to Cenomanian interval: Granum-Keho-Retlaw-Stirling gas pools, southern Alberta Poster
Cummings, Don I.*; R. William C. Arnott Shelf margin deltas: A new (but old) play type offshore Nova Scotia, Canada Poster
Dallimore, Scott; T. S. Collett , J. F. Wright and K. Osadetz
Overview of recent gas hydrate research in the Mackenzie Delta (KEYNOTE) -
Das, S.K. *; L. Sullivan SAGD Start up at Suncor Firebag Project Oral
Davis, Laurence H.M. ; John D. Harper*
Depositional Facies of a Modern Coarse-Grained Marginal Marine Complex: insights and applications Oral
DeBuhr, Christopher L. * Application of Image Analysis to Reservoir Quality Estimation in Core and Drill Cuttings Oral
Demian J.C., Robbins * Glossifungites surfaces in the Baldonnel Formation of northeast BC: implications for productivity, stratigraphy, and palaeoenvironmental analysis Poster
Dietrich, G.*; Thilo Bechstädt and Rainer Zühlke Subsidence History of an Upper Carboniferous Foreland Basin Oral
Ding, Minghua *; Dave Lastockin Advances in Water Cut Metering with Low Field NMR Oral
Ding, Minghua *; Apostolos Kantzas Monitoring imbibition and estimating residual gas saturation using low field NMR Oral
Drummond,Kenneth J. * Northeast British Columbia Natural Gas Historical Discovery Trends 1990 - 2002 Oral, Poster
Dudley, Jon S.*; Daryl Youck Toward Optimal Thermal Recovery By Testing Geology With Engineering Data; The Pressure Is On! Oral
Dusseault, Maurice B* The Future of Heavy Oil : International Opportunities for Canadian Expertise Oral
Dusseault, Maurice B* New Heavy Oil Production Technologies Oral
Dusseault, Maurice B*; Wang Yongchun, Ma Yiqiu, and Xu Baoci Development of CHOPS in Jilin Oilfield, China Oral
Elkington, Peter*; Ross Garden, Tom Brighton, Steve Richards, Gus Smith, Roger Samworth, Stefan Calvert, Alex Pereira
Saturation Monitoring Behind the Casing in High Friction Gas Producers Oral
Enachescu, M.E. *; J. R. Hogg and K.E. Meyer Eastern Orphan Basin, offshore Newfoundland and Labrador: a deepwater super extended rift with potential petroleum system Oral
English, M. *; Stephen T. Johnston, Kara L. Wight, Gary G. Johannson and Martin Fowler Structure, Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Central Whitehorse Trough, Northern Canadian Cordillera Oral
Eriksson, Martin*; Steve Hogan and Chi-Tak Yee Accurate Water Saturation Estimation of the McMurray Formation: Wireline Logs versus Core Data Oral
Ferri, Filippo*; Carmel Lowe Possible Late Cretaceous to Tertiary structural control on basin configuration, southern Nechako area Oral, Poster
Fischer, Alfred* Using MSAR as an Alternate Fuel Solution Oral
Fowler, Martin*; Mark Obermajer, Laverne Stasiuk, Kirk Osadetz, Cindy Riediger and Kim Manzano-Kareah Oil migration pathways, reservoir filling history and timing of hydrocarbon alteration in Cretaceous reservoirs in south east Alberta and south west Saskatchewan Oral
Fraser, Kelli *; Octavian Catuneanu The Sedimentology and Geochemistry of the Second White Specks Formation, north/central Alberta Oral
Fu, Qilong; Hairuo Qing and Katherine M. Bergman Early Dolomitization of the Middle Devonian Ratner Laminates by Diffusion and Recrystallization of Dolomite in the Elk Point Basin of Saskatchewan, Canada Poster
Gates, M.*; Noel P. James and Benoit Beauchamp
A Glass Ramp: Shallow-Water Permian Spiculitic Chert Sedimentation, Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada Oral
Gordon, John*; Richard W. Evoy The Use of Synthetic Drill Cutting to Correlate Between Core- and Cuttings- Based Petrofacies in the Viking Formation, Wildcat Hills, Southern Alberta Oral
Gordon, A*; M.E. (Mimi) Reichenbach
Cadomin Formation Mechansims that Control Reservoir Quality and Fluid Sensitivity Oral
Goussev, Serguei A.; Lisa A. Griffith, John W. Peirce and Andreas Cordsen Using Enhanced HRAM Anomalies to Correlate Faults between 2-D Seismic Lines Oral
Grover, Robert W.* ; Murray K. Gingras Preliminary Results: 3-Dimensional Architecture and Facies Associations of the McMurray Formation, North Mine Area – Syncrude Canada Ltd. Lease Oral
Gunderson, Jay A. Preparing and Using Quality Log Data to Improve Geophysical Interpretations Oral
Hagstrom, Cynthia A.*; S. George Pemberton
Ichnologic Imposters: Deformation Structures that Resemble Burrows – Is it Possible to Make a Distinction? Poster
Hagstrom, Cynthia A.*; S. George Pemberton and Fred Wehr A Delta in the Desert? A Study of the Cenomanian Bahariya Formation, Western Desert, Egypt Oral
Hall, Jeremy Oil and Gas Activities, Offshore British Columbia: the Royal Society of Canada science review and its implications Oral
Harrison, J.C.* Geology and resource potential of the Nares Strait region, Arctic Canada and Greenland Oral
Hart, Bruce* Cracks in the Foundation: Basement Influences on Reservoir Development Oral
Hassan, H.H.* Why is High Resolution AeroMagnetic (HRAM) data better for exploration purposes than the magnetic data available from the GSC? Poster
Hayes, Brad J. *; Mark Hayes Exploration Assessment of Tight Gas Plays, Northeastern British Columbia Oral
Haynes, Fred*; Steve Thornhill and Curtis MacFarlane
Application of Wireline Test Pressure Data in Managing a Large, Fault Compartmentilized Reservoir, Hibernia Field, Newfoundland Oral
Henderson, J.*; J. Morrissey,
K. Reed and Glenn Larch
Application of Airborne Electromagnetics to Oil Sands Exploration and Development Oral
Henderson J.*; M. Bowman
F. Lobkowicz and E. Visser
An Integrated Approach to Oil Sands Exploration and Delineation: The Deer Creek Example Oral
Herrick, David C. Understanding Permeability Oral
Hickin, A.S. *; J.G. Pawlowicz, M.M. Fenton, and R.C. Paulen Shallow Gas Exploration Through Drift Thickness and Bedrock Topography Modeling, Northwestern Alberta Poster
Holcek, Ron; Diego Romero and Paul Crowley* Synergies Between SAGD and Mining Facilities for the Recovery of Heavy Oil Oral
Hu, Y. Greg * Characterization of Mudstone Interbeds in McMurray SAGD Reservoirs, Athabasaca Area, Northeast Alberta Oral
Hubbard, Stephen M. *; Murray K. Gingras and S. George Pemberton
The Significance of Trace Fossils in Marginal Marine Deposits: The Construction of a Depositional Model For the Peace River Oil Sands Oral
Hughes, J.D.* Coalbed Methane and CO2 characterization of Coalfields in Nova Scotia Oral
Hunter, Robert B. *; R.R. Casavant, R. A. Johnson, G.J. Moridis, S. J. Wilson, M.M. Poulton, S. Geauner, J. Manuel, C. Hagbo, C.E. Glass, K.M. Mallon, S.L. Patil, A. Dandekar, and T. S. Collett Reservoir-Fluid Characterization and Reservoir Modeling of Potential Gas Hydrate Resources, Alaska North Slope Oral
Hysert, Melany D.*; Olwen F. R. Wirth and Mick M. Somerwil Case History of Canada's First Natural Gas From Coal Development Oral
Ibrahimbas, A.*; C.Riediger Hydrocarbon source rock potential as determined by Rock Eval 6/TOC pyrolysis, N.E. B.C. and N.W. Alberta Oral
Ibrahimbas, A.*; C.Riediger Quantitative 1-D basin modeling and potential source rocks analysis in Trutch Map area and adjacent plains, northeastern B.C. and northwestern Alberta Poster
Idris, Kamil M.*; Adil Omer Exploration Activities and an Overview of Petroleum Geology of Sudan Oral
Iftikhar, A. Abid*; John D. Harper and Reinhard Hesse Basinal variations in mixed-layer illite/smectite diagenesis of the Jeanne d'Arc Basin, Grand Banks offshore Newfoundland Oral
Jain, Aklesh* New Approach to Quantitative Evaluation of Well Cutting Samples Helps Define Better Stratigraphy- Case Study from a Well Drilled far North-East of India Oral
Jamison, William *; Kris Vickerman & Paul Heffernan Fracture Quantification from Image Logs Poster
Janicki, E.P* Hydrocarbon Pools of the Southeastern Great Slave Plain, Northwest Territories Poster
Janicki, E.P* Hydrocarbon Pool of the Colville Hills, Northwest Territories Poster
Jauer, C.D .*; H.R. Jackson, G.N. Oakey, C. Harrison and B. Beauchamp
The NEON Project: Developing a petroleum prospectus for Nunavut Oral
Jauer, C.D .*; J.B.W. Wielens The Carson Basin: Bright spots (seismic) and changing petroleum paradigms Oral, Poster
Javaid,A. A.* Potential use of PVT data in petroleum exploration – a case study from the North Sea Poster
Jenner, Kimberley A.*; David J.W. Piper,
Calvin D. Campbell and David C. Mosher
Chronology, lithofacies and origin of late Quaternary mass transport deposits in submarine canyons, Scotian Slope, Canada Oral

Jichun, Zhang*; Katherine M. Bergman, and Hairuo Qing

Depositional history of the Middle Devonian Winnipegosis carbonate-Prairie Evaporite in the Saskatchewan Sub-basin Oral
Johnson, Arthur H. * Commercial Aspects of Gas Hydrate Exploration Oral
Jones, Michael*; Scott Leaney, Alberto Malinverno, The Elastic Look-ahead Walkaway and Predictive Drilling Applications Oral
Kalogerakis, A.*; M. Nicholson, F. Manalo and A. Kantzas
Analysis of Low Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra to Determine Wettability and Clay Content Oral
Keswani, A.D.*; S.G. Pemberton Classifications of Bioturbate Textures and Paleobiologically-Influenced Dolomites: Hydrocarbon Potential Oral
Khidir, Ahmed *; Octavian Catuneanu Reservoir characterization of the Scollard-age fluvial sandstones, Alberta foredeep Poster
Kotzer, T.G.* Applications of Synchrotron Light to the Petroleum Geosciences Oral
Kovats, James *; Tony Smithson A New Generation Magnetic Resonance Logging Tool Oral
Kreutzer, Carrie*; Per Kent Pedersen and Guoxiang Chi
Stratigraphy of Viking sandstones in the Bayhurst area, southwest Saskatchewan Poster
Kubica, Peter * NMR Logging and Interpretation in Tar Sands Oral
Lamb, M.A.* Borehole Techniques for Fracture Evaluation Oral
Lampe, Carolyn*; Leslie B. Magoon, Kenneth E. Peters and Kenneth J. Bird
The Effects of Diachronous Deposition on the Petroleum Distribution within the Alaskan North Slope - Insights from 3D Petroleum Systems Modeling Oral
Lane, Larry S.* The Aklavik Range as an Analogue for Basin-margin Structures, Mackenzie Delta Region Oral
Lane, Larry S.*; Karen M. Fallas Comparative analysis of Stratigraphic influences on the Mechanics of Foreland deformation Oral
Langdon, George; Paul MacKay The Onshore Paleozoic of Eastern Canada: A Wealth of Prospects Await the Drill Bit Oral
Langenberg, C. Willem*; Rodney S. Read Geohazards related to coal mining along the eastern slope of Turtle Mountain, Alberta Oral
Lavender, William J.* Tar Sands Combine Mobile Mining and Extraction Technology Update Oral
Lavoie, Denis* Hydrothermal dolomite reservoirs in Ordovician and Silurian successions of eastern Quebec: A future success story Oral
Lerette, John P. *; James A. MacEachern Evidence of Wave-Dominated Deltaic Deposition in the Strongly Storm-Dominated, Lower Cretaceous Glauconite Formation, Strachen and Ferrier Area, Alberta, Canada Poster

Letourneau, Jim*

Identifying and Interpreting Basin-centred Gas Accumulations Oral
Lettley, Curtis* Reining in the Superchannel: Deposition of McMurray Formation IHS through moderate-depth channels Poster
Lettley, Curtis*; S. George Pemberton Bioturbation of Estuarine Channels in the McMurray Formation: Utilizing Ichnology to Unlock the Genetic Complexities of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification Oral
Lettley, Curtis* Riverside Condos of the Early Cretaceous: Densely Packed, Spiral-Form Burrows in Channel Bank Sediment of the McMurray Formation Oral
Levson, Victor M.; Travis Ferbey*, Ben Kerr, Tim Johnsen, Jacqueline Blackwell anSheila Jonnes
Quaternary Geological Studies in Northeast British Columbia, Canada: Quaternary Gas Potential and Aggregate Inventory Poster
Levson,Victor M.*; Travis Ferbey and Ben Kerr, Doug McConnell and Mel Best
Airborne Electromagnetic Evaluation of Buried Quaternary Gravels in Northeast British Columbia Oral, Poster
Li, Yongyi
Anisotropic Log Prediction in Clastic Rocks Poster
Logel, John D.*; Rick Kuzmiski
Resolving the discrepancies between Vertical seismic profiles and petrophysical logs, At least a few of them Oral
Lonnee, Jeff*; Hans G. Machel Dolomitization by halite-saturated brine and subsequent hydrothermal alteration in the Devonian Slave Point Formation, Clarke Lake gas field, British Columbia Oral
Lowey, Grant W.* Mopping up the stratigraphic mess: reinvestigation of the stratigraphy of the Laberge Group (Jurassic), south-central Yukon, provides new insights in the exploration for gas and oil in the Whitehorse Trough Poster
Lucas, Katie*; John M. Dixon Physical Modelling of the Primary Stratigraphic and Structural Controls on the Evolution of the Papuan Fold Belt, Papua New Guinea, with Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration Oral
MacEachern, James A.*; Janok P. Bhattacharya Deltaic Ichnology: Infaunal Responses to the Dynamic Interplay of River- Discharge and Sediment Flux, Wave Energy, Storm Events, and Tidal Flux Oral

MacEachern, James A.*; Murray K. Gingras and S. George Pemberton
New Perspectives on the Utility of the Glossifungites Ichnofacies Oral
Mackay, Duncan A.*; Robert W. Dalrymple The Influence of Antecedent Passive Margin Structure and Stratigraphy on Subsequent Foreland Basin Depositional Systems, Peace River Area, North-West Alberta Oral
MacLean, B.C.*; D.G. Cook
Proterozoic Influence on Phanerozoic Geology in the Northwestern Interior Plains, Canada Oral
MacLean, B.C.* Bovie Structure: A 3-D presentation of its changes along strike Oral
MacNaughton, Robert B.*; Karen M. Fallas and Lee C. Pigage
Proterozoic to Devonian Stratigraphic Evolution of Southeasternmost Yukon Territory: New Insights From Surface Mapping Oral
MacNeil, Alex J.*; Brian Jones High-Resolution Stratigraphic Architecture of the Alexandra Reef Complex (Frasnian), Northwest Territories Oral
Mai, An*; Apostolos Kantzas Advances In Core Characterization Of Carbonate Reservoirs Oral
Manalo, F.*; J.Bryan, A. Kantzas, R. MacPherson, T. Hancsicsak
In-Situ Viscosity Predictions Using Low Field NMR: Core and Log Calibrations Oral
Marsaglia, Kathleen M.*; Brian E. Tucholke, Jean-Claude Sibuet and Adam Klaus Ocean Drilling Program Leg 210 Drills the Newfoundland Basin Oral
Mathison, J. Edward* Wabisaw Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture in the Chard-Leismer-Kirby area - Wabiskaw Estuarine Valley Fills Oral
Mathison, J. Edward* Stratigraphic Relationship between Tide Dominated Valley Fill Successions and Wave Dominated Deltaic Strata Upper McMurray - South Athabasca Alberta Oral
McCullagh, Tim* ; Simon A.J. Pattison Stratigraphic Analysis of the “Missing” Swan River Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Southwestern Manitoba Oral
McDonough, M.R.*; H. Balkwill, J. Bever, G. Rodrigue, J. Lukasik, and K. Roy Extension and Inversion in the Brooks Range Orogen and Colville Foreland Basin, Northern Alaska Oral
McIntyre, Judith *; Neil DeSilva, Tim Thompson Mapping of Key Geological Markers In the Jeanne d’Arc Basin based on 3-D seismic Oral
McLellan, Pat*; Kevin Gillen, Chris Podetz, and Ulrich Zimmer Geological and Geomechanical Aspects of Caprock Integrity Assessment in Alberta for Thermal Recovery Projects Poster
Miller,Sean B.*; S. George Pemberton and Fred Wehr
Upper Cretaceous Bahariya Formation, Western Desert, Egypt: A Unique Occurrence of Glaucony in Bioturbated, Marginal Marine Deposits Poster
Morrow, David W. Geological Atlas Of The Northern Canadian Mainland Sedimentary Basin Poster
Nantais, Phil*; Drew Taylor, Sheila Noeth and Curtis MacFarlane Pore Pressure Prediction in the Scotian Basin Oral
Nassichuk, Brent* Regional Assessment of the Gas Shale Potential of Devonian-Mississippian Strata in Northeastern British Columbia Oral
Nielsen, Karsten S.; Per Kent Pedersen*
Tertiary Gravity Slides in Saskatchewan creates Potential Traps for Cretaceous Shallow Gas Poster
Nieto, John A.*; Juan Pablo Collazos, Dave Peet, Walt Dobbs Integrating Disciplines in a Shared Earth Model Environment - Reservoir characterization of a Nisku Pool in S.Alberta Oral
Noble, Todd E. *; John M. Dixon, Susan Pfister and Don Lawton
Structural evolution and seismic modelling of fold-thrust structures developed in analog (centrifuge) models Oral, Poster
Nodwell*, Byron J.; Bruce S. Hart Influence of Basement Faulting and Reef-Induced Topography on the Formation of the Prolific Falher F Conglomerate Trend, Wapiti Field, Deep Basin, Alberta Oral
Northup, A.H.*; M.E. Wolke and S.R. Uppala Upgrader Options: Mined versus In-situ Bitumen Production Oral
O’Connell, Shaun C.* The Milk River Formation in southwestern Saskatchewan; a new stratigraphic scheme for the Alderson Member Oral
Odegaard, Virginia; Errin Kimball*; Eric Swanbergson, and Simon Raven
Innovation and Integration - The Northern Lights Oil Sands Project Oral
Olsen, J. C.; R. Myklebust, F. G. Christiansen, M . Sønderholm and S . Planke Petroleum Exploration in West Greenland: new data, models and opportunities Oral
O’Meara, Daniel J.* Log-Derived J Functions for Calculating Saturations, Estimating Permeability, and Identifying Reservoir Compartments Oral
Osadetz, K. G.*; J. A. Majorowicz
Gas Hydrates on the Atlantic margin: Oceanic controls and indication for sources Oral
Osadetz, K. G.*; J.Dixon, J. R.Dietrich, L. R. Snowdon, S. R. Dallimore, G. R. Morrell and J. A.Majorowicz
Mackenzie Delta-Beaufort Sea Petroleum Province Conventional And Non-Conventional (Gas Hydrate) Petroleum Reserves And Undiscovered Resources Poster
Osadetz, K. G.*; C. Jiang ,C. A. Evenchick, F. Ferri,
L. D. Stasiuk, N. S. F. Wilson and M. Hayes
Effective Petroleum Systems and Crude Oil Compositions in Bowser Basin Oral
Osadetz, K. G.*; J. A. Majorowicz, C.A. Evenchick, F. Ferri and M. Hayes Temperature And Thermotectonic Histories From The Intermontane Superterrane In British Poster
Osadetz, K. G.*; C.A. Evenchick, B. Mayr, F. Ferri and M. Hayes
A Natural Seepage of Biogenic Natural Gas In the Intermontane Belt (Bowser Basin) of the Canadian Cordillera Poster
Osadetz, K. G.*; M. McMechan, C.A. Evenchick, F. Ferri and Mark Hayes, P.S. Mustard, L. D. Stasiuk, N. S. F. Wilson, B. Mayr, R. Enkin, T. Hadlari and V. J. McNicoll Integrated Petroleum Resource Potential and Geoscience Studies of the Bowser and Sustut Basins Poster
Osadetz, K. G.*; Don Cook, Bernie Maclean, Jim Dixon, Riona Freeman and Tammy Allen
Petroleum Potential of the Peel Plain and Plateau in the Yukon Territory, Canada Poster
Osadetz, K. G.*; Zhuoheng Chen, David, W. Morrow, Riona Freeman and Tammy Allen Evaluation Petroleum Resource Potential in the Liard Fold and Thrust Belt, Northern Cordillera and District of Mackenzie Poster
Osadetz, K. G.*; Natural gas hydrate stability in the East Coast offshore - Canada Oral, Poster
Osman Salad Hersi*; Dale A. Leckie
Cretaceous Clastic And Carbonate Reservoirs Across The Gulf Of Aden: Say’un-Al-Masila Basin Of Southern Yemen Versus Al-Mado Basin Of Northern Somalia Oral
Osman Salad Hersi*; George R. Dix
Shelf-Wide Tectonic And Eustatic Control On Sedimentation Of Mixed Carbonate-Clastic Sequence: Early Ordovician Theresa Formation Of Eastern Ontario, Canada Oral
Pacello, John*; Derek Wilkinson Multiphase Pumping In Bitumen And Heavy Oil Recovery Oral
Pan, Chris Determination of Connate Water Salinity from Preserved Core Oral
Pana,Cristina*; Andrew Beaton Transgressive-regressive (T-R) sequence analysis and coal depositional environments associated with the Bearpaw succession, central-southern Alberta Oral
Pasadakis, Nikos*; Kirk G. Osadetz and Mark Obermajer
Application of Canonical Correlation analysis in studies of geochemical compositions of crude oils from Williston Basin Poster
Pavlakos, Paul*; James Hayward*
Chemical Source Neutron-Density Versus Dual-Burst Pulsed Neutron Decay Log – A Comparison Of Cased Hole Wireline Oral
Pawlowicz, John G.*; Adrian S. Hickin, Mark M. Fenton and Roger C. Paulen Bedrock Topography and Drift Thickness Mapping of the Zama Lake Area, NTS 84L: Implications for Shallow Gas Oral
Peirce, John W.*; Lisa A.Griffith Keep an eye on your basement! It is the foundation of the overlying stratigraphy and structure Oral
Peirce, John W.*; Serguei A. Goussev, Zoltan Hajnal, Bhaskar Pandit, Sandor Sule, Jeff Closson, Jason Cosford and Lynden A. Penner Is the Geosphere secure? Assessing the risk of deep faults reaching the surface in the IEA Weyburn CO2 assessment area Poster
Pooladi-Darvish, M.*; S. Gerami A Simple Model for Evaluating the Role of Hydrates on Top of Gas Reservoirs of the North Oral
Posamentier, Henry *; Dan Gish and Jennifer Burton
Cretaceous (Brookian) deep-water deposits of the Alaskan north slope: evidence from 3D seismic data Oral
Pratt, T.J.* Critical Data Requirements for Coal Gas Reservoir Resource Assessment Oral
Pyrcz, Michael J.*; Clayton V. Deutsch Stochastic Modeling of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification With the Bank Retreat Model Oral
Rahman, Bazlur*; Charles M. Henderson Tectonic controls on the deposition and preservation of anomalously thick sandstones of the Doig and Halfway formations and its implication on exploration Oral
Randall, Leslie*; Douglas Fisher, Ken Green and Jon Goldman Separation and Quantification of Matrix, Fracture and Vug Porosity in Carbonate Reservoir Rock by Magnetic Resonance Imaging Oral
Reich, Lynn*; S. George Pemberton Ichnological and Sedimentological Characteristics of Transgressive Surfaces of Erosion in the Viking Formation, Southeast Central Alberta Poster
Reid, Scott A.; S. George Pemberton Ichnology of the Doe Creek Member of the Kaskapau Formation: An Example of the Stark Contrast of Brackish and Fully Marine Assemblages Oral
Reid, Jude*; Perry Huber Surface Casing Vent Flow Source Identification Oral
Reinson, Gerry *; Jason Lavigne
Variability in Estuarine Systems as a Function of Drainage Basin Style, North Oregon Coast - Implications for Interpretation of Sandstone Reservoirs Oral
Riediger, Cynthia; G.Gabriella Carrelli* and J-P Zonneveld
Hydrocarbon source rock characterization, thermal maturity and implications for shale gas potential of Upper Triassic strata, northeastern British Columbia, Canada Oral, Poster
Robinson, Kimberly*; Simon A.J. Pattison
High Resolution Correlation and Paleogeography of Bluesky Formation Shoreface Deposits, NW Alberta and NE BC Oral
Rodgers, W. Murray*; E. John Koch Coalbed Methane in the WCSB: Frontier Exploration in a Mature Basin Oral
Romero-Zeron, Laura*; Silvia Vargas and Yanpin Niu and A. Kantzas Observation of Interfaces of Fluid Systems Using X-ray Microtomography Oral
Ross, Daniel*; R.M. Bustin Gas Shale potential of the Jurassic "Nordegg" Member, northeastern British Columbia Oral
Rushworth, Sandy* Going International: Tools and techniques for Assessing New Country Entry Oral
Russum, Dave* Recent Trends in Canadian Oil and Gas Production - Where are we going? Oral
Ryan, Barry*; Dave Richardson
Opportunities and constraints on carbon dioxide sequestration and enhanced coalbed methane recovery in coal in British Columbia Oral
Ryer, Mihaela*, Robert Sullivan, Jim Dyess, Carl Kaupp, and Saverio Spagnuolo
Shelf to Basin Architecture and the Integrated Stratigraphic framework of the Cretaceous Strata, Scotian Basin, Offshore Eastern Canada Oral
Sagan, Justine*; Bruce Hart Seismic and Structural Analysis of a Hydrothermally Dolomitized Trenton-Black River Reservoir, Saybrook, Ohio Oral
Saites, F.*; K. Mannhardt and A. Kantzas
Laboratory Measurements of coal for Coal Bed Methane Production Oral, Poster
Saldana, J.; G. McClymont* and M. Ostrander
A Regional Assessment of the Basal McMurray Aquifer Oral
Schmitt, Denis P.*; W. Canady
Off-Center Transmitters and Receivers in Acoustic Logging: Modeling and Observations Oral
Schumacher, Dietmar*; Kevin McLenehan
Geochemical Exploration Strategies for the Canadian Arctic Poster
Schumacher, Dietmar*; Daniel C. Hitzman Geochemical Exploration in North Africa: Recent Successes from Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt Poster
Schumacher, Dietmar*; Daniel C. Hitzman Finding New Pays in Old Plays: New Applications for Surface Geochemical Exploration in Mature Basins Poster
Sharar, Munir* 3D Visualization – A New Way of Evaluating Internal Casing Defects Oral
Sim, Steve S. K.* Laboratory Evaluation of Solid Induced Formation Damage Oral
Soliman, Osama M.*; Saad Aba Al-Hassan and Bader Al-Mutairi
Tectonic and Climatic Controls of Post Glacial Terminal Fluvial Systems, Permian Unayzah Reservoir, Saudi Arabia Oral
Spila, Michelle V.*; S. George Pemberton Muddy Burrow Networks of the Upper Ben Nevis Formation: Sedimentological and Paleoecological Significance, and Implication on Reservoir Quality Oral
Stancliffe, R.P.W.*; I. Almási
Stratigraphy, Well Abandonment and Guide 20 in the Pembina Area Poster
Stasiuk, L.D.*; N.S.F. Wilson Petrological insights into potential hydrocarbon source rocks (including coals!), thermal maturity and timing of hydrocarbon migration in the Bowser Basin, Northeast British Columbia Oral
Stasiuk, L.D.*; Art R. Sweet and Dale R. Issler Reconstruction of depositional and burial history of Cretaceous - Paleocene strata where none exists, Lac De Gras, Northwest Territories, Canada Oral
Stasiuk, L.D.*; Martin Fowler and Mike Avery Thermal maturation and search for potential hydrocarbon source rocks in the Baffin Basin, offshore eastern Poster
Stasiuk, L.D.*; Nicholas Wilson and Cassiani Papanicolau
Oil generation in uranium-enriched, and hydrothermally, dolomitized coals, Macedonia, Greece Oral
Strachan, Andrew; Scott Mitchell Alberta's Oil Sands - A World Class Investment Opportunity? Oral
Strobl, Rudy*; Daryl Wightman and Sung Youn A predictive model for identifying high quality SAGD oil sands reservoirs – Observations from the EnCana Foster Creek and Christina Lake projects Oral
Taylor, James R.*; Kenneth I. Mitchell Pointed Mountain, Northwest Territories: Mississippian Flett-Prophet Gas Prospect Oral
Taylor, James R.*; Kenneth I. Mitchell and Gary Winter Little Bear Area (Norman Wells): Hydrocarbon Prospects Northwest Territories Poster
Thomas, Stephen M.* Where The Hell Is That Well? Oral
Toews, Cameron N.*; Dale A. Leckie and Katherine M. Bergman
Offshore Sand Ridge Accumulation in a Low Accomodation Setting, Bakken Formation, West-Central Saskatchewan Oral
Truman II, Robert B.* Porosity in Rocks Containing Clay: Effective or Total Oral
Uswak, Gordon M.*; Nancy J. Harland A Petrophysical Model of the Jurassic Abenaki Carbonates at Deep Panuke Gas Field - Offshore Nova Scotia: Integration of Logging-While-Drilling (LWD), Wireline Log, and Core Data Oral
Vignali, Marco*; Roger M. Slatt
Seismic stratigraphic framework for upper Cretaceous strata in the National Petroleum Reserve of Alaska (NPR-A) Oral
Waldron, John W *; Michael C. Rygel and J.P.(Paddy) Chesterman
Salt tectonism and sedimentation patterns in the Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotia: new insights from Devon Canada’s seismic reflection profiles Oral
Wells, Jennifer* Geometry of an Edmonton Channel in the Pembina area, West-Central Alberta Oral
Whittaker, S.G.*; Serguei Goussev, Zoli Hajnal, Lynden Penner, Hairou Qing and Ben Rostron Geological Characterization of CO2 Storage Sites: An example from the IEA Weyburn CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project, Williston Basin Oral
Wiebe, Naomi S.*; Nancy Chow, Jack Wendte and Lavern Stasiuk
Source Rocks And Reef Growth: Middle Devonian Keg River Formation, Rainbow And Zama Sub-Basins, Northwestern Alberta Oral
Wielens, J.B.W.*; C.D. Jauer and G.L. Williams Data synthesis for the Carson Basin, offshore Newfoundland: Results of 4-D petroleum system modelling Oral, Poster
Wierzbicki, Rick*; Rainer Tonn, Robert Riddy and Steven Brown Deep Panuke: The Integration of Geology, Geophysics, and Reservoir Engineering for Field Appraisal Oral
Williams, Graham L.*; J.B.W. (Hans). Wielens and Christopher D. Jauer Biostratigraphic Studies of Grand Banks Wells: what's ne in an old approach Oral
Wong, R.C.K.* Reconstitution method for oil sand cores Oral
Wright, A.M.*; K.T. Ratcliffe, S. Parker, D.S. Wray and A. Morton The chemostratigraphic typing of the Nanushuk and Tuluvak Formations, Colville Basin, Northern Alaska Oral
Yurkowski, M.*; J.E. Christopher, P. Thomas, A. Marsh and J. Lefever
Stratigraphic study of the Mesozoic in Southeast Saskatchewan for the IEA Weyburn CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project Poster
Zonneveld, John-Paul*; Carrelli G. Gabriella and Cindy Riediger
Sedimentology of the Upper Triassic Charlie Lake, Baldonnel and Pardonet Formations from Outcrop Exposures in the Southern Trutch Region, Northeastern British Columbia Oral