Abstract Archive (2006)

Author(s) Paper Title Presentation
Ahloy, Stephen*; Andy Shaw, Glen Horel & Ben Urlwin Efficient Evaluation of Existing and Bypassed Pay in Older Generation Wells – A Cased History Oral
Ahmad, Jawwad*; Douglas Schmitt Reservoir Characteristics of a Quaternary Channel: Incorporating Rock Physics in Seismic and DC Resistivity Surveys Oral
Aitken, Julie*; Robert Stewart & John Bancroft Enhancements in the Processing of GPR Data at Maax Na, Belize, Central America Oral
Al-Adani, Nabil*; Doug Hardman Stoneley: The Permeability Probability Log Oral
Al-Saleh, Saleh*; Gary Margrave Enhancing the FOCI Algorithm by Using a Weighted Least-Squares Approach Oral
Al-Saleh, Saleh*; John Bancroft & Gary Margrave Designing Wavefield Extrapolators using a Weighted Least-Squares with a Transition Band Approach Poster
Amin-Rasouli, Hadi*; Yaghob Lasemi & Andrew Miall Isolated Carbonate Platform Growth and Gradual Establishment of a Ramp Setting in the Persian Gulf Foreland Basin: Evidence from the Oligo-Miocene Asmari Formation in the Dezful Embayment of Southwest Iran Oral
Anchliya, Abhishek* Seismic While Drilling (SWD) Techniques: A Journey From 1986 to 2006 Poster
Angelov, Petar*; Rob Arts & Kees Wapenaar Pore Pressure Inversion using AVO Information. The Influence of Overburden Changes on Pore Pressure Quantification Oral, Poster
Aplin, Andrew*; Kuncho Kurtev & Steve Larter Dynamic Evaluation of Leaking Fault and Top Seals Oral
Aristimuno, Joaquin*; Claire Samson Migrating Reflections from the Moho Using a Refraction Velocity Model – An Example from the Slave Craton, NWT Poster
Aristimuno, Joaquin*; Milagrosa Aldana & Anna Atencio Using Fuzzy Logic to Predict Petrophysical Parameters and Improve the Accuracy of Least Squares Regression Analysis Poster
Audebert, Francois*; Volker Dirks TTI Anisotropic Depth Migration: Which Tilt Estimate Should We Use? Oral
Balcom, Bruce*; Florea Marica, Quan Chen, Tom Al, Karl Butler & Murray Gingras Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Petroleum Reservoir Cores Oral
Balcom, Bruce*; Quan Chen & Derrick Green A Single-Shot Measurement of Capillary Pressure Curves Using a Single-Speed Centrifuge and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Oral
Bale, Richard*; Jianchao Li, Bruce Mattocks & Shuki Ronen Least-Squares Measurement of Shear-Wave Splitting Oral
Bancroft, John*; Xiang Du Computing Gridded Traveltimes from the Random Locations of Three Known Points Oral
Baumeister, Friederike*; Jim Barclay & Al Stirling Destruction of Reservoir Quality by Soil-Imprinting, Mannville Cutbank Sandstones, Lower Cretaceous, Claresholm Region, Southern Alberta Core
Beauchamp, Benoit*; Ashton Embry Sequence Stratigraphy of the Permian Triassic Boundary in the Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Oral
Bearinger, Doug*; Kris Vickerman Improving Your Image with Borehole Centred Processing Oral
Bekleric, Soner*; Mauricio Sacchi Nonlinear AR Modeling Using Second Order Volterra Filters Poster
Berger, Zeev* Detection and Analysis of Basement Structures and their Influence on Hydrocarbon Plays on Northeast British Columbia Oral
Bergquist, Christopher*; Peter Graham & Ian Freeland New Technology, New Thinking in the BMB Oral
Blias, Emil* Automatic High-Density Constrained Velocity Picking Oral
Blias, Emil*; Valentina Khatchatrian AVO Effects and Velocity Analysis Oral
Blias, Emil* Non-First-Break Solution for Shallow Velocity Anomaly Problem Oral
Bongajum, E.L* Simulteneously Acquring 3D-3C Well Data During 3D Surface Seismic Survey: A Useful Quality Control Tool Poster
Bonnell, Brad*; Chuck Hurich & Rudi Meyer High Resolution Characterization of Reservoir Heterogeneity with Cross-well Seismic Data – A Feasibility Study Oral
Brough, Samantha*; Ron Spencer Clay Mineralogy and Chemistry of Cretaceous Shales from Athabasca Oil Sands Poster
Burton-Ferguson, Renee*; Michael Enachescu & Richard Hiscott Preliminary Seismic Interpretation and Maps for the Paleogene - Neogene (Tertiary) Succession, Orphan Basin Oral, Poster
Campbell, Calvin*; David Piper & Efthymios Tripsanas The Quaternary Geology of Orphan Basin: Applications to Geohazard Evaluation for Hydrocarbon Exploration Poster
Cary, Peter*; Xinxiang Li Converted-Wave Processing in the Presence of Large Shear-Wave Splitting Oral
Cary, Peter*; Xinxiang Li The Influence of an Anisotropic Overburden on Azimuthal AVO Oral
Catuneanu, Octavian* A Critical Assessment of Current Sequence Stratigraphic Models Oral
Cen, Xiaochun*; Osman Salad Hersi Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Attributes of the Late Devonian Duperow Formation, Southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada Poster
Chatellier, Jean-Yves*; Michael Chatellier Data Mining and Exploratory Statistics to Visualize Fractures and Migration Paths in the WCBS Oral, Poster
Charles, Sylvestre*; David Mitchell, Rob Holt & Jiwu Lin To TTI or not to TTI? Semi-Automated 3D Tomographic Velocity Analysis in the Canadian Foothills: A Case History Oral
Chen, Fuju*; Don Lawton Interpretation of Baseline Multicomponent Seismic Data at the Violet Grove CO2 Injection Site, Alberta Oral
Chen, Marc-André*; Stan Dosso, George Spence, Michael Riedel & Roy Hyndman AVO Inversion in Marine Gas Hydrate Studies Poster
Chen, Jiajie (Jeff)*; Mark Petersen, Pauline Chung & William Jamison Integrated Fracture Characterization for a Foothill Tight Gas Reservoir Oral
Chen, Zhuoheng*; Kirk Osadetz, Dale Issler & Stephen Grasby Pore Pressure Patterns in Tertiary Aquifers and Hydrodynamic Implications, Beaufort Sea and Mackenzie Delta Basin, Canada Oral
Chopra, Satinder*; Kurt Marfurt & Vladimir Alexeev Curvature Attribute Applications to Seismic Data Poster
Chopra, Satinder*; John Castagna Seismic Resolution and Thin Bed Reflectivity Inversion Poster
Chopra, Satinder*; John Castagna & Vladimir Alexeev Spectral Decomposition Applications Poster
Christie, Murray*; Fred DuPont Next-Generation Cross-Plotting Techniques for Assessing Reservoir Quality Oral
Chubak, Glenn*; Igor Morozov Integrated Open-Source Geophysical Processing and Visualization Oral
Cluff, Robert* Barnett Shale-Woodford Shale Play of the Delaware Basin – Is it Another Giant Shale Gas Field in Texas? Oral
Coniglio, Mario *; Dave Morrow & Nick Wilson Dolomitization of the Presqu'ile Barrier: An Alternative Paleohydrological Model Oral, Poster
Cook, Mick* A Proactive Approach to Lifecycle Environmental Management in the Oil and Gas Industry Oral
Cooley, Michael*; Raymond Price, John Dixon & Kurtis Kyser Isotope Geochemistry of Fault Zone Samples from the Livingstone Range Anticlinorium and their Significance to the Thermal and Fluid History of the Southern Canadian Foreland Fold and Thrust Belt Oral
Cooper, Mark*; Robert Gardner, Neil Ethier & J. Chameroy Exploration Offshore West Greenland: An Emerging Frontier Rift Basin with Significant Hydrocarbon Potential Oral
Cooper, Mark*; Arnie Ferster & J.C. Chameroy Play Fairway Analysis using GIS based Common Risk Segment Mapping Oral
Couëslan, Marcia*; Don Lawton Violet Grove CO2 Injection Project: Monitoring with Timelapse VSP Surveys Oral
Crerar, Erin*; George Calow, Dale Leckie & Bob Robson Sedimentology of the Lower Cretaceous Sparky Formation, Marsden South Sparky Pool, Lloydminister Area Core
Dafoe, Lynn*; George Pemberton & James MacEachern Stratigraphic Discontinuities, Characterized by Palimpsest Softground Trace Fossil Suites in the Viking Formation, Alberta Poster
Dai, Nanxun*; Oz Yilmaz, Weizhong Wang & Jie Zhang Seismic Imaging of Imbricate Structures in Mountainous Area: Case Studies Poster
Davidson, James*; Bobbi Feduniak, Mark Hayes, Warren Walsh & Christopher Adams Conventional Natural Gas Resources of Northeastern British Columbia Oral
Davies, Jim* The Exploration Applications of Aeromagnetic Data to the WCSB North of 60ºN Oral
Dekeyser, Lona-Kate*; Mario Coniglio, Anthony Endres & Frank Brunton Origin of Mottled Fabrics and Nodules in Silurian Dolostones of the Niagara Escarpment, Ontario Poster
Derochie, John-Paul *; Federico Krause Micrite-Cored Carbonate Bioherms of Eastern Anticosti Island, Québec, Canada Oral
Dixon, James* Distribution and Origin of “Anomalously Thick Sandstone Bodies” in the Middle Triassic Doig Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Core
Dixon, James* Sequence Analysis of Middle Triassic Strata in the Subsurface of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral
Doyen, P.M.* Challenges in Seismic Reservoir Characterization and Monitoring – A Geo-modelling Perspective Oral
Du, Xiang*; John Bancroft, Don Lawton & Larry Lines Two Prestack Anisotropic Depth Migration Methods for Tilted TI Media Oral
Dumitrescu, Carmen*; Larry Lines Vp/Vs Ratio of a Heavy Oil Reservoir from Canada Oral
Dumitrescu, Carmen*; Fred Mayer Case Study of a Cadomin Gas Reservoir (Leland) in the Deep Basin: From Deterministic Inversion to Neural Network Analysis Oral
Ejezie, Nina*; Martin Fowler & Cindy Riediger Oil - Source Correlation within Triassic Petroleum Systems of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral
Embry, Ashton* A Potpourri of Reservoir Rocks from the Mesozoic Strata of the Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands Core
Embry, Ashton* Four Systems Tracts: Useful Methodology or Model-Driven, Wishful Thinking? Oral
Embry, Ashton* The Middle Triassic Sequence of the Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands Oral
Enachescu, Michael*; John Hogg Compression Modified Extensional Structures (CMES) of the Canadian Atlantic Passive Margin Oral
Evenchick, Carol*; Vicki McNicoll, Terry Poulton & Peter Mustard Provenance Studies on the Bowser and Sustut Basins, and their Implications for the Depositional History of the Bowser Basin and Regional Tectonic Models Poster
Evenchick, Carol*; Kirk Osadetz, Lavern Stasiuk, Margot McMechan, Peter Mustard & David Snyder Snapshots of New Geological Framework and Energy Resource Studies in the Frontier Bowser and Sustut Basins, North-Central British Columbia Poster
Ferdous, Hasan* Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit in the Fort McMurray Area, Alberta (Canada): Recognizing Geological Complexity and Reservoir Rock Heterogeneity Poster
Ferdous, Hasan* New Insight Into Secondary Porosity Generation and Reservoir Rock Characterization of the Heavy Oil Bearing Bakken Formation in the Elbow Basin, West-Central Saskatchewan, Canada Oral
Ferdous, Hasan* Viking Lowstand Deposits in West Central Saskatchewan: Depositional Model for the Reservoir Units in Dodsland-Hoosier Area, Saskatchewan, Canada Oral
Ferguson, Robert* Statics and Trace Regularization Oral
Finn, Mike*; Murray Rodgers & Dana Codding Commercial CBM Production at Corbett Creek – An Evolving Exploitation Strategy Poster
Finn, Mike*; Murray Rodgers & Dana Codding Mannville CBM Projects in Alberta: Are They Economically Viable? Oral
Ferri, Filippo*; Iftikhar Abid, Janet Riddell & Phil Haig Porosity, Permeability and Petrographic Analysis of Twenty-Two Bowser Lake and Skeena Group Hand Samples, Bowser Basin Poster
Ferri, Filippo*; Janet Riddell & Paul O’Sullivan Southern Nechako Basin: Preliminary Apatite Fission Track Thermochronology and its Bearing on Petroleum Prospectivity Poster
Ferri, Filippo*; Paul O’Sullivan, Raymond Donelick & Carol Evenchick Apatite Fission Track Results from the Northwestern Bowser Basin: Constraints on Latest Cretaceous Through Cenozoic Thermal History and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity Oral
Forgues, Eric*; Julien Meunier, Christian Hubans & Rick Edwards Steam Injection Seismic Monitoring Experiment Oral
Frank, Michael*; Doyin Akinbiyi The Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Belly River Group Coals of SW Saskatchewan, Canada Poster
Fu, Qilong*; Hairuo Qing & Katherine Bergman Dolomitization and Dedolomitization of the Middle Devonian Winnipegosis Carbonates in South-central Saskatchewan Poster
Fustic, Milovan*; K. Ahmed, S. Brough, B.Bennett, L.Bloom, M. Asgar-Deen, O. Jokanola, R. Spencer & S. Larter Reservoir and Bitumen Heterogeneity in Athabasca Oil Sands Core
Fustic, Milovan*; Barry Bennett & Steve Larter Geological Controls on Bitumen Heterogeneity in Athabasca Oil Sands Oral
Glemser, Chad*, Tom Kotzer, Steve Whittaker & Chris Hawkes Petrophysical Evaluation of Carbonates from the Weyburn Oil Field using Synchrotron X-ray Computed Microtomography (CMT) Oral
Goussev, Serguei*; Robert Charters & John Peirce Mackenzie Delta: A Case of One Residual Gravity Anomaly and 16 Dry Exploration Wells
Graham, Andrew*; David Cooper & Geoff Burrowes Back to the Future! - Rejuvenation of a Billion Barrel Oil Field, Weyburn CO2 EOR project, Saskatchewan Oral
Graham, Breanne L*.; Federico F. Krause Mud-mounds: the key to increasing oil and gas production in the Carboniferous? Oral
Gray, David* Seismic Anisotropy in Coal Beds Oral
Gray, Samuel* Angle Gathers for Gaussian Beam Depth Migration Oral
Haase, Arnim*; Robert Stewart Intrinsic and Apparent Seismic Attenuation in VSP Data Oral
Haase, Arnim*; Charles Ursenbach Derivation of Generalized Reflections From Point Sources in VTI Media Poster
Hall, Matt*; Baishali Roy & Phil Anno Assessing the Success of Pre-Stack Inversion in a Heavy Oil Reservoir: Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation at Surmont Oral
Hart, Bruce*; Bogdan Varban, Guy Plint & Kurt Marfurt Blind Thrusts and Fault-Propagation Folds in the Alberta Group, Deep Basin: Implications for Tight-Gas Reservoirs Oral
Hassan, Hassan* Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) of Turner Valley Airborne Gravity Data in the Foothills of Alberta, Canada Oral
Hassan, Hassan* Mapping Magnetic Lineaments in the Foothills of Northeastern British Columbia using 2-D Wavelet Transform Poster
Hawkes, Robert* Utilization of Perforation Inflow Diagnostics (PID) to Help Characterize Tight Gas Formations – Pre Frac. Oral
Hay, Michael*; Guy Plint Sediment Supply vs. Accelerating Tectonic Subsidence: An Uphill Struggle for the Last Dunvegan Deltas Oral
He, Tiewei*; Douglas Schmitt P- and S-Wave Velocity Measurements and Pressure Sensitivity Analysis of AVA Response Poster
Heath, Robert*; Norman Cooper What are the Benefits of Digital Geophones - and How Long is a Piece of String? Oral
Heaver, Chris*; Alberto Galleguillos, Josef Heim & William Lok The Mega-Merge - 45 Contiguous Townships of Seismic Data in Alberta Oral
Hemsing, Darrel*; Douglas Schmitt Experimental Anisotropy Results in Alberta Shales Oral
Henley, David* Statics or Statistics?—The Near-Surface Revisited Oral
Hersi, Osman Salad*; Akhtar Khan & Warren Walsh Subsurface Stratigraphic Mapping of the Middle Devonian Carbonates: Beaver River Gas Field, Liard Basin, Northeastern British Columbia Poster
Hiebert, Stephen*; M. Mazrui, M. Al-Harth, K. Harris, M. Al Hadhrami, M. Shuster & B. Blonk Exploration Success in Northern Oman: PDO Opens up an Unconventional Oil Play Oral
Hirsche, Keith*; Brian Russell & Dan Hampson Integrated Time Lapse Seismic Inversion for Heavy Oil Applications Oral
Hirsche, Keith*; Francis Ma Reducing Uncertainty in Time-Lapse Seismic Interpretation for Thermal Applications Oral
Hoffman, Trevor*; Murray Gingras & George Pemberton Sedimentology, Ichnology, and Depositional History of the Falher D Member - Presence of a Wave-dominated Delta? Core
Hoffman, Trevor*; Murray Gingras & George Pemberton The Sedimentology and Ichnology of the Falher D Member, Deep Basin, West-Central Alberta: Effects of Bioturbation in Low Permeable Gas Prone Reservoirs Poster
Holmes, Michael*; Antony Holmes & Dominic Holmes Thin Bed Resolution by Estimating Resistivity Profiles from Porosity Log Responses Oral
Holt, Rob* Constraining Anisotropy – Lessons from 2D Modeling Oral

Hood, David*

Leveling the Playing Field: Exploration Economics in Western Canada Oral
Hopkins, John*; Susan Reid & Andrew Nimmo Siliciclastic Sedimentation in Paleocaves of the Pekisko Formation, Twining Field Core
Horel, Glen*; Steve Ahloy, Andy Shaw & Darryl Trcka Advances in Formation Gas Measurements using Pulsed Neutron Instrumentation with Examples from the WCSB Oral
Huang, Jun-Wei* Seismic Imaging of Gas Hydrate Distribution - A Case Study Poster
Huffman, Alan R.* Recent advances and future challenges in geopressure prediction Oral
Jardin, Anne*; Martin Bêche, Karine Broto, Dave Saucier & Donna Kirkwood Combining Geology and Prestack Seismic for Structural Model Building in the Gaspé Belt (Québec, Canada Oral
Jauer, Christopher*; Gordon Oakey & J. Wielens An Integrated Petroleum Systems Study of the Saglek Basin
Jokanola, Olufemi*; S. Larter, A. Aplin, K. Bond, B. Bowler, K. Kurtev, D. Issler, K. Hu & C. Riediger Cap rock failures in petroleum systems-Case studies from the Snorre oilfield, Tampen Spur, North Sea and Taglu Gas field, Beaufort Mackenzie Delta Oral
Jones, Gareth*; Yitian Xiao Predicting Dolomite Geobodies: Exploitable Insights from Reactive Transport Models Oral
Jones, Ian*; Emma Evans, Darren Jud, Alan Campbell & Steve Elam A Southern North Sea Multi-Survey preSDM using Hybrid Gridded Tomography Oral
Jungwirth, Tracey*; Ed Fogg 2003-2005: Recent Discoveries in WCSB and Williston Basins Oral
Karagul, Ali*; Todd Mojesky, XinXiang Li & Necati Gulunay How to Attenuate Diffracted Noise: (DSCAN) A New Methodology Oral
Keighley, Dave*; Clint St. Peter Selected Core from the Albert Formation (Mississippian), Moncton Basin, Southern New Brunswick Core
Keighley, Dave*; Devin Mohan A Potential Outcrop Analogue for a Secondary Reservoir in the Mccully Gas Field, Sussex, New Brunswick: Lithofacies and Spectral Gamma-Ray Analysis Poster
Kendall, Michael*; Abdullah Al-Anboori & Kristof de Meersman Passive Seismic Montoring and Stress-Field Variations Oral
Khalid, Salman*; Ken Faurschou & John Kovacs Unconventional Gas - Prediction and Production Oral
Koksalan, Tamer*; Haiping Huang, Barry Bennett, Jennifer Adams, Steve Larter & Yuhong Liao Variation in Oil Biodegradation Level Along Long Horizontal Well Sections in Tar Sand Reservoirs Oral
Koning, Tako* Looking Back to the 1970’s: Blue-H28 - A Historical and World Record Breaking Well Drilled in 1979 in the Orphan Basin, Newfoundland – Why It Was Drilled & Why It is Important Today Oral
Lake, John*; Donald Kent State A Marker Oil Production within the Willsiton Basin of Southeast Saskatchewan (Mississippian, Frobisher Beds) Core
Lane, Larry*; Karen Fallas & Lisel Currie New Geological Compilation of the Liard - La Biche Region Provides New Insights into Cordilleran Structural Evolution Poster
Larson, Ron*; Murray Roth Optimizing Channel Sand Delineation using Full-Wave Seismic Interpretation Oral
Larter, Steve*; J. Adams, I. Gates, B. Bennett, H. Huang, T. Koksalan, M. Fustic & D. Coombe The Origin and Impact of Fluid Heterogeneity on Production Characteristics of Heavy Oilfields Oral
Lawfield, Andrew*; Ron Pickerill, Karl Butler & Murray K. Gingras A Preliminary Ichnofacies Model for the Avalon and Ben Nevis Formations, White Rose Field, Offshore Newfoundland Oral
Lee, James*; Stephen Ahloy, Glen Horel & Andy Shaw Differentiation of Productive Zones in the Milk River Using Multi-Frequency Gradient Magnetic Field Side Looking NMR Oral
Lehmann, Marc*; Kevin Seidel Optimizing Cost and Time Benefits of Satellite Imaging and GIS Technologies in Oil and Gas Exploration Oral
Lemay, Tony* Water Chemistry of Coalbed Methane Reservoirs Oral
Le Meur, David*; Antonio Pica & Terje Weisser CGG 3D Surface-Related Multiple Modelling: A Unique Approach Oral
Le Meur, David*; Sophie Merrer Monte Carlo Statics: The Last Frontier Oral
Lemieux, Yvon*; Leanne Pyle Petroleum Resource Potential of Northern Mainland Sedimentary Basins of the Mackenzie Corridor Poster
Le Parc, Gaël*; Elsy Pereira, Gilles Vincent, Jean-Marc Ichbia & Atle Johannesen Controlling Water Risks in Extra Heavy Oil Environment Oral
Lettley, Curtis* Lateral Variability Within the Cadotte Shoreline Complex (Elmworth Gas Field): Breaking Out Depositional Packages Within an Extensive Sandstone-Conglomerate Body Core
Lewis, Gareth* Permeability Analysis in Horseshoe Canyon Coals using Open-Hole and Cased-Hole Logs Oral
L’Heureux, Elizabeth* Building Better Models – Making Full Use of Petrophysical Data Oral, Poster
Li, Jiakang*; Igor Morozov 3D Aeromagnetic Mapping of the Williston Basin Basement Poster
Li, Maowen*; S. Achal, R. Robinson, M. Milovic, Z. Chen, L. Snowdon & D. Issler Petroleum systems of the Tertiary-reservoired oils in the Beaufort Mackenzie Basin: A new perspective from the quantitative whole oil GC/MS and saturate GC/MS/MS data Oral
Li, Shaohua*; Erik Lyngberg, Chris Bloomer & Charles Henderson Approach to a Precise Geologic Model of a Point Bar, McMurray Formation, Southern Athabasca Oil Sands Area Oral
Li, Qiang*; Shelton Hubbell Land Demultiple without Velocity Discrimination: Tau-P Deconvolution on High Fold Desert Data Oral
Lines, Larry *; J. Embleton, M. Fay, S. Larter, T. Settari, B. Palmiere, C. Reine & D. Schmitt Reservoir Characterization of Plover Lake Heavy-Oil Field Oral
Link, Brian*; Naum Marmalevsky Duplex Wave Migration - Imaging Vertical Boundaries Oral, Poster
Liu, Yinbin*; Don Lawton & Gary Margrave Well-Seismic Bandwidth and Time-Lapse Seismic Characterization: Physical Considerations Poster
Loures, Luiz*; Fernando de Moraes Bayesian Reservoir Characterization of a Turbiditic Reservoir, Offshore, Brazil Oral
Loures, Luiz*; Igor Lopes Identification of High Porosity Sands using the Bayesian Decision Theory of Pattern Recognition Poster
Lowey, Grant*; D. Long, Martin Fowler, Vern Stasiuk & Art Sweet Hydrocarbon Source Rock Potential of the Whitehorse Trough, a Frontier Basin in Southern Yukon Oral
Lund, Michelle*; Ian Watson, Ivan Kosik & Fred Haynes Interpretation, Geomodeling and Simulation: Evaluation of Ben Nevis-Avalon 'N' Fault Block in Hibernia Field Oral
Lyatsky, Henry*; Dinu Pana, Matt Grobe, Glen Meerburg & Lorraine Godwin Basement Structure in the Alberta Basin, Canada from Gravity and Magnetic Studies Oral
Lynch, Steven* Color and Polarity of Seismic Terrain Displays Oral
Ma, Jinfeng*; Igor Morozov Approximation-Free AVO Attributes Oral
Ma, Jinfeng*; Igor Morozov Attributes of Zoeppritz Elastic Impedance Oral
Ma, Yongwang*; Gary Margrave Prestack Depth Migration with the Gabor Transform Oral
Machel, Hans* Can the “Dolomite Problem” be Solved? Oral
MacKay, Gordon*; Peter Frampton Nunavut: The Untapped Petroleum Frontier Poster
Mackenzie, Ian*; Jerry Vandenberg, Nicolas Lauzon & Andrews Takyi Modelling Assessment of Oil Sands Pit Lakes Turn Over Potential Oral
MacLean, Bernard* Subsurface mapping, Cambrian to Cretaceous, Great Bear and Mackenzie Plains Northwest Territories Oral
Marroquin, Ivan*; Jean Jules Brault & Bruce Hart Seismic Facies Classification Using a Visual Based Method, Part 1: Theoretical Basis Oral
Marroquin, Ivan*; Jean Jules Brault & Bruce Hart Seismic Facies Classification Using a Visual Based Method, Part 2: Application to 3-D Seismic Data Oral, Poster
Marsh, Arden*; Andrew Nimegeers Dolomitization models for the Frobisher and Midale Beds in the Steelman Field, southeastern Saskatchewan Poster
Martel, Tom *; Paul Durling A Major Onshore Carboniferous Basin Development: McCully Field, New Brunswick Oral
Mathison, Edward* The Wabiskaw B Reservoir of the Kirby Primrose Area; Depositional and Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Properties Oral
Maxwell, Shawn*; Julie Shemeta & Nancy House Integrated Anisotropic Velocity Modeling Using Perforation Shots, Passive Seismic and VSP Data Oral
Mayer, Fred*; Carmen Dumitrescu The Evolution of AVO use for Cadomin Exploration in Leland Area of Alberta Oral
McClure, Derrick*; Fenglin Xia, Peter Luxton & Curtis Booth Neural Network Analysis of Seismic Attributes and Facies at Deep Basin Tight Gas Exploration of WCSB Oral
McDonald, Jim* New Advances in Production Logging in Deviated Multiphase Wells Oral
McGrory, Robert *; Robert Pinnegar & Robert Stewart Gas Field Characterization Through The Use Of Multi-Resolution Seismic Attributes Oral
Mei, Shilong* A Refined Approach to Subsurface Structural Mapping for the Alberta Basin Using Well Log Data, Trend Surface Analysis and Geostatistics Oral
Meillieux, Damien*; D. Schmitt, M. Brown, M. Welz, T. He, B. Milkereit, T. Karp, C. Scholz & S. Danour Porosity of Meteorite Impact Rocks: Inferences from Geophysical and Petrophysical Studies from the Lake Bosumtwi Impact Crater, Ghana Poster
Meneley, Robert* Exploration in the Parry Islands and Cornwallis Fold Belts: Canadian Arctic Oral
Meneley, Robert* How to Look at Frontier Basins: An example from the Canadian Arctic Oral
Miao, Xiaogui* Velocity Updating for Converted-Wave Prestack Time Migration Oral
Milkereit, Bernd*; Flora Sun, Wei Qian & Thomas Bohlen Attenuation, Velocity Dispersion and the Fate of the Vibroseis Signal Oral
Misra, Somanath*; Mauricio Sacchi Wavelet Estimation by Non-Linear Optimization of All-Pass Operators Oral
Mochinaga, Hisako*; S. Onozuka, Fumio Kono, Toyokazu Ogawa, Akihisa Takahashi & Takahiro Torigoe Properties of Oil sands and Bitumen in Athabasca Poster
Mojesky, Todd*; David LeMeur & Ali Karagul Near Surface Anomalies and Solutions Poster
Monk, David J.* Advances in Seismic Data Acquisition Oral
Montana, Carlos*; Gary Margrave Reflectivity Color Correction in Gabor Deconvolution Oral
Morriss, Chris*; Tom Barber, Richard Rosthal & Hanming Wang A New Log Interpretation Technique for Evaluating Thin-Bedded, Sand-Shale Sequences Oral
Morrow, David* Geological Atlas of the Northern Canadian Mainland Sedimentary Basin Poster
Musser, James*; Felix Bircher Efficient and Effective Full-Wave OBC: Tools and Techniques Oral
Naghizadeh, Mostafa*; Mauricio Sacchi FX and FK Interpolation Methods and Further Developments for Irregularly Spaced Traces Oral
Newrick, Rachel*; Jim Pullishy & Elvira Gomez What are you Interpreting? Is your Seismic Image Flawed?
Oral, Poster
Nickel, Erik* Saskatchewan’s Natural Gas in Coal: Geology, Regulations, and Strategies Oral
Nimegeers, Andrew*; Arden Marsh Hydrocarbon Potential in Coated-Grain Banks of the Mississippian Frobisher Beds, Southeastern Saskatchewan Core
Niu, Yanping*; Apostolos Kantzas Oil Sand ‘Ore’ Characterization Using Low Field Magnetic Resonance Oral
Nodwell, Byron*; Bruce Hart Deeply-Rooted Bathymmetric Control on the Deposition of the Falher F Conglomerate Trend, Wapiti Field, Deep Basin, Alberta Core
Osadetz, Kirk*; Fran Haidl, Barry Kohn, Shimon Feinstein, Kim Kreis and Paul O'Sullivan A new exploration strategy for lower Paleozoic petroleum systems in Williston Basin Core
Osadetz, Kirk*; Zhuoheng Chen A Re-examination of Beaufort Sea-Mackenzie Delta Basin Gas Hydrate Resource Potential Using a Petroleum Play Approach Oral
Osadetz, Kirk*; Steven Hancock & Tadahiro Okazawa Indications of the Roles that Gas Hydrates Could Play in Future Natural Gas Developments Poster
Osadetz, Kirk*; Fil Ferri, Erik Thorsteinsson, Chungquing Jiang, Lavern Stasiuk, Carol Evenchick & N.S.F. Wilson Reservoirs, Petroleum Systems and Exploration Challenges in the Intermontane Basins of British Columbia Core
Pan, Jianhua* Wave Equation Depth Migration with Image Gathers in Offset Domain Oral
Phillips, Peter*; Phillip Levine Identifying Hydrocarbon Potential in Shale Dominated Thinly Bedded Clastic Reservoirs Oral
Pendrel, John*; Cheran Mangat, Marina Feroci & Miles Leggett Merging Technologies – High Resolution Seismic Inversion Oral
Pendrel, John*; Cheran Mangat & Marina Feroci Using Bayesian Inference to Compute Facies Fluid Probabilities Oral
Pickel, Allan* Triassic and Wabamun Carbonates: Effects of Pore Geometry on Resistivity Logs Oral
Pinnegar, Robert* Time-Frequency Polarization Analysis and Filtering Oral
Plint, Guy*; Aditya Tyagi, Bogdan Varban & Michael Kreitner Evolving Depocentres and Depositional Systems in Cenomanian-Turonian (Dunvegan, Kaskapau and Blackstone) Strata, Alberta and British Columbia: Responses to Cordilleran Tectonic Activity Oral
Pope, John*; D. Buttry, R. Lamarre, B. Noecker, S. MacDonald, B. LaReau, P. Malone, N. Van Lieu, D. Petroski, M. Accurso, D. Harak, R. Kutz, S. Luker & R. Martin Downhole Geochemical Analysis of Gas Content and Critical Desorption Pressure for Carbonaceous Reservoirs Oral
Pyle, Leanne*; Adrienne Jones, Len Gal & Grant Abbott Regional Geoscience Studies and Petroleum Potential, Peel Plateau and Plain, Northern Mackenzie Corridor Oral
Qi, Xun*; Douglas Schmitt Modeling on Frequency Dependent Attenuation – Effects of Viscosity Oral
Radomski, Mark*; Charles Henderson, Tom Moslow & John-Paul Zonneveld Sedimentology, Biostratigraphy, and Petrology of Marine Firm/Hardgrounds: Middle Triassic Halfway Formation, West-Central, Alberta Poster
Radomski, Mark*; T. Moslow & C. Henderson Origin and Correlation of Erosional Surfaces within the Middle Triassic Halfway Formation, West-Central Alberta Oral
Rakela, Tribor* Game Changing Sampling Technology Oral
Ranger, Michael*; Murray Gingras Emerging Model for the Interpretation of the McMurray Formation in the Athabasca Oil Sands Oral
Robinson, Cindy*; Ron Spencer & Steve Larter Variability and Shale Gas Potential of Milk River Formation Shales in Southwestern Saskatchewan Oral
Roca, Xavier*; Jessica Rylaarsdam, Heng Zhang, Guy Plint & Claudia Schröder-Adams Evolving Depocentres and Depositional Systems in the Late Albian (Joli Fou, Viking, Paddy, Westgate and Shaftesbury) Strata of Alberta and British Columbia: Responses to Cordilleran Tectonic Activity Oral
Rokosh, Dean*; Andrew Beaton Shale Gas Development in Alberta: The Role of the Alberta Geological Survey Poster
Ross, Daniel*; Marc Bustin Re-evaluation of Gas Shale Reservoir Characterization: Applicability of CBM Analogues Oral
Rushworth, Sandy*; Alex Chakhmakhchev & Philip H. Stark The Challenge of a New Global Competitive Environment Oral
Saites, Fottiny*; Rong Guo, Guojin Wang, Karin Mannhardt & Apostolos Kantzas Coal Characterization for Coal Bed Methane Production Oral
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