Gussow Abstract Archive (2004)

Author(s) Paper Title
Austin, B. Oilfield Use of Surface Water and Groundwater in Alberta, An Overview
Barson, D.; Esslinger P. & Bartlett, R. Flow Systems and Water Chemistry of the Mannville Group in the east-central Athabasca area, north-east Alberta, Canada
Bulkowski, P.B. EOR in the Real World: Water, Water, and Water
Fennell, J.W.
Influence of Natural vs. Anthropogenic Stresses on Water Resource Sustainability: A Case Study
Gunter, W.D.; Law, D.H.S. & Wong S. A Potentially New Industry for Western Canada: Geological Storage of CO2 – The Effects it will have on our Water Resources
Harrison, S.M. Geochemistry of Coalbed Methane Produced Waters Southeastern British Columbia – Potential Implications for Water Management and Methane Production
Kercher C. & Strobl, R. Water Resources for Petroleum Production: A Brackish water source for EnCana’s SAGD operations at Foster Creek
Kharaka, Y.K. & Gunter, W.D. Management of Produced Water from Coalbed Methane in USA
McLellan, P.; Gillen, K., Podetz, C. & Zimmer, U. Geological and Geomechanical Aspects of Caprock Integrity Assessment in Alberta for Injecting Steam, Natural Gas, Greenhouse Gases, and Produced Water and Solids
Michael, K.
Geological Factors in Design of Regional Groundwater-Monitoring Networks
Perkins, E.H. Water Issues related to Steam Injection and Surface Mining of Oil Sands
Sophocleous, M. Water Resources Sustainability and its Application in Kansas
Ternes, L.J. The Assertion of Aboriginal and Treaty Rights: Current Developments in Law and Policy
Wade, A. Recent Directions in Deep Well Disposal of Wastewater from Sagd and/or Mine Depressurization, Fort Mcmurray Oil Sands
Wallace, S.
The Water Act and Conflict Resolution
Woynillowicz, D. Water Issues and Oil and Gas Development in Alberta: What Landowners and the Public Want to Know