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Gussow Abstract Archive (2005)

Author(s) Paper Title Webcast
Barker, C.E.* & Dallegge, T.A. Secondary Gas Emissions During Coal Desorption, Marathon Grassim Oskolkoff -1 Well, Cook Inlet Basin, Alaska MWV IconView
Beaton, A.* & Wirth, O. Geological Controls on CBM production Potential, Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Alberta Plains  
Bell, G.J. Gas Content Variation of Horseshoe Canyon Coals: An Analytical Review of Measurement Results
MWV IconView
Bell, Sebastian In-situ stress and Coal Bed Methane potential in Western Canada MWV IconView
Brown, D.* & Bechtold, J.P. Assessing Environmental Effects from Withdrawal and Disposal of Coalbed Methane Produced Water  
Bustin, R.M. (Keynote Speaker)
Factors Influencing the Reservoir Capacity of Coal and Gas Shale  
Bustin, R.M & Cui, X Variation In Permeability With Production Due To Strain Associated With Methane Desorption: Impact On Coalbed Gas Production From Deep Coal Seams MWV IconView
Chalmers, G.* & Bustin, R.M The Influence of Petrographic Composition on Coalbed Gas Capacity  
Crosdale, P.J.*, Saghafi, A. & Williams, R.J. Inter-laboratory Comparative CH4 Isotherm Measurement on Australian Coals MWV IconView
Faiz, M.* & Hendry, P. Microbial Activity in Australian Coal Seam Gas Reservoirs MWV IconView
Flores, R.M.*, McGarry, D.E. & Stricker, G.D. CBNG Development: Confusing Coal Stratigraphy and Gas Production in the Powder River Basin  
Frank, M.C.* & Bend, S.L. The Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group Coals of West-Central Saskatchewan  
Gentzis, T.*, Murray, K. & Klinger, R.L.
Coalbed Methane Potential in the Sabinas Basin, Mexico MWV IconView
Harrison, S.M. Geochemistry of Coalbed Methane Produced Waters Southeastern British Columbia – Potential implications for Water Management and Methane Production  
Harrison, S.M.*, Gentzis, T. & Payne, M. Hydraulic, Water Quality, and Isotopic Characterization of Ardley Coal, Pembina – Warburg Area MWV IconView
Hyland, F.*, Testa, S. & Baez, L. Analytical Assessment Of Coal Reserviors For Gas Production  
Langenberg, W.* & Ronaghan, R. Producibility of Coalspur Coal in the Entrance Syncline, Central Alberta Foothills  
Leckie, D.A. (Keynote Speaker) Sequence Stratigraphic Setting and the Accommodation Space of Coal Accumulations MWV IconView
Mastalerz, M., Strapoc, D. & Schimmelmann, A. Isotopic Signatures of Coalbed Gases From High Volatile Bituminous Coals and Associated Roof Lithologies in Indiana, Illinois Basin, and Their Genetic Implications MWV IconView
McLellan, P.* & Podetz, C. Just How Stable is a Horizontal Well in Coal? Early Learnings from Wellbore Stability Investigations in Western Canada  
Mukhopadhyay, P.K.*, MacDonald, J. & Harvey, P.J. Coalbed Methane and Natural Gas Potential of Carboniferous Coal Basins from Onshore and Offshore Nova Scotia and Geochemistry of Waters associated with Coal Beds MWV IconView
Nelson, C.R.
Best Practice Gas Content Analysis Methods for Low-Rank Coalbed Reservoirs MWV IconView
Potter, J. Effects of Coal Facies Variations on the CBM Potential of Lower Cretaceous Mannville Coal from Alberta  
Riese, W.C.*, Pelzmann, W.L., Snyder, G.T. & Arp, G.K. New Insights on the Hydrocarbon System of the Fruitland Formation Coalbeds, San Juan Basin, USA MWV IconView
Schoenfeldt, H.A. Unconventional Drilling Methods for Unconventional Reservoirs in the US and Overseas MWV IconView
Scott, A.R. (Keynote Speaker) How to Explore for Coalbed Methane in Frontier Regions with Limited Data: Overview of a Coalbed Methane Exploration Model  
Tedesco, S.A. Coal Bed Methane and Shale Gas in the Western Half of the Interior Basin, USA: Emerging From Exploration to Exploitation MWV IconView