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Gussow Abstract Archive (2007)

Author(s) Paper Title Webcast
Bathurst, P. The Importance of the Triassic in the Search for Hydrocarbons in the Arctic  
Beauchamp, B. The Arctic is Hot: A Perfect Storm of Northern Issues at the Dawn of the 21st Century MWV IconView
Blasco, S.*; R. Bennett Seabed Geoenvironmental Constraints to Hydrocarbon Development in the Canadian Arctic MWV IconView
Brent, T.A *; G.N Oakey, J.C. Harrison Progress Towards Understanding Petroleum Potential of the Lancaster Sound Region, Northern Nunavut  
Chen, Z*; K.G. Osadetz, J. Dixon, G. Morrell, J. Dietrich A comparison of estimated oil resource potentials from scenarios of variable independency and dependency, Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, Canada  
Dewing, K. Lower Paleozoic Petroleum Systems in the Canadian Arctic MWV IconView
Dinkelman, M.G.*; J. Helwig, N. Kumar, P. Emmet Stratigraphic and Tectonic Framework of Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin: Insights from 9-km Long-offset ArcticSPAN™ 2-D Seismic Data  
Dinkelman, M.G.*; J. Helwig, N. Kumar, P. Emmet Stratigraphic and Tectonic Framework of the US Chukchi Shelf: Insights from 9-km Long-offset ArcticSPANT™ 2-D Seismic Data  
Elsley, G. Depth Imaging at Paktoa: A Giant Leap Forwards in Understanding a Complex Structure  
Embry, A. Exploration Opportunities in the Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Archipelago MWV IconView
Enachescu, M.E.*; Paul Einarsson, Allan Feir Extent of sedimentary basins and oceanic crust domain in the northern Labrador Sea  
Eynon, G. The Economics of Arctic Islands Natural Gas MWV IconView
Fraser, T.A*; T.L. Allen Upper Paleozoic and Cretaceous Investigations, East Richardson Mountains and Peel Plateau, Yukon  
Gal, L.P.*; L.J. Pyle, T. L. Allen and T.A. Fraser, T. Hadlari, Y. Lemieux, W.G. Zantvoort Petroleum Reservoir and Source Rock Potential in Lower and Middle Paleozoic strata of Peel Plateau and Plain, Northwest Territories and Yukon  
Gray Wallace, B. Key Environmental and Societal Issues Relevant to Oil and Gas Development in the North MWV IconView
Harrison, C.*; T. Brent , G. Oakey Giant untested basins on Canada's Arctic frontier: northern Baffin Bay, Lancaster Sound and the Nares Strait region  
Huebert, R. The Development of Northern Energy Resources and Canadian Arctic Sovereignty and Security MWV IconView
Johnston, D. Prospectivity and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Mackenzie Delta/Beaufort Sea Petroleum Province: a Northern Gulf of Mexico Waiting for it's Time MWV IconView
Matthews, D. Some Day My Pipe Will Come MWV IconView
Osadetz, K.G. Gas Hydrates – Fuel of the Not So Distant Future MWV IconView
Pigage, L. Yukon Oil and Gas – Past and Future  
Jones, A. L.*; L. P. Gal, Y. Lemieux, T. Hadlari, W. G. Zantvoort, T.L. Allen, T.A. Fraser Regional Geoscience Studies and Petroleum Potential, Peel Plateau and Plain, NWT and Yukon  
Poushinsky, N. The Regulatory Process North of 60: Current Challenges and Thoughts on a Simpler Future MWV IconView
Price, P.R.*; J.R. Hogg The Central Mackenzie Corridor: Recent Frontier Discoveries in a Northern Producing Basin MWV IconView
Reinson, G.*; K. Drummond Petroleum Exploration in Canada's Northern Regions – History, Current Activitiy and Future Potential MWV IconView
Russum, D.*; Alexei Belonogov Time for Canada to Flex its muscle in the Arctic?  
Tivy, A.*; M.C. Hill Past, present and future changes in Arctic sea ice cover: implications for sea ice forecasting  
Willis, A. Alaska's North Slope: Petroleum Exploration History and Future Potential MWV IconView
Zapfe-Smith, I.*; K. Hansen, L. Klatzel-Mudry, A. Taborda Intergration of Multiple Technologies in Northern Frontier Exploration  
Zhang, S.*; K. Dewing, C.R. Barnes Hydrocarbon Potential of the Hudson Bay Basin: New Findings from Rock Eval Pyrolysis and Conodont Colour Alteration Index (CAI) Data