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Gussow Abstract Archive (2009)

Author(s) Paper Title Presentation
Barrett, Kent Reservoir Heterogeneity of a Carbonate Bitumen Reservoir: Grosmont Formation, Saleski, Alberta  
Bellman, Laurie Integrated 3D Reservoir Characterization for Oil Sands Evaluation, Development and Monitoring  
Bergerson, Joule Life Cycle Assessments of Thermal Recovery Processes  
Duane, Calvin The Regulatory Process: A Roadmap to Compliance and Beyond  
Edmunds, Neil In Situ Impacts and Solvent Technology  
Fennell, Jon Water Sustainability in the Alberta Oil Sands: Managing What We Have  
Fustic, Milovan Origin, Prediction, and 3D Object Based Modeling of Rock and Fluid Properties in Compartmentalized McMurray Formation Reservoirs  
Garner, David On the Suitability of Static Models for SAGD-Based Processes PDF Icon View
Gates, Ian; Steve Larter Geoviscothermal Efficiency of SAGD Projects; Energy Efficiency and Emissions  
Grasby, Steve Athabasca Water Supply  
Haughey, Douglas Policy Overview: The Drivers to Sustainability  
Havlinek, K. Is Your Organization Really Open to New Ideas?  
Heath, Greg ET-DSP™ – An Environmentally Friendly Process for the Oil Sands  
Hein, Fran Caprocks Over the Oil Sands or Other Deeper CO2 Sequestration Sites  
Jensen, Jerry Sizing Up Vertical Permeability  
Keeshan, Peter CO2 Transportation and Storage Opportunities in Alberta  
Kresnyak, Steve Carbon Capture Technologies for Bitumen / Heavy Oil Operations  
Lakeman, Brent Overview of Carbon Capture and Storage and Challenges for CO2 from Heavy Oil Operations  
Leeson, Patricia Overview of Carbon Emissions Regulation: Implications for Sustainability  
Lunn, Stuart Perspectives on Fresh Water Use in the Oil Sands Industry  
Magnan, Pierre Access to Capital: The Price of Sustainability  
McGraw, Dan; Pat Dougan Process Sensing for Tails Oil Minimization  
Mikula, Randy Trading Water for Oil: Tailings Management and Water Use in Surface Mined Oil Sands  
Miller, Karl Improving the Success of EOR Projects by Incorporating More Geologic Information  
Parker, Garth Governance and Shifting Responsibility: Shareholder Activism, Disclosure Rules and Evolving Directors' Role  
Ranger, Mike; Barry Bennett Geological Controls on Fluid Property Heterogeneities in Carbonate Bitumen and Heavy Oil Reservoirs from Northern Alberta  
Rubin, Eugene; Tim Winter and David L. Garner Simulation-Based Forecasting of Oil Sands SAGD Performance with Thief Zones and Barrier Risks PDF Icon View
Rudolph, Dave Quantifying Seepage Flux from Oil Sand Tailings Containment Structures  
Russel-Houston, Jen Exploiting the Grosmont Formation from Underground: Reducing the Footprint of Thermal Heavy Oil Production  
Sabag, Shahé Metal Mining to the Aid of the Oil Sands? Lateral Opportunities in Industrial Cross-Breeding  
Simieritsch, Terra Water Demand for Oil Sands Development  
Singh, Dr. Surindar Current Initiatives and Long-Term Prospects of Carbon Capture and Storage in Alberta  

Poster Displays

Dumitrescu, Carmen C.; Larry Lines Characterization of Heavy Oil Reservoir Using Vp/Vs Ratio and Spectral Decomposition  
Haug, Kristine; Dennis Chao, Fran Hein and Paul Greene Mapping Surficial Features in the Athabasca Oils Sands area using Airborne LiDAR  
Kendall, Rob Using Timelapse Seismic to Monitor the THAI™ Heavy Oil Production Process  

Stancliffe, Stan
Viscosity Decay  
Tompkins, Trevor; Sasha Holden, Ania Ulrich, Jonathan Martin, Leonidas Perez, Shama Haque, K. Ulrich Mayer, Warren Vincent-Lambert Natural Gradient Tracer Tests to Investigate the Fate and Migration of Oil Sands Process-Affected Water in a Sand Aquifer