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Gussow Abstract Archive (2011)

Presenter / Author(s) Topic / Abstract Title Presentation Slides
Batycky, Rod; D. Fenwic Using Metric Space Methods to Analyze Reservoir Uncertainty PDF Icon View
Boucher, Alexandre Strategies for Modelling with Multiple-point Simulation Algorithms PDF Icon View
Caumon, Guillaume; G. Laurent, N.Cherpeau, F. Lallier, R. Merland, J. Pellerin and F. Bonneau Structural Framework and Reservoir Gridding: Current Bottlenecks and Way Forward PDF Icon View
Deutsch, Clayton Paradigms of Data Integration with Consideration for Scale PDF Icon View
Fedutenko, Eugene; C. Yang, C. Card, L. Nghiem Optimization of SAGD Process with Proxy Models under Geological Uncertainties  
Gates, Ian D. The Need for Large Multi-Million Cell Thermal Models  
Gringarten, Emmanuel Screening Reservoir Models for Geologically Consistent History Matching  
Hern, Caroline; S. Ucan & M. Manattini Evaluating the Contribution of Lamina-scale Modelling on OIIP and Recovery Factor Estimation for Improved Oil Recovery  
Jolley, Steve; D. Thenin & R. Yuan Structural Framework and Geomechanical Modelling in Tight Gas E&P Workflows  
Keogh, Kevin; A.W. Martinius, R. Osland 3D Object-based Reservoir Modelling in Norway: A Historical Perspective, Application in Field Studies and Future Directions  
Maucec, Marko; J. Yarus, R. Chambers, and G. Shi Modeling of Reservoir Properties with Grid-less Continuity Field Interpolation  
Meddaugh, Scott; W. T. Osterloh, and N. Champenoy Reservoir Forecast Optimism – Impact of Geostatistics, Reservoir Modeling, Heterogeneity, and Uncertainty PDF Icon View
Scheepens, Claude; C.J. Liu, J. McLennan, P. Hennings Using Bayesian Updating Techniques to Determine Quantifiable Relationships between Multiple Attributes at Different Scales  
Srinivasan, Dr. Sanjay History Matching by Simultaneous Calibration of Reservoir Geological Models at Pore-Level and Field Scales  PDF Icon View
Srivastava, R. Mohan Improving Stochastic Fracture Modeling by Honoring More Conditioning Data  
Stright, Lisa Predicting Sub-seismic Scale Facies from Multiple Seismic Attributes and a Conceptual Sedimentologic Model: A Closed Loop Workflow PDF Icon View
Thenin, Damien; S. Bujor & I. Perry Using a Three Dimensional Lithofacies Proportion Cube for More Realistic Reservoir Models: Case Study of a Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Project In The Athabasca Oil Sands, NE Alberta, Canada  
Wen, Renjun Multi-Scale Permeability Modeling Workflow: from Cores to Field Models  
Yarus, Jeff The Evolution of Geomodeling: Where have we been? Where are we going?  


Presenter / Author(s) Topic / Abstract Title Poster / Presentation
Ansari, Sajjad A.; S. Khan, H. Han, S. Ansari, M. Vishteh & N. Khosravi Geomechanical Modeling to Assess Caprock Integrity in Oil Sands  
Euzen, Tristan; E. Delamaid Well Log Cluster Analysis: A Screening Tool for Exploration in Mature Basin  
Delbecq, Franck; R. Moye SAGD Well Planning Using Stochastic Seismic Inversion PDF Icon View
Drumheller, Richard; A.J. Adams, and J.M. Yarus Newly Available Modeling Methodologies Applied to Complex Carbonate Hydrocarbons Reservoirs, Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil PDF Icon View
Khan, Safdar; S. Ansari, H. Han and N. Khosravi Effect of Shale Anisotropy on Wellbore Stability Analysis
Henery, Freia; L. Trimbitasu, J. Johnson An Integrated Workflow for Reservoir Sweet Spot Identification PDF Icon View
Maucec, Marko; J. Yarus and R. Chambers The Role of Geomodeling in Quantifying Reservoir Uncertainty and Forecasting Risk  
Razzaghi, Samaneh; L. Fan, Y. Wang, S. Sinha, J. Robinson Integrated Shale Gas Study Workflow PDF Icon View
Shang, Richard Y.; W.H. Wang and K. Weaving Sedimentary Texture Characterization and Permeability Anisotropy Quantification of McMurray Oil Sands PDF Icon View
Wang, Jing (Jane) Athabasca Oil Sands Reservoir Geo-Modeling, A Case Study PDF Icon View
Zhang, Xingquan (Kevin); H. Daify, S. Ghanbari Workflow of Naturally Fractured Reservoir Modeling in RMS: Application to a Carbonate Reservoir PDF Icon View

Vendor Talks

Presenter / Author(s) Topic / Abstract Title Presentation Slides
Chambers, Richard; J.M. Yarus, and M. Maucec Landmark GraphicsPlurigaussian Simulation, A Powerful Yet Not Well Known Facies Simulation Methodology  
Dabek, Les B.; R. Knepp Geomodeling Technology Corp.Permeability Modeling of Biogenic Sedimentary Structures Using SBED PDF Icon View
Daly, Colin SchlumbergerGeological Modeling or Modeling Geology?  
Euzen, Tristan IFP Canada/Beicip Inc.Well Log Cluster Analysis: A Screening Tool for Exploration in Mature Basins PDF Icon View
Ghanbari, Sasan RoxarWorkflow of Naturally Fractured Reservoir Modeling in RMS: Application to a Carbonate Reservoir PDF Icon View
Höcker, Christian JewelSuite™More Realistic Facies Patterns using MPS Modeling with Auxiliary Variables PDF Icon View
Jeannée, Nicolas; L. Wagner GeovariancesISATIS, a reference geostatistical toolbox enhancing reservoir modeling packages  
Mckone, Neil; A. Francis Blueback ReservoirSeismic Inversion Products in Reservoir Modeling - The good, bad and forbidden  
McLean, J. Kim Paradigm Ltd.Petrophysical Uncertainty Analysis to Assess In-place Hydrocarbon Uncertainty PDF Icon View