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CSPG Educational Trust Fund (ETF)

CSPG Educational Trust Fund (ETF)

About Us

The CSPG Educational Trust Fund (ETF) is a Registered Charity with the Canada Revenue Agency that raises money for an endowment fund to support programs that advance petroleum geoscientific education.  The slogan “Geoscientists for our Future” represents the purpose of the ETF: ensuring that there are well-educated and skilled petroleum geoscientists for the future.

Our Vision

The CSPG Educational Trust Fund inspires individuals to pursue a career in petroleum geoscience by funding innovative, and informative educational programs.

Our Mission

The CSPG Educational Trust Fund promotes community awareness of petroleum geoscience and the impact geoscientists have on society.  A growing demand for energy, declining production of petroleum, and our aging demographic require an increasing number of qualified petroleum geoscientists.

The CSPG Educational Trust Fund:

• Promotes public education about the petroleum geosciences.
• Stimulates education and provides scholarships relating to petroleum geoscience.
• Educates individuals about the benefits and challenges of a petroleum geoscientist.