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CSPG Educational Trust Fund (ETF)

Educational Trust Fund Governance

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ETF Trustees:

Brett Norris (Transglobe Energy Corp.)

Stan Lavender (ConocoPhillips Canada Limited)

Kirk Osadetz (Geological Survey of Canada)  

Simon Haynes (Statoil Canada Ltd.)

Kyla Poelzer (Vermillion Energy)

Roger Hume (Davenport Energy Associates Ltd.)

Dawn Hodgins (Imperial Oil Resources)

Andrew Fox (MEG Energy Corp.)     

Paul MacKay (Shale Petroleum Ltd.)

Robin Mann (AJM Deloitte)

Trust Deed:

The CSPG Educational Trust Fund (ETF) is governed by its “Amended and Restated Trust Deed”.  The Deed states that the ETF was established “…. for the purpose of supporting and funding petroleum geoscientific education in Canada”.
Amended and Restated Deed

ETF Ethics:

The Trust has adopted the Ethical Fundraising and Financial accountability Code of the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy.


"The Trust is committed to fundraising practices that respect donors' rights to truthful information and to privacy. The Trust also commits to manage responsibly the funds that donors entrust to them, and to report their financial affairs accurately and completely."

The complete text can be reviewed at:

Financial Information


How we invest:

The ETF invests the endowment fund through The Calgary Foundation.

You can review their investment strategy at:


ETF Annual Reports:

 2010 ETF Annual Report 
 2009 ETF Annual Report


ETF Annual Financials:

Financial year end for the ETF occurs on August 31st of each year
 2013 ETF reviewed financial statements.pdf
 2012 ETF Reviewed Financial Statements.pdf
 2011 ETF Reviewed Financial Statements 
 2010 ETF Reviewed Financial Statements 
 2009 ETF Reviewed Financial Statements