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CSPG Educational Trust Fund (ETF)

What we fund

Below is a sample of programs that CSPG ETF has provided funding for in the past.

Student Industry Field Trip (SIFT)

        - Students from over 30 Canadian universities offering programs in geology participate in an action packed two weeks consisting of lectures,field trips and an exploration game.
- The goal of the program is to introduce bright young students to the petroleum industry to educate them about the impact of the petroleum industry on society, the techniques used to increase probability of success in finding reserves, and the potential career opportunities that exist for them in the oil and gas sector. 

University Outreach

      - University Outreach of the CSPG provides geoscience scholarships and awards. They also arrange funding for university conferences, CSPG Lecture Tours, and Student Chapters.


        - EdGEO is a national program which sponsors earth science workshops for local groups of teachers across Canada.
- EdGEO provides classroom resources including rock and mineral kits, fossil sets, local guidebooks, maps and posters
- The goal of EdGEO is to enhance teachers' ability and enthusiasm to teach the earth science component of the school curriculum by increasing their confidence through knowledge and hands-on activities.

Earth Science for Society (ESfS)

        - ESfS is a public outreach program that provides fun, educational and interactive activities to students, teachers, and the general public.
- The goal of ESfS is to expose 1500 students and teachers, and about 1000 members of the general public annually to the earth sciences.

  Honorary Address

      Each fall the CSPG Honorary Address buses over 2500 students to an afternoon presentation by a world-renowned scientist. A public lecture and presentation is open to the public in the evening. This program increases public awareness of the impact of science on society.