DateTitleCityState or ProvinceEvent Code
select10/16/2015Unconventional Oil  16SC0316SC03
select10/20/2015Technical Luncheon - Speaker: Graeme Bloy and Gurpreet Sawhn  16TL102016TL1020
select10/21/2015Value of Applied Geophysics with Case Histories for Geologis  16SC0416SC04
select10/22/2015Past Presidents Dinner 2015Starts at 5:30pm 16PP16PP
select10/28/2015SAGD - Reservoir Engineering for Geoscientists & Non Reservo  16SC0216SC02
select10/29/2015Young Geoscientists Networking Reception4:30pm-7:00pm 16YOUNGEO16YOUNGEO
select11/4/2015Technical Luncheon - Speaker: Jamie Wills and Brad Hayes  16TL110416TL1104
select11/17/2015Technical Luncheon - Speaker: Dallin P. Laycock  16TL111716TL1117
select11/18/2015Planetary Geology: Exploring Mars (Honorary Address)CalgaryAB16HA16HA
select11/18/2015Practical Risk, Resource and Reserves for Geoscientists  16SC0116SC01
select12/8/2015Technical Luncheon - Speaker: Steve Grasby  16TL120816TL1208