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select3/31/20152016 ACE Kick Off Event  15ACEKOFF15ACEKOFF
select4/7/2015Technical Luncheon - Speaker: Cathy Busby  15TL040715TL0407
select4/21/2015Technical Luncheon - Speaker: Mark McCaffery  15TL042115TL0421
select4/23/2015Applied Hydrogeology and the Petroleum Industry in Alberta  15SC1515SC15
select4/27/2015Clastic Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality  15SC0915SC09
select4/27/2015Mannville Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Petroleum Geology  15SC1215SC12
select4/28/2015Evaluating Source Rocks in a Risk Analysis Framework  15SC1015SC10
select4/29/2015Facies Architecture and Sequence Stratigraphy of Delta Systm  15SC1115SC11
select4/30/2015CMC Research Institute's (CMC) Newell County Field Research  15FS0215FS02
select4/30/2015Natural Fracture Systems: An approach to evaluating Resourc  15SC1615SC16
select4/30/2015SAGD Fundamentals - Applications of Core, Geology, Geophysic  15SC0815SC08
select5/1/2015Evaluation and Exploitation of Low Permeability (Tight) Carb  15SC1415SC14
select5/1/2015Introductory Energy Geoscience  15SC1315SC13
select5/3/2015IEG - Drumheller  15FS0315FS03
select5/4/2015Student Industry Field Trip (SIFT) 2015  15SIFT15SIFT
select5/4/20152015 CSPG Awards Reception  15AWARDS15AWARDS
select5/5/20152015 Long Time Members Reception  15LTMR15LTMR
select5/7/20152015 Core Conference  15CORECON15CORECON
select5/26/2015Technical Luncheon - Speaker: Krzysztof Wojcik  15TL052615TL0526
select6/16/2015The Athabasca Oil Sands Area from Basin to Molecular Scale  15FS0115FS01