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select9/1/2012CSPG Online book sale - Operation Bow-Athabasca  BOOKS2013BOOKS2013
select7/11/2013CSPG Online book sale - Closing the Gap  14-BOOKCTG14-BOOKCTG
select12/9/2013Thorsteinsson Medal ETF donation  14-TMETF14-TMETF
select4/8/2014CSPG Technical Luncheon April 8, 2014  14-TL040814-TL0408
select4/23/2014CSPG Technical Luncheon April 23, 2014  14-TL042314-TL0423
select4/28/2014Mannville Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Petroleum Geology  14-SC1514-SC15
select5/5/2014SAGD-Reservoir Engineering for Geoscientists & Non Reservoir  14-SC1614-SC16
select5/7/2014Clastic Facies and Depositional Environments in Core  14-SC1114-SC11
select5/8/2014SAGD Fundamentals - Application of Core, Geology, Geophysics  14-SC1014-SC10
select5/9/2014Evaluating Source Rocks in a Risk Analysis Framework  14-SC1214-SC12
select5/11/2014Turner Valley's Centennial: A Field Trip  14-FS0514-FS05
select5/12/20142014 CSPG Awards Reception  14-AWARDS14-AWARDS
select5/13/20142014 Longtime member reception  14-LTMR14-LTMR
select5/13/2014Fort McMurray GeoConvention Reception  14-FMGEOCR14-FMGEOCR
select5/14/20142014 CSPG International Networking Event  14-INTDNE14-INTDNE
select5/21/2014CSPG Technical Luncheon May 21, 2014  14-TL052114-TL0521
select5/21/2014Dynamics of Subsurface Flow of Water, Hydrocarbons and CO2  14-SC1314-SC13
select5/27/2014AAPG-CSPG Playmakers Canada Forum  14-PLAYMKR14-PLAYMKR
select6/3/2014CSPG Technical Luncheon June 3, 2014  14-TL060314-TL0603
select6/4/2014CSPG Geo Energy Forum  14-GEFORUM14-GEFORUM