Chair-Tony Cadrin 

Secretary - Kirk Osadetz

Treasurer - Jassie Kang

Trustee - David Clyde

Trustee - Samantha Etherington

Trustee - Kathleen Shannon

Trustee - Tom Sneddon

Trustee - Keith Yaxley

Trustee - Michael Webb

The CSPG Foundation Board of Trustees is committed to a high standard of governance.
The Board of Trustees actively works to enhance transparency and governance by:

  • Keeping you informed
  • Being transparent, responsible, and proactive stewards of the endowment
  • Supporting petroleum geoscience education.

Current Trustee Organizational Structure
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Trust Deed

The CSPG Foundation is governed by its “Amended and Restated Trust Deed”. The Deed states that the Foundation was established “…. for the purpose of supporting and funding petroleum geoscientic education in Canada”.

CSPG Foundation Meeting Motions


Annual Financials