Introduction to Petroleum Engineering & Geosciences

Course Overview: 
Engineering and Geosciences play a vital role in the Energy Industry. Through this introduction to the oil and gas industry, you will be more productive at work as you gain an appreciation for the fundamentals and language of the industry. This non-technical course introduces tools and techniques that engineers and geologists use to identify oil and gas plays, describes how wells are drilled, and explains how the production cycle is completed. Day 1 and 2 will focus on geoscience and day 3 and 4 cover basic petroleum engineering.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone working in the industry dealing with the engineers and geologists or who uses their information or peripheral to the industry who need an overview of the whole process. Engineers, geologists, geoscientists, geophysicists, technical assistants, work-term students, accountants, legal and contracts, analysts, human resources personnel, economists, service company personnel, lease holders, regulatory staff.

Workshop Information


Morning Session:
"What on Earth does a Geologist do?"
               - Video presentation 

Earth Structure & Plate Tectonics 
Petroleum Geology Overview 

     Lunch Break (Lunch not provided)

Afternoon Session:
Energy Industry Overview 
Core – Overview, Core Research Centre, Samples 
Discussion & Wrap Up 

Morning Session:
Geologic Reservoirs
Athabasca Oil Sands 
Group Discussion & Questions

Afternoon Session:
Fundamentals of Land
Safety in the Energy Industry
Petroleum Economics

Morning Session:
Rock and fluid properties
Reservoir derives
In-place hydrocarbons and reserves determination
Reservoir delineation & development

Afternoon Session:
Production operations and optimization
Enhanced Recovery Mechanism 
Unconventional Oil and Gas
Economic evaluation

Morning Session
Introduction - how the industry started and what was learned in the early years
The drilling rig and its components
Drilling equipment and drilling performance
Drilling fluids and pressure issues
Casing and cementing
Rig based formation evaluation

Afternoon Session:
Drilling operations
Oilfield management
Drilling problems - prevention and cure
Well completions
Well abandonment

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