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Division Profile

The Environment Division of the CSPG was formed in 1990 in response to a growing awareness (sometimes in the form of litigation) of environmental concerns affecting the petroleum industry. Since its inception the organization has had a dual personality, representing as it does, the marriage of petroleum geology interests on the one hand and environmental concerns on the other. Some would argue that this is an uneasy alliance. Although our focus for the last decade has been environmental geology, the scope has broadened to include more general environmental topics which impact on (or are impacted by) the petroleum industry. For instance, as has recently become abundantly clear, the threat of Global Warming may have a more profound impact on the petroleum industry than oil field contamination. This expanded focus of the division recognizes that most environmental issues are multidisciplinary and that we cannot remain isolated within our narrow disciplines but must communicate with the broader scientific community.

The division was also formed to stimulate debate on a number of contentious topics affecting industry. Although our livelihoods are to some extent tied to the fortunes of the petroleum industry, as scientists and as citizens, we have a responsibility to society to be well informed on these issues (e.g. the Kyoto Protocol debate). The health of a scientific society should not be measured by its uniformity of opinion but rather by the liveliness of its debates.

Since its inception the Environment Division has run a number of workshops and seminars as well as hosting noon hour talks and sessions at annual conventions.

Environmental issues will continue to affect the petroleum industry and, if anything, these issues will intensify in future. If we in the CSPG are to remain informed on the vast array of "environmental issues" which affect us in our jobs and as citizens of the earth then we need enthusiastic dedicated volunteers (that means you) to carry the torch. If you would like to dedicate a little time for a most interesting and important endeavor the Environment Committee would like to hear from you.

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