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The Heavy Oil / Oil Sands Division was originally established in November 2007. The purpose of the division was to provide a forum for CSPG members and guests who are either employed and/or interested in learning more about the disciplines of heavy oil and oil sands. This division is focused on providing attendees the opportunity to learn more about the geology, technology, various projects and development in the heavy oil / oil sands industry. In addition, this forum will provide the attendee the chance to network with their peers and meet new contacts in the industry.

Upcoming Division Talk

From Wellsite to Report, Key Aspects of CAPROCK Core Workflow

Speaker: Jason Tucker, Team Lead, Rock Mechanics Group, AGAT Laboratories 
Location: Halliburton Training Centre (Room 1830, 645-7th Ave SW) 
May 2, 2018, 8:00am 

Sampling for mechanical testing requires intact, well preserved and competent core intervals with a minimum amount of disturbance. Fragile and poorly consolidated zones have always been difficult to sample, particularly after core has been allowed to desiccate for extended periods of time. Field collection, core transport and handling, core storage and sample selection are all key factors in collecting samples that are representative and meaningful for geomechanics testing, AGAT Laboratories has established a rigorous workflow which incorporates all aspects of field handling, sample selection and testing. This presentation provides an overview of best practice inputs when planning and implementing a geomechanical program.
The talk focuses on each stage of a geomechanics program and the critical considerations aimed at increasing the success rate of capturing and analyzing core samples. During the early stages of capturing a core for testing, core desiccation and transport are two of the key factors in preserving the quality of a core. Minimizing mechanical agitation and desiccation decreases the potential for breakage along bedding parallel partings. Particularly with poorly consolidated cores, sample selection is often limited due to the fragile nature of the core. CT scanning provides an optimal means to view the core in 3D to assess zones of low integrity, extensive fracturing or poor consolidation. Based on density variability, CT imaging allows the operator to identify different compositional zones within the core and evaluate the number of samples required to properly assess the mechanical properties. When sample have been collected, the final stage of testing begins. AGAT Laboratories has a state of the art facility in Calgary with testing capabilities designed to evaluate rocks at ambient conditions and reservoir temperature and pressure conditions. AGAT Laboratories has extensive experience and the ability to pre-plan and execute an optimized testing program allowing for a seamless workflow from wellsite to final product.
Jason Tucker is currently the Team Lead of the rock mechanic division at AGAT Laboratories (recently purchased from Trican Well Service). Jason works on a broad range of projects from heavy oil caprock to unconventional shale plays. Jason graduated from the University of Calgary in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in geophysics.

Please confirm your attendance in advance by emailing ostalks@shaw.ca 

NOTE: most Division events have a waiting list.

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Division Information

The division will host a breakfast session that will take place in the Halliburton Training Room which is located at Room 1830, 645 - 7th Avenue SW.  The forum will start at 8:00am and starts with a 10 minute introduction, followed by a 40 minute talk, and will conclude with 10 minutes to network. We are looking for sponsors for our continental breakfast. The sponsor will get promoted on our group email as well as at the event. During the introduction each sponsor will be able to talk for up to 5 minutes about their company, services and products. The sponsoring company will also be able to provide a business card draw.

The monthly forum will be the first Wednesday of each month. We expect to host additional events throughout the year to allow our attendees the opportunity to do more networking. Some of these events include a Christmas party and Stampede party. The events will be complimentary and will be sponsored by various service companies engaged in the heavy oil / oil sands industry.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, giving a presentation, sponsoring an events, or joining our mailing list, please contact of one volunteers or chairperson.

Chair: Randy Smith, ostalks@shaw.ca, (c) 403.968.9222