The new CSPG Hydrogeology Division was launched in November, 2015, with the following mandate:

  • To promote the crucial importance of water in energy production; 
  • To profile existing/emerging technologies/markets; 
  • To educate CSPG members and public at large on water resources;
  • To assist/guide the content of hydrogeology sessions at GeoConvention; and
  • To foster collaboration, knowledge transfer and cross-division linkages with the CSPG

Talk space generously provided by:

The goal is for the Division meetings to be held once a month over the lunch hour (monthly meeting to be scheduled from October to May, no talks from June to September). All lunch talks are free and open to the public, and please bring your lunch. 

The success of the Division depends on the participation and volunteer efforts of CSPG members and the public at large. If you are interested in giving a presentation, or in learning more about the Division, please contact Jamie Wills at jwills@waterlineresources.com 

The division is currently compiling an email distribution list that will be sent out as a reminder prior to upcoming Division talks. If you are interested in receiving such emails, please send your email address to jwills@waterlineresources.com
Upcoming Division Talk

Forecasting Water Demand/Supply in an Evolving Shale-Gas Play
Kevin Parks, P.Geol. | Alberta Energy Regulator 

Monday March 13, 12:00noon-1:00pm | 540-5 ave SW, 2nd Floor geoLOGIC Classroom 

Water conservation is a goal of Alberta regulatory policy.  To ensure that this goal is achieved during shale-gas development, energy regulators and operators need to balance water availability against demand as these water-intensive plays unfold.  A prototype approach to linking development-based demand for water in the Duvernay Shale Play is being developed.  This approach supports examination of how conservation goals can be achieved under various future development scenarios. The approach uses a system-dynamic framework to integrate shale-gas reserves and water-supply information from regional assessments.  Price-driven demand coupled with water-supply responses at the drainage-basin scale are examined to help find the best balance between energy development and water conservation.  

Dr. Kevin Parks is a hydrogeologist at the Alberta Energy Regulator in Calgary.  In addition to his roles as AER Chief Geologist and Vice President for Reserves and Resources, he co-leads technical efforts to ensure AER regulatory instruments and decisions are well informed by geoscience.