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The International Division has provided a forum to members and guests interested in the geology and hydrocarbon potential of the world since 1985. We offer monthly free brown-bag lunchtime workshops and special social events. The lunchtime event takes place every second Wednesday of each month. It starts at noon with a 5 minute introduction, followed by a 10 minute “Rock Shot” warm-up and the 30 minute main presentation, which leaves the last 15 minutes for networking. Upcoming events are detailed below. The lunchtime events are held in the Nexen Plus 15 Conference Centre located in the Nexen Annex Building.

The “Rocks Shots” could be anything interesting and should be light. In the past we have had travelogues, world cultural heritage relationships between geology and beverages, and quick geoscience knowledge. The main technical presentation should cover geoscientific and/or broadly oil and gas related topics.

A door prize is provided by Sigma Explorations Inc., coffee and refreshments by IHS Markit, doughnuts by RPS Energy, and speaker appreciation by Chinook Consulting Services Ltd. and Alconsult International.

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Upcoming Division Talks

International Unconventional: Global Endowment & Investment Challenges in Shale/Tight Oil & Gas

Speaker: Scott Gardiner
Date: February 21st, 2018 - 12:00pm
Location: CNOOC Nexen Annex Theatre, 801-7th Ave SW, Calgary

In the upstream oil and gas industry, the unconventional shale oil/gas revolution in North America has spread internationally, and is faced with even more challenges to become commercial or maintain commerciality. This talk will address the global endowment of where existing or likely future shale plays are located, their relative attractiveness technically, and commercially. It will also address some of the specific positives/negatives of various plays, and some of the above ground challenges and peculiarities in various jurisdictions around the world, with a view to predicting the pace of future investment and returns in selected basins.


Scott has 30+ years experience in upstream oil and gas in managerial and technical roles. Of this, he has 10 years in Western Canada plays and the balance in international, both conventional and unconventional (shale gas/liquids, tight oil). His interests are in international Exploration/New Ventures & Upstream Business Development.

Scott has worked for various sized companies, from super-major to large independents to small junior/startups, including Esso/Exxon, Nexen, Talisman, Caracal, Glencore and Mancal. His career includes expatriate assignments in Houston with Exxon Production Research Company, and Norway as Talisman Exploration Manager. Major exposure areas internationally include, L. America (Mexico, Colombia, Argentina), Australia, UK, Norway, Saharan Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya), Sub-Saharan Africa (Chad, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Cameroon), Middle East (Yemen, Iraq, UAE) and Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania).

Scott is an active member of APEGA, CSPG, AAPG, PESGB, CGEF, and HGS. He has B.Sc. (Hons) Geology from McMaster, and M.Sc. Earth Sciences from Memorial University, Newfoundland. He has been an invited speaker for several international conferences, published several technical papers, geology book chapters, and presented oral talks at many conferences. Presently he is an upstream consultant based in Calgary, Alberta, and is a Director on the CGEF Board.

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