GeoWomen started in 2014.  Our motivation is to help women embarking on a career in geoscience in Calgary to get from new graduate to retiring at the top of your game.

We meet to network and share stories & strategies on navigating a career in geoscience in Calgary.

Anyone in the geoscience and energy community in Calgary is welcome.  We will make an effort to focus on topics of interest to women.  To showcase the achievements of women in the geoscience and energy community of Calgary.  And to both inspire and educate.  We aim to appeal to a broad range of experience levels, from women starting their geoscience careers in large or small companies, women in mid-career and women late in their careers.

The realities are that the numbers of women geoscientists drop as their careers progress. Women aren’t as likely to progress into technically higher levels, management or the board of directors in any size company.  If we get together and share knowledge and strategies perhaps this could change.

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Decoding the Interview: Insights from an HR Recruiter

GeoWomen is excited to have Brian Palmer share his insights on interviews at our noon-hour event on June 26, 2017. Any job seeker knows that getting an interview is a step ahead in a job search. As a career coach and former recruiter who has led hundreds of interviews, Brian will share his expertise on getting your own unique brand across to potential employers. 
This presentation will cover:
       • Three tips to prepare effectively for interviews  
       • Answering the dreaded “tell me about yourself”
       • Acing your value proposition

WHEN   |  Monday, June 26, 2017
WHERE |  GeoLogic Classroom, +15 level, Aquitaine Tower, 540 – 5 Avenue SW
AGENDA | 11:30AM Networking, 12:00 Presentation by Brian Palmer

This is a free Event – No registration required, women and men are invited to attend.  Don’t forget to bring your lunch and questions


Brian is a strategic career professional with over twelve years of experience in the energy and consulting industries. He holds a Finance degree from the University of Calgary and has recruited and coached professionals in the Geosciences, Engineering, Business, Health & Safety, IT and HR.  His focus on career development has included roles as a recruiter, talent management advisor, new grad program coordinator, and career transition coach. In that time Brian has screened over 2800 resumes and led more than 300 interviews. He is passionate about helping others through active listening, thoughtful questions, and a kind and warm approach.
Brian is a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index (ELI-MP) and currently pursuing his Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation.


The Burgess Shale Hike with GeoWomen this summer!

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GeoWomen are thrilled to invite professionals, new grads, and students to join us for an exciting day in the mountains to learn more about the Burgess Shale and get a chance to meet people from the industry. Professionals, new grads, and students are welcome to register for one of the available hikes. We are also encouraging professionals to sponsor students or new grads who may not be able to afford paying for a hike.   If you would like to be a sponsor or be sponsored, please send an email to Muzna Tariq (as GeoWomen representative for this event) at  or call her (403) 466-4789.

For any further inquiries please visit  Or contact GeoWomen at  or


Burgess Shale was first discovered by Charles Doolittle Walcott. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site tucked away in the Rockies of Yoho National Park only about two hours from Calgary. This magnificent site holds some of the world’s most unique fossils from the Cambrian explosion preserving hard parts and soft tissue. These fossils provide one of the best windows onto the origin of many modern animal groups and ecology of the first complex marine communities. More than a century after the first fossils were discovered, palaeontologists continue visiting these sites and building up collections for a variety of studies.

Event details:

Date:  Friday July 14, 2017
Meeting point: Burgess Shale Foundation in Field, BC
Time: depending on Hike option (see below).

Two hikes are open for registration for Friday, July 14, 2017 :

Hike Option 1 | Walcott Quarry (Burgess Shale)

825 m (2,710 ft) elevation gain, 22 km (14 mi) round trip
$113.40 per person (each group will have 12 people max)
Meet at Burgess Shale Foundation in Field, BC at 8:00AM. Guided hike will begin at 8:30AM.

Hike Option 2 | Mount Stephen Trilobite Beds

795 m (2,610 ft) elevation gain, 8 km (5 miles) round trip
$94.50 per person (each group will have 12 people max)
Meet at Burgess Shale Foundation in Field, BC@9:00AM. Guided hike will begin@9:30AM.

Find out more details on the guided hike option and how to register at GeoWomen website:


Jocelyn Keith-Asante, P. Geol., PMP - Co-Chair
ARTIS GeoConsult & PM, Ltd.
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Mandy M. Williams, P.Geol. - Co-Chair
Burgess Creek Exploration Inc.
(403) 703-6014 |

Yulini Arediningsih, MSc. P.Geo. - Communications

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