Current Positions

Historical Archive Reviewer
Committee:  2019 Core Conference
The 2019 Core Conference
is looking for a volunteer to do some research on past core conferences
Skills required:  good research skills including the ability to source information from various datasets (Gallagher library, CSPG archives, etc.), proficiency in Microsoft Excel for maintaining a usable dataset, good communication skills (reporting back to the committee and collaborating with archive technicians), ideally the candidate would be a current student or recent graduate of geoscience who is looking for some credentials to put on their CV.
Time commitment:  1-2 hours for the first couple of months (November- December), 2-3 hours per month afterwards
Location:  At home or CSPG office (downtown)
Why volunteer:  networking, references, build your skills

• Volunteers would be asked to go back on the last 50 years of CSPG Core Conferences and summarize the top/most referenced abstracts from years past.
• Goal would be to create an indexed list of previous talks, to be used in defining the speakers and theme for CSPG Core Conference 50.
• Research would include CSPG Archives, Gallagher Library copies, AAPG/CSPG Conference Abstract Publications etc.
• Synthesize data into a searchable spreadsheet that can be sorted based on Lithology, Play Type, Overarching Geotechnical Theme (Structure, Facies, Stratigraphy, Reservoir Characterization, Paleontological/Basin Scale implication etc.), Author, Year
• Summary report on talks over time (i.e. how did trends shift over time, what was “in-vogue” during what time)

How to apply: please contact Candace.Jones@cspg.org

Medal of Merit Award Committee 2019
1-3 volunteers needed for 2019 and beyond
Committee Profile: The Medal of Merit Committee is composed of industry professionals and annually recommends the winner of the award for the best peer-reviewed paper on a subject related to the petroleum geology of Canada. The medal is the most prestigious technical award of the society and has been awarded since 1952. The list of previous award recipients and additional information on the committee can be found on the CSPG website.
Committee Members: Work independently to evaluate the quality of papers from the previous publication year and provide input on choosing the best paper of the year. Papers and criteria for evaluating papers are supplied by the committee chair – no additional work is needed other than reading and reviewing papers.
Member Benefit:  Instead of having a pile of papers you want to read, as a member of the committee you will actually stay up-to-date with the geologic literature and by doing so you will maintain and expand your geologic knowledge.  
Qualifications: committee members should have an appreciation for and interest in the scientific literature and an ability to critically read scientific papers. Typically, these skills are most common with members who have an MSc or PhD and/or at least two years of industry experience but all are welcome.
Time commitment: From April to October, sufficient time to do initial screening and ranking of 30 to 50 papers, followed by detailed review/reading of 5 to 10 papers. Attend, or phone into 2-3 lunch hour meetings downtown Calgary (lunch provided). Estimated time commitment is 10-30 hours but varies by volunteer.
For more information or to volunteer for the committee please contact Ross Kukulski - ross.kukulski@chevron.com


CSPG is looking for photographers to take pictures at our events
Committee: Various
Skills required:  Basic photography, digital editing
Time Commitment: 1.5 to 4 hours per event
Duties and Responsibilities:  Bring your own camera to the event to take photos of CSPG members participating in event.  Photos to be submitted to CSPG staff coordinator one week after the event.
Location: Various venues in downtown Calgary
Why volunteer: networking, references, build your skills
Requirements:  a DSLR camera
How to Apply: send an email to membership@cspg.org with a few photos from your personal collection