Stanley Slipper Gold Medal

“This pioneer and explorer in geology, engineering and natural gas technology bequeathed a fundamental knowledge, years ahead of his time and was considered by many a virtual Leonardo da Vinci of the Petroleum Industry.  Slipper, our First President, deserved the honour (unbeknownst to him) of our highest award in the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists”  (Aubrey Kerr). 

2017 Recipient

         Alison Essery 

The Stanley Slipper Gold Medal was established in 1989 and is the CSPG's most prestigious award. The award is named for Mr. Stanley E. Slipper (1890-1982) who was the Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists first President and a pioneer of early exploration efforts in Alberta. Candidates must be active CSPG members.

The contributions of the winner of this award can encompass one or more activities related to aspects of petroleum exploration. Such activities may include, initiating and or leading exploration programs, teaching and or training and mentoring of explorationists, innovative exploration concepts, and involvement and demonstrated leadership within geological societies and professional organizations.

Past Recipients

2016 Edward (Ted) Bogle
- Richard Walls
- Wayne K. Foo
2013 - R. Marc Bustin
2012 - Roger W. Smith 
2011 - Edward (Ned) Gilbert
2010 - Norman Fischbuch
2009 - Michael Rose
2008 - No award granted
2007 - Bob Meneley
2006 - John M. Andrichuk and Ralph W. Edie
2005 - Gerry Macey
2004 - Patricia Lee
2003 - Robert Yurkovich
2002 - Harm Larue
2001 - Charles L. Stelck
2000 - J.C. Anderson
1999 - Clay Riddell
1998 - Bill Gussow
1997 - Andrew D. Baillie
1996 - Don Axford
1995 - George Fong
1994 - Gerald G.L. Henderson
1993 - D.L. Barss
1992 - A.R. Nielsen
1991 - R.J. Kirker
1990 - M.E. Hriskevich
1989 - J.A. Masters

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