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Win a GeoHistory Tour for four to the Mt. Stephen Trilobite Beds!

CSPG Membership Drive: Pass the Torch.  Refer a new member to CSPG and be entered into a draw for a GeoHistory Tour for four to the Mt. Stephen Trilobite Beds (Sept. 2014).

Details of the tour can be found here . Prize valued at $2100.  GeoHistory Tour will take place in September 2014.  Only CSPG members are eligible for the draw and only on approved NEW membership applications.  Please ensure that the name of the person referring is on the new member’s application form.  Student memberships that are being upgraded to full memberships are not eligible.


The Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists was founded in 1927. Since then it has grown from an Alberta-focused organization into a national body representing petroleum geology coast to coast and from our southern border into the high arctic. With over 2,500 regular members from around the world, some 60 committees and over 400 dedicated volunteers, the CSPG is one of Canada's most successful and enduring non-profit professional societies. The scope of its activities within the industry and its commitment to the highest standards of service to the profession it represents have been a hallmark of the Society from its inception, and form the foundation of its mandate today.

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Membership Qualifications

Full - $100.00 + GST
Any person engaged in the work of geology or petroleum exploration or related research, provided he/she is a graduate of an institution of University standing, in which institution he/she has done his/her major work in geology or related earth science. Active members are eligible to vote and to hold office in the Society. An applicant for Active membership, who has not had the required University training but whose standing in the profession is well recognized shall be admitted to active membership upon a favourable and unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.

Associate - $100.00 + GST
Any person ineligible for Active membership but demonstrating an interest in geology or related sciences or in Petroleum exploration. Associates shall enjoy all privileges of active membership except that they shall neither vote nor hold office in the Society.

Any person with 20 or more years membership in the CSPG and has obtained the age of 65 years and is retired. Current members may apply for Emeritus in writing when paying yearly dues, please give information regarding qualifications.

Student Membership – Free
Any student enrolled in a university or college across Canada as an undergraduate or graduate student of a geoscience department is eligible for a CSPG Student Membership. Student members shall neither vote nor hold office in the Society, nor do they have access to the Membership Directory, but do receive the following benefits: electronic access to the Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology and its archives; electronic access to the Reservoir and its archives; the ability to register for Technical Luncheons, CSPG field seminars, CSPG short courses and other CSPG events online; member rates for Technical Luncheons, the CSPG convention, and other CSPG events; and the monthly CSPG eNewsletter.

Fill out an online student form here                Student Membership Application Form (PDF)