Canada Rocks by Nick Eyles and Andrew Miall


Canada Rocks is the fascinating story of how the Canadian landmass evolved – piece by piece – from a long-lost continent some four billion years ago into one of the most spectacular and geologically significant areas on Earth.

Canada Rocks covers every region of the country – from the soaring mountains of British Columbia and Alberta through the vast Prairies, across the geologic mosaic that is the Canadian Shield, to the remote Arctic, Newfoundland and the ancient Maritimes. The book also includes glaciers, the formation of continents and the birth and death of oceans, the origins of strange new life forms, the violent impact of meteorites, mineral resources, water, climate change, environmental sustainability and more.

450 pages, softcover, full-colour.

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 Field Notes - The Story of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists 1927-2002  

Field Notes - The Story of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists 1927-2002 (S58)

This 2002 publication was commissioned to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Society. Author Finch has extensively researched our history and interviewed a wide range of individuals who have been involved in its many activities. The 64 page book examines the context within which the Society was established, how it has evolved over time and finally pulls together the various strands to examine the organization's situation in today's volatile industry environment. A full colour publication it is profusely illustrated with photos, sketches, numerous sidebars and subsidiary storylines. A good read both for veteran geologists and for those looking for a window on the workings of this fascinating profession!

David Finch, 2002, Hard Cover, 64 pages, full colour, ISBN 0920230-01-6

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 Operation Bow - Athabasca

CSPG, in conjunction with the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre, is proud to present this historical summary and exhibit catalogue of Operation Bow-Athabasca. Operation Bow-Athabasca was an outstanding mid-1960s Geological Survey of Canada field project. Ray Price was the originator and managing director. In 2012, the exhibit documented in this book was prepared by the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre to celebrate Operation Bow-Athabasca and to explain its method and results to the public.

Ben Gadd with contributions by Ray Price, Roger Macqueen, and Rick Green
Paperback Cover, 72 pages, Full Colour, Includes DVD with Photos, audio interviews, maps and video
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