Lexicon Volumes 1 (Arctic Archipelago), 2 (Yukon-Mackenzie) & 6 (Atlantic Region) On CD-ROM (L126)

This very popular – and long out of print series – is available once again. Volume 1 deals with the stratigraphy of Canada's Arctic Islands within the District of Franklin, NWT. Volume 2 concerns the stratigraphy of the Yukon Territory and the District of MacKenzie, in the NWT. Volume 6 deals with the stratigraphic names of the four eastern provinces: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick and their contiguous off-shore basins. (Available in CD-Rom only.)

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Lexicon 4 - Western Canada - Cd Rom (L4-CD)

This volume contains 1,178 alphabetically ordered, informal and formal entries ranging in age from Precambrian to Recent. The lexicon is intended to provide an initial reference for those seeking information on specific stratigraphic units. Each entry lists the author who first described the unit, the type locality, history, general lithology, thickness and distribution, relationship to other units, paleontology (if applicable), and references. The extensive bibliography should provide further information if needed. (Available in CD-Rom only.)

List Price: $50.00. Member Price: $40.00