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Geological Highway Map of Alberta (HWY 1)

The revised (2010) Geological Highway Map of Alberta is based on the Geological map of Alberta produced by the Alberta Geological Survey. Material for the map has also been provided by the Geological Survey of Newfoundland and the Provincial Museum of Alberta.

  • basic geological concepts such as the geological cycle, plate tectonics and glaciation
  • the impact of resource industries on the Alberta economy
  • detailed maps of the highway routes through the Rockies
  • detailed stratigraphic columns
  • a map of basement tectonic elements
  • cross-sections of the geology
  • photographs and diagrams of key geological features with brief explanations.

This map will be of interest to CSPG members, students, professional geoscientists, tourists and the general public!

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Canadian Rockies Geology Road Tours By Ben Gadd


A guide to the geology you see along all the major highways of the Canadian Rockies, from the Waterton area to the far northern end of the Rockies. The Trans-Canada Highway, Icefields Parkway, Crowsnest and Yellowhead routes, the Rockies portion of the Alaska Highway and more are all covered in loving detail, with minimal geo-jargon.

There are Over 500 illustrations, including many annotated photos with the various rock units, folds and faults marked. GPS waypoints, too!

Endorsed by professionals and suitable for field courses.
576 pages, softcover, B&W, index.

List Price: $28.50. Member Price: $21.38

Geoscience Guide To The Burgess Shale (CON 2)

Centred on the world's most important animal fossils, this new book weaves plate tectonics, mountain building, evolution, trilobites, soft-bodied fossils, and global climate change into a story of life's beginnings. The guide is written in accessible style for students, teachers and the interested public.

Historical vignettes provide a glimpse of some key personalities. Published in full colour by The Yoho-Burgess Shale Foundation, this illustrated guidenow available through the CSPG office.

Coppold, Murray and Wayne Powell, The Yoho-Burgess Shale Foundation paper, iv + 60 p., colour illustr.

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How Old is That Mountain? (CON 16)

How Old is That Mountain? is about the Rockies. More specifically, it's about the Rocky Mountains of Banff and Yoho National parks and adjacent areas. In non-technical terms and highly-readable prose this book answers many of the questions that are raised about the spectacular topography of this area.

How Old is That Mountain? is also an excellent field guide, affording the traveller a new window in the past and present of this popular tourist region. Taking the reader along the Trans-Canada Highway from the Mountain Front to the Rocky Mountain Trench and from Lake Louise to the Columbia Icefields, How Old is That Mountain? offers a fresh and intriguing look into the geology of this incredible region.

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