Memoir 20 - Closing the Gap: Advances in Applied Geomodeling for Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

This collection of papers is a follow up response to the success of the Gussow Geoscience Conference held October 3rd to 5th, 2011 in Banff, Alberta. The theme, Advances in Applied Geomodeling for Hydrocarbon Reservoirs — Closing the Gap, drew a strong and diverse gathering of 134 participants to the Banff Centre.

Table of Contents:

Seven paradigms of data integration in reservoir modeling

      Clayton V. Deutsch
Multi-scale reservoir characterization and history matching within a probabilistic framework
      Sanjay Srinivasan and Alvaro Barrera
Length scales of steam-based oil sands recovery processes such as SAGD and CSS
      Ian Gates and Jacky Wang
Current bottlenecks in geomodeling workflows and ways forward
      Guillaume Caumon, Jeanne Pellerin, Gautier Laurent, Nicolas Cherpeau, Florent Lallier, Romain Merland and Francois Bonneau
Factorial kriging for geologic feature identification and extraction
      Sahyun Hong and Clayton V. Deutsch
Strategies for modeling with multiple-point simulation algorithms
      Alexandre Boucher
Using metric space methods to analyze reservoir uncertainty
      Darryl Fenwick and Rod Batycky
Optimization of SAGD process accounting for geological uncertainties using proxy models
      Eugene Fedutenko, Chaodong Yang, Colin Card and Long Nghiem
Integrated shale gas study workflow
      Samaneh Razzaghi, Shekhar Sinha, Li Fan and Yuandong Wang

Geomodeling is an internationally applied technical discipline with a solid base of practice in Canada. In the last decade alone, there has been a tremendous growth in the number of people practicing geomodeling This Gussow was convened to gather practitioners, software vendors and geostatisticians to present and discuss materials to help focus the participants on the path to ensure the future success of the geomodeling community.

Edited by David Garner, Damien Thenin, & Clayton V. Deutsch , 2013, soft cover, approx. 112 pages, ISBN 978-0-9869425-2-5

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