Workshop Overview- Unlocking the Duvernay Formation 
The Basin Analysis and Sequence Stratigraphy (BASS) Division of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists cordially invites you to our inaugural Core Workshop on the afternoon of September 6, 2019.  The theme of the Core Workshop is the Devonian Duvernay Formation.  This core workshop is aimed towards geoscientists and engineers of all levels who seek to advance their understanding of the Duvernay Formation.  A panel of geoscience experts will share their knowledge on recent advances in research and development from the Duvernay unconventional mudrocks. 

The Duvernay is widespread in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, but like other recent unconventional plays, the identification of sweet spots is still maturing from the infancy stages of play development.  Only through the integration of detailed geoscientific studies and advances in technology will industry be able to unlock the challenges faced with managing risks in exploring and optimizing recovery from the complex Duvernay reservoir systems.  Some of the challenges that will be discussed involve research from thin-section scale analysis of the matrix to regional fracture systems as correlated to core.  These core studies will advance reservoir and hydraulic fracture characterization models and will support the goal in calibrating to field-scale reservoir parameters and models impacting future strategies for optimizing field development planning and production.

Workshop Schedule: 
12:00-12:50pm- Registration
1:00-4:30pm- Workshop 
4:30-6:00pm- Networking social 
 Workshop Presentations     subject to change

Reservoir Models for the Duvernay Formation from Facies and Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis
Speaker: Nicolas Harris, University of Alberta

Detailed sedimentological and sequence stratigraphic analysis of the Duvernay Formation in the Kaybob area, Alberta
Speaker: Daniel Shaw, University of Alberta

Are We Underestimating the Role of Natural Fractures in Western Canada's Unconventional Plays?
A Discussion around the Duvernay and Montney 

Speakers: Amy Fox, Enlighten Geoscience & Graham Davies, Graham Davies Geological Consultants

Hidden Secrets of the Devonian Duvernay Formation:
Origin of OM and Minerals, Diagenetic Processes and their Influences on Rock-Fluid Interaction

Speaker: Raphael Wust, AGAT Laboratories

Lithofacies Dependency of Petrophysical and Geomechanical Properties of the Duvernay Formation: 
The Importance of Representative Rock Sampling for Capturing Reservoir Heterogeneity 
Speaker: Henry Galvis-Portilla, University of Calgary &  Amin Ghanizadeh, University of Calgary 

Online registration has closed- onsite registration is available. 

Member registration: $25+gst
Non-member registration: $50+gst

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