CSPG Clastics Exploration School


  David James
Jim Barclay 
Andy Vogan
Date:   October 22-26, 2018 at 7:45AM to 4:00PM
Location:         AER Core Research Facility
3545 Research Way NW, Calgary AB T2L 1Y7 
CPD Credit:   40
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Course Overview
This five-day school has been taught to Calgary, Houston and internationally based geologists and geophysicists for over 30 years and was initially designed as a mandatory course for all junior staff. Over the years it became apparent that more senior G/G (and Engineers) could gain great benefit from re-examining the advances made in facies modeling, traces fossils, sequence stratigraphy and seismic geomorphology. Using a combination of lectures followed by core examination, all clastic depositional settings from the Western Canadian basin that contain hydrocarbons are discussed.

Emphasis will be placed on core description, identifying sedimentary structures, recognizing reservoir facies, sequence boundaries, flooding surfaces and most importantly, thinking geologically. Delegates will be exposed to a vast amount of core (600+ boxes) over 5 days. The ultimate product is the establishment of a robust stratigraphically and facies based exploration model to guide a drilling program. Core correlation and field based exercises with data sets from the Alberta Basin and the international arena will be used to reinforce the concepts. The school concludes with a lecture on the controls of reservoir quality and how they relate to depositional setting and well productivity.

Course Highlights
- Calgary’s longest running clastics exploration school to industry

- Lectures and core examples from all sedimentary environments and clastic reservoirs

- Sequence Stratigraphy concepts and applications, using 3D seismic, outcrop and core data sets

- Core based correlation exercises from the Western Canadian Basin and the US.

- Reserves calculation for geologists

- Relationship between reservoir quality and facies

- Teach delegates how to incorporate core, facies and stratigraphic data into their studies and most importantly, how to think geologically. 

Who Should Attend? 

Over the decades, attended by >1000 junior to staff level G/G/E’s from Calgary and USA. A must for all junior geologists, geophysicists, interested engineers or senior professional/managers who need an update. Highly suitable for managers or new supervisors who wish to better understand what their G/G should be able to achieve. 

Note from the Instructor(s): After a three + decade run, David decided to wind down the school at the close of the October 2017 CSPG class. But as famously stated “There are strange things done in the midnight sun” and that James is back could be one of them. That is because Jim and Andy, together with the CSPG unexpectedly stepped forward, and offered to continue the legacy of the class into the future. It is our hope, that with a cumulated exploration experience of the instructors boosted to well over 100 years, that the class will provide benefits to geoscientists, explorationists and to the CSPG for years to come.

 David James

David earned his BSc and MSc from the University of Calgary during the 70’s and later, his doctorate from Oxford working under the supervision of Harold Reading. He has 35+ years of Industry experience. The first 14 years were spent at Esso/Exxon where he was introduced to sequence stratigraphy. It was at this time he started a 25+ year collaboration with Henry Posamentier, Mac Jervey, Dale Leckie and more recently Andy Pulham.  After Esso, David served in various roles such as Chief Geologist, Chief Geoscientist or Manager of International with Wascana/Nexen, Renaissance/Husky and Anadarko. In addition to his extensive experience in the Western Canadian Basin, McKenzie Delta and East Coast, David has spent many years in the International arena, especially the Middle East and UK.  He is the co-editor of CSPG Memoirs 15 and 18 on Sequence Stratigraphy and the Mannville Group respectively and has published many articles or abstracts on stratigraphy and sedimentology. As a consequence of his contributions, David has repeatedly been selected as a distinguished lecturer for the CSPG in addition to being recognized with awards from the SEPM and AAPG. During his many years in industry, David has taught exploration, clastics facies, sequence stratigraphy and led field trips for several generations of geologists and geophysicists. Well over 1000 G/G have attended his Clastics Exploration school taught since the early 1980’s and a similar number of delegates with his Nautilus based Colorado Field trip, taught with Andy Pulham for over a decade.  David was a Director and Vice Chairman of Geoscience BC, sat on several boards and lives in glorious retirement in Victoria where he plays golf very badly.

 Jim Barclay
Jim earned his B.Sc. from Carleton (1976) and his award-winning doctorate from the University of Calgary in 2000. He has over 40 years of experience working in a variety of roles culminating in his appointments as Exploration Manager and Geological Advisor. Over the decades he gained experience at the GSC, Dome, Poco, Burlington and retired from corporate life after 11 years at ConocoPhillips as Geology Advisor. Jim is recognized for his expertise in clastics having published more than 30 papers and participated in innumerable core conferences, university and conference presentations. He remains passionate about regional mapping, stratigraphy and sedimentology and has taught classes over the years winning awards for his efforts. His knowledge covers most of the clastics reservoirs within the Western Canadian Basin and the many plays that developed over the decades. 
In addition to his passion as a geological mentor, Jim has served on many CSPG committees as a Director of the CSPG (3 times) and is currently Finance Director. Jim consults and teaches from his home in Calgary.  

 Andy Vogan
Andy earned his B.Sc.(Hon) from Queen’s University in 1991 and since then gaining 27 years of experience working in a variety of roles in both the service industry and the E&P business in Canada and the US.   Andy has worked at a variety of companies starting with Schlumberger as a specialist Engineer, Renaissance Energy, Burlington, ConocoPhillips as well as a handful of small companies in the middle.  His career path has lead him through many individual contributor roles, drilling over 400 wells in the WCSB as well as leadership roles in Burlington and ConocoPhillips where he currently is the Manager of Geosciences.  Andy has spent most of his career working clastic reservoirs in the Cretaceous but has also dabbled in the prolific Triassic wedge as well.  His leadership roles in Canada led him to a role as the Subsurface Excellence Manager in Houston with ConocoPhillips where he was responsible for the global GGRE competency, training and best practices.  Andy remains passionate about training and has ran many classes and workshops and continues to mentor and coach in this capacity.

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