Introduction to Energy Geosciences

Calgary, AB: Instructor(s) deliver onsite             Outside Calgary: Travel/hotel costs are expensed
Class Size: Group up to 20
Cost per person with a group size of 20:  2 days $500; 3 days $750
(Option to hold the Modules over 4 one-half days)

This course has been designed by CSPG’s leading instructors and topical experts (such as Peter Hews, Art Irwin, Tom Sneddon, Jon Noad, Ray Geuder, Milovan Fustic with input from Dr. Dale Leckie) and will be delivered by CSPG seasoned instructors, including some of the authors.

Previously referred to as Geology for the Non Geologist, it will provide employees with a basic understanding of geologic concepts and their underlying principles and how that is applied to the petroleum industry. They will become familiar with terminology and industry inner workings that are valuable to anyone working within the energy geoscience industry. This workshop is designed for oil and gas employees who have little to no technical training and who wish to learn more about the geosciences.

What on Earth Does a Geologist Do?

Thank you for supporting the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, Canada’s Energy Geoscientists, in recognizing the value of applied technical expertise with hands-on industry experience being delivered to your employees with the opportunity to discuss the learning on actual owned properties.

Additional Logistics that can be made available by the CSPG should you require assistance: such as
    1. Insurance waivers (CSPG carries insurance for all courses and field trips).
    2. CSPG can facilitate registration on your behalf, catering arrangements, source classroom space, and print manuals.

Please contact us: Lis Bjeld to book your session.

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