Clay mineralogy of the Duvernay and Muskwa Formation: Where have all the smectites gone?
Raphael Wust, PhD, PGeol. | AGAT Laboratories

September 27th
Building a Provincial-Scale Geomodel of Alberta’s Subsurface:  AGS’ 3D Provincial Geological Framework Model of Alberta

Paulina Branscombe | Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) branch of the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)

September 26th
More Data Faster: How XRF is Being Used in Heavy Oil and the Oil Sands

Tom Weedmark | XRF Solutions Ltd.  

September 26th
Proactive Geosteering with 3D Geo-models: How Operations Teams Save on Capital and Improve Well Results 

Rocky Mottahedeh, P. Geol., P Eng. President, CEO United Oil & Gas Consulting and SMART4D Geosteering & Geomodelling Software 

September 21st
Ammonites witnessed the growth of Canada

Dr. Terry Poulton, Geological Survey of Canada, Calgary