Upcoming Division Talks

Division Profile

The Environment Division of the CSPG was formed in 1990 in response to a growing awareness of environmental concerns affecting the oil and gas industry. The Division hosts a wide range of speakers from industry, government and academia to present on timely environmental and stakeholder issues facing the oil and gas industry. Talks discuss challenges but also showcase solutions that can reduce the industry’s foot print when developing hydrocarbon resources. 

Past topics include spill mitigation, orphan well management, oil sands mine reclamation, hydraulic frac’ing policy and regulation, floodplain management, geothermal energy potential, CO2 sequestration and climate change.  All lunch talks are free and open to CSPG members and the public.

Please bring your lunch. For information or to present a future talk for the Environment Division contact Ben Montgomery at
bencsmontgomery@gmail.com or Andrew Fox at ajfox.ajfox@gmail.com

Committee Members
Co-Chair: Ben Montgomery at bencsmontgomery@gmail.com
Co-Chair: Andrew Fox at ajfox.ajfox@gmail.com