Upcoming Division Talk 
The Challenge of Heterogeneity and the Paskapoo Formation
Laurence R. Bentley  

November 13, 2018 | 12:00noon
540, 5 avenue SW, +15 level Aquitaine Tower, Calgary AB 

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Heterogeneity of aquifer systems remains a major challenge for water. The Paskapoo Formation is an important source of groundwater in western Alberta. It was formed as the Rocky Mountains rose in the west and the foreland basin subsided to the east and it is composed mainly of terrestrial fluvial deposits. The main hydrostratigraphic units are comprised of sandstone channel, mudstone overbank and crevasse splay deposits. The formation is heterogeneous horizontally and vertically from the formation scale to the local scale. The heterogeneity within the formation makes aquifer response difficult to predict due to internal boundaries and connectivity issues. In recent years, various approaches have been explored to improve our ability to characterize the formation from the formation scale to the local scale in order to improve our ability to predict long-term aquifer response.


Larry obtained a BA in physics from Hamilton College (1971) and an MSc in Geophysics from the University of Hawaii (1974). He worked for 10 years for Western Geophysical Co., first in Latin American Operations and then 4 years in the Applied Technology group. He returned to school to study hydrogeology and obtained his PhD in Civil Engineering from Princeton University in 1990. Larry became a faculty member in the Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary in 1991 from which he recently retired. Larry maintains a Faculty Professorship in the Department of Geoscience and continues to be active in research. His research interests include hydrogeophysics, groundwater flow and transport and aquifer characterization.

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