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Vampires, Goulash and Hydrocarbons:  Some History, Geology and Exploration Success from the Pannonian Basin.

Speaker: Gary W. Paukert |  VP Geosciences - Canadian International Energy Corp
                Abhi Manerikar   |  Independent Consultant – Tiger Consulting

Location: TBA

May 8th, 2019, 12:00 Noon

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It’s certainly not the first place we think of when someone says, ‘Oil Patch.’  But the Pannonian Basin has a rich – if at times obscure – human, geologic and hydrocarbon history.  And a promising future, even if likely not one in ten Calgary explorationists can point to it on a map. 
Located at a crossroads of human history, largely in Hungary and Romania, the development of this Miocene-age back-arc basin resulted in the Great Hungarian Plain.  That great plain subsequently was the corridor through which swept the armies of history – Ancient Rome, the Mongol Hordes, and the Ottoman Empire.  In the 20th century, the tanks of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia sped across its flats as those empires lusted for the hydrocarbon resources hidden beneath it and at its crumpled margins.   
Those hydrocarbon resources were emplaced by a fascinating geologic history that began with complex plate tectonic interactions, obducted sea-floor flysch, and oddly enough, significant crustal extension just a stone’s throw from one of the world’s great compressional orogens.  This extension created the great ‘hole in the ground’ that, when filled in, became the great plain so impactful upon human history.  As the basin filled, strike-slip shearing, structural overprinting, deposition of a vast thickness of lacustrine fill and high heat flow due to volcanism and the thin crust ensued.  These, in turn, set the stage for generation, migration and entrapment of the hydrocarbon and hydrothermal resources.
Great opportunities arise in oil and gas exploration in ‘eddy areas’ which become cut off from technological advancements, capital investment and the free flow of ideas for long periods of time.  With the opening of borders in eastern Europe at the end of the 20th century, exploration in the Pannonian region began to surge ahead, applying new ‘leap-frog’ technologies to areas left relatively fallow for over 50 years.  A handful of companies - some quartered in Calgary – have found good hunting in this relatively obscure basin.


Gary Paukert
 has B.S. degrees (Physics and Earth Science) from Whitworth University and an M.Sc. (Geophysics) from the University of Calgary.  He spent the first decade of his career as a geophysicist working for that cartoon tiger, followed by 16 years with several Canadian mid-sized independents.  For the past decade he has prospected for a string of junior explorers, often as not focused on South American exploration.  Most recently he was part of Bankers Petroleum’s New Ventures team exploring the Pannonian Basin.  All this work has resulted in familiarity with seismic wiggles in over 50 basins worldwide, plus haunting the oil patches of Denver, Midland, Calgary, Aberdeen, Stavanger and Bogotá.  His passion is for rolling around in seismic data and generating prospects.  Currently he is VP Geosciences for Canadian International Energy Corp., a new junior start-up in Calgary.   

Abhi Manerikar has worked in the oil and gas industry for 35 years, in a variety of technical roles as a geophysicist followed by management positions at large and small companies. His career has provided the opportunity to work and find hydrocarbons on every continent (except Antarctica) and has spanned the spectrum of activities from frontier exploration to field development. He has recently returned to Calgary after a 4-year term as an exploration executive with a private equity backed start-up exploration company in central Europe, where he built an exploration team and executed a successful exploration program.

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