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Introduction To Geosteering
Instructor: Janelle Springer.  This two-day course will cover the basics of Geosteering. The schedule for the two-days will follow the following general outline: Exercise 1: Single-well geosteering (Marcellus) Effective geosteering techniques Dynamic (synthetic) curves and model-based geosteering Exercise 2: Single- well geosteering (Duvernay) Effective geosteering techniques Communicating target changes Creation of formation top grids Post drill analysis Exercise 3: Multi-well... Details
When: October 17–18, 2022
Where: Calgary, AB
Integrated characterization of Oil Sands Reservoirs
Instructor: Dr. Paul Durkin.  A three-day short course that presents key concepts and strategies for integrated characterization of channel-belt reservoirs in the Athabasca and Cold Lake Oil Sands. The course will comprise two classroom days and one day at the Core Research Centre. Starting from an update on modern depositional systems, participants will learn how to utilize and integrate 3D seismic, well log, core, and dipmeter data from real-world data sets to holistically... Details
When: October 3–5, 2022
Where: Calgary, AB
Structural Geology Transect in the Eastern Canadian Rockies
Leader: Normand Begin

When: September 17, 2022
Sequence Stratigraphy: Non to Marginal Marine & IV Deposits
Instructor: Brian A. Zaitlin, Ph.D., P. Geol., CPG., ZGL (Zaitlin Geoconsulting Ltd.) The course is designed for geoscientists, geophysicists, and engineers requiring an “hands-on” fundamental understanding of the principles and applications of sequence stratigraphy and reservoir characterization in non-marine and marginal marine depositional environments, and to apply them to exploration and production projects in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin... Details
When: September 6–8, 2022
Where: Calgary, AB
Methodology for Describing Carbonate and Clastic Cores
Instructors: Eva Drivet, Brian Zaitlin, and David Hills. This two-day workshop will give entry and junior-level geologists, as well as more senior geologists who may need a refresher, the practical, hands-on experience for examining and graphically logging carbonate and clastic core.

When: June 28–29, 2022
Where: Calgary, AB
Data Science for Geoscientists
Instructor: Ryan Mardani. This course will be offered in person in the CSPG classroom. Lunch will also be provided.

When: June 27, 2022
Where: Calgary, AB
2022 Core Conference
When: June 23–24, 2022
Where: Calgary, AB
Jura Creek Field Trip
Leader: Dr. Pavel Kabanov.   In the front ranges of the SW Rocky Mountains near the village of Exshaw, the hanging wall of the McConnell thrust sheet exhibit stratigraphic successions of the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary interval. Starting from parking lot, the trail winds along the Jura Creek gravel bed for 3.2 km to see the Devonian/Carboniferous boundary in the so-called middle canyon, where the Famennian platform carbonate of the Palliser Formation are overlain abruptly by the... Details
When: June 19, 2022
Where: AB
The Structure Stratigraphy and Development of Moose Field
Leaders: Andrew C Newson  B.Sc P.Geol, Folded Thrust Geology Ltd., and Debbie Sanderson M.Sc P.Geol. The field trip objectives are to provide the explorationist with an over view of the stratigraphy, structure and history of development of a typical field in the Alberta Fold and Thrust Belt.

When: June 18, 2022
Where: AB
Geological Modeling and Analytics E-Technical Division Talk
Machine Learning Integrated with Geostatistics for Spatial Modeling Speaker: Michael J. Pyrcz, The University of Texas at Austin Date: Thursday, June 16, 2022 | 12:00pm – 1:00pm (MST)

When: June 16, 2022
Geothermal E-Technical Division Talk
Understanding and mitigating induced earthquakes due to geothermal operations Speaker: Thomas Eyre

When: June 9, 2022
International E-Technical Division Talk
The Llanos Basin’s Heavy Oil fields: A challenging and important player in the oil production of Colombia. Speakers: Lino Castillo and Oscar Valbuena

When: June 8, 2022
Clastic Exploration School
Instructors: Dr. Jim Barclay and Andy Vogan. This course has been taught for over thirty years. After this three-decade run, course founder Dr. David James, decided to wind down the school after a 2017 class but Jim and Andy asked to take over the course and continue the legacy of the class into the future. Jim and Andy have taken the course and helped teach it in the past (note: Andy might not make the June 2022 course). It is our hope, that with a cumulative exploration and... Details
When: June 7–9, 2022
Where: Calgary, AB
Structural E-Technical Division Talk
Geological Expeditions to the Southern Continent: unraveling the polyphase tectonic history of the Transantarctic Mountains (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica). Speaker: Laura Crispini

When: June 2, 2022
GeoMatch - Open House
GeoMatch Open House - Open to everyone! If you are looking for a mentor or mentee, come out for a meet and greet on May 31st and see what GeoMatch is all about. if you are already a part of GeoMatch, come out for our first in person event!

When: May 31, 2022
Where: Calgary, AB
Hot and Cold Running Water in the Canadian Rockies
Field Trip Leader:  Steven Grasby, Geological Survey of Canada

When: May 28, 2022
Structural E-Technical Division Talk
Directly dating brittle deformation using U-Pb carbonate and K-Ar dating Speaker: Catherine Mottram (University of Portsmouth) and Dawn Kellett (Geological Survey of Canada)

When: May 20, 2022
May 18- Technical Webinar
Sequence Stratigraphy of the Viking Formation in Central Alberta Speaker: Dr. Sarah K. Schultz

When: May 18, 2022

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