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Geological Walking Tour-The Building Rocks of Calgary
Instructor: Bill Ayrton

When: October 1, 2021
Where: AB
Geothermal Field Trip with Steve Grasby
Geothermal field trip visiting stops in Kananaskis, Canmore, Banff and Kootenay National Park

When: September 18, 2021
Classic Golf Tournament 2021
One day, two-person team tournament at Elbow Springs Golf Club.

When: September 16, 2021
Where: Calgary, AB
Structural Geology Transect in the Eastern Canadian Rockies
A full-day roadside field structural geology transect in the Laramide Orogeny of the Eastern Canadian Rockies, that will take place along the TransCanada Highway 1 from Calgary (AB) to Field (BC).

When: September 16, 2021
Tight Rock Core Analyis
Instructor: Christopher R. Clarkson

When: September 9–10, 2021
Introduction to carbonates (Devonian, Mississippian)
Instructors: Eva Drivet and David Hills

When: September 9, 2021
Oil Reservoir Engineering For Geoscientists
Instructor:Kamal Malick P. Eng

When: September 7, 2021
2021 Virtual Mountjoy Sampler
When: August 17–19, 2021

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