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Concepts of Industry Biostratigraphy: Introduction
Concepts of Industry Biostratigraphy: Introduction  Instructors:  Thomas Demchuk, Petrostrat  Kimberley Bell, Petrostrat

When: May 24, 2023
Where: Calgary, AB
Geoscience New Hire Bootcamp 2023
Day 1- Classroom -Petroleum Systems, Jim Barclay, 0.5 Day   -Geochemistry 101, Martin Fowler, 0.5 Day  Day 2- AER Core Research Centre  -Clastic Core Logging & Clastic Sedimentology Sequence Stratigraphy, Brian Zaitlin, 1 Day  Day 3- Classroom  -10 Things You Need to Know about Geomechanics, Amy Fox, 0.5 Day  -Practical Applications of Hydrodynamics, Allison Gibbs, 0.5 Day  Day 4- Classroom  -Introduction to Well Logs and Petrophysical Interpretation, Kelly Skuce, 0.5... Details
When: May 23–26, 2023
Where: Calgary, AB
Technical Luncheon May 17
Energy Transition Speaker: Pat Carlson

When: May 17, 2023
Where: Calgary, AB
Jura Creek Field Trip 2023
Jura Creek Field Trip: The Drowning Unconformity and Anoxic Sediments at The Devonian-Carboniferous Boundary Leader: Dr. Pavel Kabanov, Geological Survey of Canada

When: May 13, 2023
Where: AB
Paleo Technical Division Talk
Depositional History and Paleoecology of the Calf Creek Locality (Cypress Hills Formation) in southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada: reconstructing environmental shifts during the Eocene-Oligocene transition Speaker: Dr. Meagan Gilbert, Saskatchewan Geological Survey, Regina, Saskatchewan

When: May 12, 2023
Where: Calgary, AB
2023 Core Conference
When: May 11–12, 2023
Where: Calgary, AB
Student Industry Field Trip (SIFT) 2023
Registration is only for Students who have been accepted into this year's SIFT program.

When: April 30 – May 13, 2023
Structural Division Talk
Regional Structural style variations in the BC Foothills and foreland basin; implications for seismic risk from fluid disposal well activity Speaker: Mark Cooper, Sherwood Geoconsulting and University of Aberdeen

When: April 25, 2023
Where: Calgary, AB
Regional Geology of the Montney Resource Play: Western Canad
Regional Geology of the Montney Resource Play: Western Canada Sedimentary Basin  Instructors: Thomas F. Moslow, PhD., P.Geol.  John-Paul Zonneveld, Professor

When: April 25–28, 2023
Where: Calgary, AB
Paleo Technical Division Talk
Fifty Years at Pipestone Creek:  What Northern Alberta’s Wapiti Formation Is Revealing About Boreal Dinosaur Paleoecology | Brief Speaker:  Dr. Emily Bamforth,  Exploring for Algal Stromatolites in North America and Africa – the Journey Continues | Main Speaker: Tako Koning

When: April 21, 2023
Where: Calgary, AB
April GeoWomen Talk
Psychological Safety Savvy Speakers: Mairi Serpas | Manager – Mindfulicity Lana Bentley | Director, Strategy – Mindfulicity & YW Calgary

When: April 20, 2023
Where: Calgary, AB
Geothermal Technical Division
Title: Going the Extra Miles: Drilling Deeper for Enhanced Super Hot Rock Geothermal|   Speaker: John Herschmiller, P.Geo. - GLJ Ltd.

When: April 13, 2023
Where: Calgary, AB
International Technical Division
Cretaceous Heavy Oil Pools in Kazakhstan - Western Canada Geology, but Russian Regulation! | Speaker Brad Hayes

When: April 12, 2023
Where: Calgary, AB
BASS Technical Division
Tyndall Stone: Discovering Ordovician-Age Fossils in the Tyndall in Calgary’s Downtown and Inner-City Areas Speaker:Tako Koning, P.Geol.

When: April 11, 2023
Where: Calgary, AB
Petrophysics for Oil and Gas Professionals
Petrophysics for Oil and Gas Professionals Instructors:  Abayomi Adekoya, Quality First International  Nasir Rahim, Canadian Reservoir

When: March 27–31, 2023
Where: Calgary, AB
BASS Technical Division
The Guinness Book of Sedimentology: your guide to the world's largest EVER sedimentary features Speaker: Jon Noad, Stantec Consulting

When: March 21, 2023
Where: Calagry

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