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2021 Online Core Conference
When: June 17–18, 2021
GeoWomen E-Talk - June
Pivoting to Sustainable Energy: What does it mean and how does a Geologist fit in?  l  Speaker: Maren Blair, P. Geol., M.Sc. Student (SEDV)  l  Sustainable Energy Professional

When: June 15, 2021
May 19 - Technical Webinar
Genesis and evolution of solid bitumen; an organic petrology perspective Speaker: Hamed Sanei

When: May 19, 2021
GeoWomen E-Talk - May
2020 A Year of Grief and Resilience  l  Speaker: Lorena Moscardelli, PhD, Principal Researcher, Equinor

When: May 18, 2021
Stanley Slipper Award Interview and Q&A
Interview and Q&A with 2020 Stanley Slipper Award recipient Dean Potter, CEO of Burgess Creek Exploration.

When: May 17, 2021
CSPG Palaeontology E-Technical Division Talk_May
Thunder Beasts, Hellbenders and Tiny Horses:  A Safari Through the Cypress Hills Formation of Saskatchewan, Main Speaker:  Dr. Emily Bamforth, Royal Saskatchewan Museum, T. rex Discovery Centre, Eastend, Saskatchewan

When: May 14, 2021
CSPG International E-Technical Division Talk
Mission Possible: High Density Seismic Acquisition with Near-Zero Footprint, Speaker: Allan Châtenay, Explor, Calgary

When: May 12, 2021
CSPG BASS E-Technical Division Talk
How to Use Microscopic Fossils to Find and Produce Oil and Gas, Presenters: Kimberley Bell, David Rutledge, Russell Stancliffe and John Gregory

When: May 11, 2021
CSPG Structural Geology E-Technical Division Talk
A Practical (and Non-judgemental) Look at the Mechanics of Natural Fractures, Speaker: Amy Fox, Enlighten Geoscience Ltd.

When: May 6, 2021
CSPG Hydrogeology E-Technical Division Talk
Calgary Zoo Flood Mitigation: Groundwater Management and Dewatering on an Island, Speaker: Soren Poschmann, ISL Engineering’s Water and Environment group

When: May 4, 2021
Machine Learning Workshop
Harnessing the Power of the Beast: A Machine Learning Workshop for GeoScientists, Instructor: Sunil Garg

When: May 4, 2021
Student Industry Field Trip (SIFT) 2021
Registration is only for Students who have been accepted into this year's SIFT program.

When: May 3–11, 2021
Virtual Field Trip Dino Park
Field Trip Leaders: Paul Durkin, Assistant Professor, Paul Nesbit, Postdoctoral Fellow, Stephen Hubbard, Associate Professor

When: April 29, 2021
Virtual Field Trip Willow Creek
Field Trip Leaders: Paul Durkin, Assistant Professor, Paul Nesbit, Postdoctoral Fellow, Stephen Hubbard, Associate Professor

When: April 29, 2021
CSPG Operations E-Technical Division Talk
An Objective Skills Assessment for Operations Geoscience, Presenter: Christine Telford- for and on behalf of OGICA LLP, UK.

When: April 28, 2021
April 21 - Technical Webinar
Origin and formation mechanism of H2S in the Montney Formation – tale of a complex diagenetic process. Presenters: Omid H. Ardakani, Andrew Kingston, Jaime Cesar

When: April 21, 2021
GeoWomen E-Talk - April
Leaning In and Pursuing New Opportunities  l  Speaker: Shelley Leggitt, VP Geoscience Velvet Energy

When: April 20, 2021
CSPG Palaeontology E-Technical Division Talk
Presentation 1: History of waste and how it has changed the world over the past ~3.5 Billion years, Presenter: Dr. Stan Stancliffe (Keynote Presentation), Professional Geologist Presentation 2: Visiting Upper Cambrian Stromatolites near Helen Lake, Banff National Park, Presenter: Tako Koning (Brief Presentation), Geological Consultant, Authors: Senior Author, Tako Koning, Geological Consultant, Coauthor, John Koning, Retired... Details
When: April 16, 2021

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