GO TAKE A HIKE - Supplemental Online Material

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Table of Contents for Online Material 

Sections 1-2: Introduction, Table of Contents, In Memoriam - Dr. Cynthia Riediger, Acknowledgments

Section 3: Geological History of Western Canada: A Brief Summary

Section 4: How to Make the Most of this Book - Hike Accessibility, Hike Themes, Hike Locations, May & Figure Annotations

Sections 6,7,8: Hike Guidelines - Safety, Laws, Regulations, Resources

Section 9: Geological Glossary

Section 10: To Those Who Inspired Us

Section 11,12,13: References - Hikes, Sidebars, General

Section 14: Formation Acronyms

Section 15: Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin Formations in Thin-Section

Section 16: Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin Fossils

Section 18: The Calgary Flood of 2013