MAY 16th, 2019


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Colleen Flynn &

Matthew Caddell

Devon Canada, BP

Canada Energy Group ULC 

Low Resistivity Bitumen Pay, Pike Field, Athabasca Oil Sands

Oil Sands

Sean Horner &

Yang Peng

University of Calgary

Application of a Revised Stratigraphic Framework for the Mc Murray Formation, Southeastern Athabasca Oil Sands
Region, Alberta

Oil Sands

Ed Mathison

Alethia Geologica

Anatomy of a Fluvial to Estuarine Valley Fill, North Cactus
Lake McLaren Reservoir

Oil Sands

Sean Kostenuk, Dino Zelantini, et al.,

Blackspur Oil Corp.

Upper Mannville Formations in Leduc-Woodbend Area of
Alberta Unconventional Oil within Conventional Rock Developed with Unconventional Techniques

Oil Sands

Cole L. Ross, Murray K. Gingras, et al.

University of Alberta

Correlating Clearwater sandstones within the Marten Hills and Nipisi regions of north-central Alberta

Oil Sands

Kevin Gillen & Patrick McLellan

Vox Terrae and McLellan Energy Advisors Inc.

Faults and Natural Fractures in Clearwater and Wabiskaw
Caprocks in an Athabasca Oilsands SAGD Project

Oil Sands

Dave Herbers, Doug

Stewart, et al.

Husky Energy

Facies Architecture and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Triassic Montney Formation, Alberta Deep Basin: Fundamental Controls on the Distribution of Liquids-Rich Sweet Spots


Peter Aukes, Gerry

Reinson, et al.

Westbrick Energy Ltd.

The Jurassic Rock Creek Member in West-Central Alberta – a Conundrum of Sequence Stratigraphic Complexity, Depositional Facies Variability, Reservoir Predictability and Productivity


Sarah K. Schultz, James A. MacEachern, et al.

Simon Fraser University

Coeval deposition of regressive and transgressive stratal packages: An example from a structurally controlled area of the Viking Formation in east-central Alberta


Chad Glemser, Alison

Essery, et al.

Tangle Creek Energy Ltd.

The Montney at Waskahigan – Understanding Reservoir Quality of a Prolific Tight Oil Field in West Central Alberta, Canada


Matthew J. Sommers,

Murray K. Gingras, et al.

University of Alberta

Subsurface Sedimentology, Ichnology and Sequence
Stratigraphy of Cambrian Mount Clark and Mount Cap
Formations Beneath the Colville Hills, Northwest Territories


Meagan M. Gilbert

University ofSaskatchewan

The Dinosaur Park - Bearpaw Formation Transition
in the Cypress Hills Region of Southwestern
Saskatchewan, Canada


Raphael Wust & Corey Twemlow
AGAT Laboratories
Duvernay East Shale Basin  Unconventional

Jon Noad

Gran Tierra Energy

Evolving landscapes of the Upper Cretaceous, and potential
reservoir development


MAY 17th, 2019


Presentation Title


Jean-Yves Chatellier, Amjed Cheema, et al.

Tecto Sedi Integrated Inc., Pro-Geo Labs

The use of cores, cuttings and outcrops to complement and
refine our geological and structural understanding of the
Banff, Exshaw and Pekisko formations


Peter Bauman , Chris

Barton, et al.

Chinook Petroleum Services, Shadow Energy Inc

Mineralogic Analysis of a Carbonate Oil field, Central
Alberta, Canada


Nancy Chow, Kerry B. Bates, et al.

University of Manitoba, Red River Energy Consultants Ltd.

Sedimentology and Petroleum Evaluation of the Upper Devonian Duperow Formation, Southwestern Manitoba


 Joel F. Collins & Pak K. Wong  Sequences and Cycles in the Carson Creek North Buildup (Swan Hills Formation) and their Relationship to Regional Beaverhill Lake Group Stratigraphy, Western Canada Basin  Carbonates

John H. Lake & Arden Marsh 
Lake Geological Services Inc., Saskatchewan Geological Survey

Revisiting the Mississippian Alida Beds in the Williston Basin of Southeastern Saskatchewan


Carolyn M. Furlong, Murray K. Gingras, et al.,

Ichnology Research Group, University of Alberta

Integration of Ichnology and Geochemistry: Evidence for Oxygen Fluctuation During the Deposition of the Middle Triassic Sunset Prairie Formation, British Columbia, Canada


Carolyn Currie

Core Laboratories

Extended Shut-in/‘Soaking’ – Will it help the Lagging Duvernay in Willesden Green?


Brad W. Barrie
Sinopec Canada Energy

Hybrid Event Beds in the Lower Triassic Montney Formation  Unconventional Play of the Elmworth Area, Western Alberta


Steve Alm, Travis Hobbs, et al.,


Eagle Ford and Austin Chalk: Resilience and Revival


Guy C. Grierson, Blair S. Rosquist, et al.,

Outlier Resources Ltd.

Duvernay - East Shale Basin/Ghost Pine Embayment
Mature and excellent rock quality at the eastern edge of the Ghost Pine Embayment


Ryan Macauley, Ryan

Wilson, et al.,

Chevron Energy

Parasequence Expression in Organic-Rich
Mudstones: Examples from Duvernay Formation Core in the Kaybob Area


David Katz, Nicole

Allen, et al.,


A Tale of Two Cores: Wolfcamp and Lower Spraberry 


Christa Williams & Tom Plumridge

50 Years of Core Conference- A look back on the 50th
anniversary of the inaugural Core Conference in 1969



Arman Ghanbari, Steven M. Werner, et al.,
University of Calgary

Characterization and Evaluation of Deltaic Sandstone
Reservoirs of the Dunvegan Formation, Kaybob South

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