The Nature of Unconventional Carbonate Reservoirs
Jay Gregg & Mike Grammer | Oklahoma State University

Carbonate Reservoirs in Structurally Complex Regions
Rudy Swennen | Division of Geology, KU Leuven
Mark Mallamo | Virginia Hills Oil., Calgary

The Nature of Intensely Fractured, Vuggy Carbonates
Ron Nelson | Broken N Consulting, Texas
Alex J. MacNeil | Osum Oil Sands, Calgary

Advances in Modeling Carbonate Systems and Reservoirs
Part 1, Methods:
Georg Warrlich | Shell, Malaysia
Rachel Wood | School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh  

Part 2, Flow in Carbonates:
Xiomara Marquez | Maersk, Doha, Qatar
Fiona Whitaker | School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol

Advances in Diagenesis
Hairuo Qing | University of Regina
Conxita Taberner | Shell, Netherlands

Dolostones – The Nature of Dolostones in the Geologic Record
Jeff Lonnee | Shell, Qatar
Eva Drivet | Drivet Geological Consulting, Calgary