Abstract Archive (2001)

Author(s) Paper Title Presentation
Bachu, Stefan Stress Regime in the Cretaceous Succession of the Alberta Basin: A Predictor for Coal Bed Methane Producibility Oral
Bain, Robert Hydrocarbon Prospects of Western Iraq Oral
Beauchamp, Benoit Late Paleozoic oil and gas potential of the Sverdrup basin: and unexplored Russia? Oral
Beauchamp, Benoit Carboniferous and Permian Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of Prince Patrick Island, Sverdrup Basin Oral
Begin, Normand Compartmentalization of Mississippian Carbonate Reservoirs within Hangingwall Anticlines, Outlined by Horizontal Drilling in the Alberta Foothills Oral
Begin, Normand Complex Structural Geometry within a Single Thrust Sheet and its Effect of Well Deliverability Oral
Berger, Z. Detection and Analysis of Cross-Strike Discontinuities in Fold and Thrust Belt Regions Oral
Block, Dan Water Resistivity Atlas of Western Canada Abstract Poster
Boreen, Tom Ladyfern NE BC - Major Gas Discovery in the Devonian Slave Point Formation Oral
Boreen, Tom Ladyfern NE BC - Major Gas Discovery in the Devonian Slave Point Formation Core
Borsato, Ron Crosswell Seismic Imaging for Horizontal Drilling of the High Porosity Sand, Crystal Viking Pool, Alberta, Canada Oral
Bouriak, S. Lithologically Controlled 'Split' Gas-Hydrate BSR at the Voring Plateau and Below the Storegga Slide Deposits, Off-shore Norway Oral
Brennan-Alpert, Patricia Basin-Wide Dolomitization Patterns Along The Lower Paleozoic Laurentian Continental Margin, Anticosti Basin, Eastern Quebec Oral, Poster
Budwill, Karen Biogenic Methane Production from Coal with Implications for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Oral
Bustin, R. Marc Comparison of the Coalbed Methane Potential of the Ardley Coals of Alberta with the Producing Coals of the Fort Union Formation, Powder River Basin Oral
Caplan, M. Description and Interpretation of Coarsening-Upward Cycles in the McMurray Formation, Northeastern Alberta: Preliminary Results Oral
Chapman, N.R. Deep-Sea Gas Hydrates at the Northern Cascadia Margin Oral
Cheadle, Burns From the Ground Down - Developing a Geological Vision for the Fort Hills Oil Sands Project Oral
Chen, Zhuoheng Geological Favourability Mapping of Hydrocarbon Potential Using a Fuzzy Integration Method, Western Sverdrup Basin of Canadian Arctic Archipelago Oral
Chi, Wen-Rong The Tectonic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Habits of the Cenozoic Rifting and Foreland Basins, Western Taiwan Oral
Cioppa, M.T. Paleomagnetic dating of diagenetic events in Paleozoic carbonate reservoirs of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral
Clark, J. Robert Independent Complementary Inorganic and Organic Soil Geochemical Techniques for Mapping Reservoirs and Subsurface Structures Oral
Cody, John Implications of Reservoir "Compartments" on the design and execution of the Christina Lake Thermal Recovery Project Oral
Collett, Timothy Integrated Well Log and Reflection Seismic Analysis of Gas Hydrate Accumulations, Mackenzie River Delta, Canada Oral
Cook, D.G. Proterozoic Tectonics and Stratigraphy of the Northwestern Interior Plains, And Implications for the Phanerozoic Oral
Cooley, Mike Mesoscale Deformation Fabrics in a Fault-Propagation Fold, Southern Livingstone Range, Alberta: Preliminary Observations Oral, Poster
Cooley, Mike Mesoscale Deformation Fabrics in a Fault-Propogation Fold, Southern Livingstone Range, Alberta, Preliminary Observations Oral, Poster
Crane, Gela Provost Cummings 'I' Pool: Using a 3D Reservoir Model to Better Understand Reserves and Production Oral
Dallimore, Scott Overview of Scientific Investigations of Gas Hydrate Occurences at the Mallik Field, Mackenzie Delta, Canada Oral
Davie, Matthew A numerical model for the formation of gas hydrate below the seafloor Oral
Dawson, Michael Geological Setting and Play Concepts for Cretaceous and Tertiary Age Coalbed Methane Opportunities in Western Canada Oral
de Freitas, Tim Regional Geology and Petroleum Potential of the lower Paleozoic Franklinian Succession, Canadian Arctic Islands Oral
Dechesne, Roland Evidence for Reservoir Compartmentalisation by Pressure-Sensitive Fractures in the Cretaceous Second White Specks Formation, Western Alberta Oral
Deline, Dave Interpretation of a Sub-Surface Lateral Ramp in the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains of Southwest Alberta by 3D seismic interpretation: Preliminery Report Poster
Dembicki, Eugene The Challenges in Delineating Suncor's Firebag In-Situ Oil Sands Project Oral
Dixon, J. Geological framework of the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin Oral
Dixon, J. Geology and petroleum potential of Cambrian strata, Northwest Territories Oral
Dixon, Jim Fluviodeltaic Deposits in the Lower Kamik Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Mackenzie Delta, NWT. Core
Drummond, Ken Alberta Natural Gas Pools, Discoveries and Trends 1990 - 1999 Poster
Dunn, Lindsay Sequence Biostratigraphy and Depositional Modelling of the Pennsylvanian-Permian Belloy Formation Peace River Embayment, Alberta, Canada Core
Dyman, T.S. Worldwide Estimates of Deep Undiscovered Natural Gas Resources Oral
Embry, Ashton Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Mesozoic Strata of the Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Archipelago Oral
Fagan, Alphonsus Petroleum Exploration in Newfoundland and Labrador: What Have We Found and Where Do We Go From Here Oral
Fairs, George A Master License Agreement for Seismic Data Oral
Ferjaoui, Mounir Modeling of Hydrocarbon generation and expulsion from Tannezuft and Aouinet Ouinine Formations in southern Tunisia - North Africa Oral
Fishman, Neil Petrologic Evidence for Early Timing of Gas Generation in the Cretaceous Milk River Formation, Alberta and Saskatchewan Oral
Flach, Peter Outcrop-Core Correlation of Channel and Non-Channel facies, McMurray Formation, Fort MacKay Area, NE Alberta Oral
Fong, Gladys Erosional Geometry's Fault Control and Hydrocarbon Distribution of the Basal Colorado Sandstone, Cessford Ares, Southern Alberta Core
Franklin, Lindsay Space Travel Opportunity Oral
Frizzell, R. Travertine Deposition on Silurian Reefs: A Response to a Large-Scale Diagenetic Flow System in the Michigan Basin Oral
Gatenby, Bill Paleokarst in the Midale Beds, Carnduff Field, southeast Saskatchewan Core
Greengrass, Karen Utilizing Ground-Penetrating Radar to Delineate Sedimentary Structures: Birds Hill Esker Delta Complex, Manitoba, Canada Poster
Gunter, William CO2-Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery: Micro-Pilot Testing Oral
Halwas, David Continuity and Compartmentalization of Viking Formation gas production from the Ricinus / Bearberry area of the Rocky Mountain Triangle Zone Oral
Hamel, C. A Petrographic Comparison of Sandstones from the Hibernia Formation, Missisauga Sands and the Avalon Formation Oral
Hamilton, W.D. Structural and Stratigraphic Influences on Reservoir Compartmentalization in Low Accommodation Settings: Basal Quartz "A" Sandstones, Alderson Lower Mannville "D4D" Pool Oral
Harper, J.D. Stratigraphic Partitioning Of Reservoirs: The Evolution Of Reservoir From Deposition To Diagenesis Oral
Harper, J.D. Canadaís Atlantic Coast: Global analogies identify common geological elements and basin architectural variations for significant play opportunities. Oral
Harper, J.D. Regional Reservoir Characterization of Upper Silurian Lower Acacus Sandstones, Ghadames Basin, Western Libya: A Clue to Improved Resrvoir Analysis and Discovery of New Fields Oral
Harrington, Peter Western Canadian Exploration Highlights for 2000: "A Year of Expansion" Poster
Harris, Chad Ichnofossil Evidence From the Estuarine Facies of the McMurray Formation, northeast Alberta: Facies Interpretation and Production Enhancement Poster
Harrison, J. Christopher Structural settings for hydrocarbon exploration in Canada's Arctic Islands Oral
Hein, Fran The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Reservoir Heterogeneity in the Athabasca Oil Sands, Northeast Alberta Core
Hein, Fran The Drumheller Coal Zone, Lower Horseshoe Canyon Formation: Sedimentolgy and Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis for Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Expoloration Poster
Hein, Frances Regional Lithostratigraphy, Biostratigraphy and Facies Models, Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit, Northeast Alberta Oral
Henderson, Charles Hydrothermal Seeps and Trilobite Reproduction in the Middle Cambrian: The Burgess Shale High School Research Project investigates the Mount Stephen Trilobite Beds Poster
Henderson, Charles Pennsylvanian to Permian Belloy Formation and Lower Triassic Montney Formation of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: Sequence Biostratigraphy, Paleogeography and Tectonics Core
Hogg, John Exploration Trends within the Scotian Basin, Offshore Nova Scotia Oral
Hughes, J. David Coal Resource Management for Canadian Coalfields: Computer Modeling, GIS and the Internet Oral
Hunter, Ian Burrow Mottled Carbonates in the Devonian Wabamun Formation, Pine Creek Gasfield, Alberta, Canada Core
Javaid, A.A. PVT Modelling of Reservoir Fluids from the Norwegian North Sea Poster
Jeary, Victoria Isotopic and fluid inclusion evidence for hydrothermal alteration: Mississippian Rival Subinterval, Indian Hill Reservoir, North Dakota Oral
Joubert, Terry A Finding and Development (F&D) Model For Making Money by Finding Gas Where it is Oral
Kent, D.M. Mississippian Madison and Jurassic ravelbourg Low-gravity Oil Accumulations in Southwestern Saskatchewan: Examples of Unconformity Traps Related to Regional Hydrodynamics, Basement Structure and Local Paleotopography Core
Kerr, Aubrey "No Oil in Alberta" Oral
Knipe, Robert Faulting and Fault Seal: Progress with Prediction. Oral
Lake, J.H. Karsting and Exposure of Winnipegosis Reefs in the Williston Basin of southeast Saskatchewan Core
Lane, Larry Geology of the Fort Liard Region, Yukon and NWT: New Insights from the Central Foreland Natmap Project Poster
Langenberg, C. Willem Seismic modeling of Upper Cretaceous coal-bearing strata of the Willow Creek Area, east of Drumheller: implications for CBM exploration Oral
Leckie, Dale The Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group in southwestern Saskatchewan and southeastern Alberta Poster
Leggitt, Shelley Multi-Scale Reservoir Compartmentalization in a Lower Cretaceous Glauconite Compound Incised Valley System, Strathmore Area, Alberta Oral
Lemay, Tony Hydrochemistry and Isotope Systematics of Regional Drift Aquifer Systems, Athabasca Oil-Sands (insitu) Area Poster
Li, Bingjian Characterizing Secondary Porosity and It's Connectivity in Carbonate Reservoirs Using Electrical Borehole Images Oral
Lynch, Gregory Dolomitization, Platform Collapse, and Reservoir Development in Ordovician Carbonates of Anticosti Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence Poster
Lynch, Therese High-resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of the Glauconitic Sandstone, Upper Mannville C Pool, Cessford Field: a Record of Evolving Accommodation Core
Mageau, Kevin The Bakken Formation of West-Central Saskatchewan and East-Central Alberta: Depositional History, Stratigraphy and Facies Distribution of Bakken Shelf Sand Ridges Using the Cactus Lake Field as a Working Model Core
Marshall, Jamie The Big Ten: Best Western Canadian Discoveries of the 1990's - Part 1 - Alberta Plains Oral
Mattison, Blair Petro-Canada's Mackay River In-Situ Oil Sands Project: Current Scope and Status Oral
McGroder, M.F. Fill-and-spill model for trap charge, central Alberta Foothills Oral
Michael, Karsten Origin and Evolution of Formation Waters in West-Central Part of the Alberta Basin Oral
Moffat, Ian Petroleum Systems of the Berkine Basin, Grand Erg Oriental, Algeria Oral
Molyneux, Stephen Large Scale Deepwater Sediment Remobilisation: Examples from North Sea 3D Seismic and Outcrop Oral, Poster
Molyneux, Stephen Large Scale Deepwater Sediment Remobilisation: Examples from North Sea 3D Seismic and Outcrop Oral, Poster
Moreland, John Risks and rewards of international oil and gas exploration from the standpoint of a Canadian junior company Oral
Morin, Claude Seismic Reflection Geophysical Survey Val-Brillant (Western Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec) Poster
Morrow, Dave The Liard Basin Manetoe Dolomite: A New Look at a Frontier Deep Gas Play Core
Morrow, David Dolomitization and Burial Diagenesis of Devonian Slave Point and Keg River Formations in the Cordova Embayment Region of Northeast British Columbia, Canada Oral
Morrow, David Liard Basin and Trout Plain: Tectonic Evolution and Petroleum Potential, NWT Oral
Mortensen, Paul Applying Economics to the Assessment-CERI's Gas Supply Model Oral
Moslow, Thomas Reservoir Compartmentalization and Architecture of a Fine-Grained Turbidite System: Lower Triassic Montney Formation, Alberta Poster
Mountjoy, Eric Porosity modification during progressive burial in Upper Devonian Leduc reservoirs, Rimbey-Meadowbrook reef trend, Alberta Oral
Nadjiwon, Lisa Brecciation and hydrothermal dolomitization of the Middle Devionan Dunedin, Keg River and Slave Point formations of northeastern British Columbia Oral
Newson, Andrew Structural Compartmentalization of the Turner Valley Formation at Moose Mountain, Alberta as Indicated by Water Analysis and Hydrogeology. Oral
Nielsen, Karsten A New Stratigraphic Framework for the Upper Colorado Group in southern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada Oral
Odegaard, Virginia Integrated Mine Planning for the Fort Hills Oil Sands Project Poster
Osadetz, Kirk Mapping Undiscovered Resources - Basin Anaylsis and Models for Petroleum Resource Assessment Oral
Packard, Jeffrey The Importance of Early (Penecontemporaneous) Meteoric Diagenesis in the Development of Limestone Porosity in the "Platform" of the Devonian Swan Hills Formation Core
Pak, R. Burrow Fabrics in the Ordovician Yeoman Formation and Their Effect Upon Subsequent Diagenesis Poster
Pana, Dinu Unraveling Complexity: GIS Compilation of Faults in the Area of the Peace River Structural Anomaly Poster
Parks, Kevin Tectonostratigraphy, Water-Source and Water Injection Potential of the Clearwater Formation Poster
Payenberg, Tobias Sequence Stratigraphy of the Milk River Formation in southern Alberta and Eagle Formation in northern Montana Oral
Pedersen, Per Depositional Environment and Sequence Architecture of the New Cretaceous Gas Bearing Bougie Sandstone Member, Northeastern British Columbia Poster
Pedersen, Per Sedimentary Architecture of the Bow Island Formation, Southwestern Alberta, Canada Oral
Pu, Renhai Integrative Reservoir Prediction in Duzhai sub-depression Bohaiwan Basin North China Oral
Qing, Hairuo Isotopic geochemistry of Ordovician Yeoman Dolomite Reservoirs: Implication for Process of Dolomitization and Diagenetic Modification of Dolomites Oral
Rees, Michael An Integrated Fault Seal Study of the Hebron/Ben Nevis and Terra Nova Oilfields, Offshore Newfoundland Oral
Reimer, James TSR-HTD Ten Years Later: An Exploration Update, With Examples from Western and Eastern Canada Oral
Reinson, Gerry Estuarine Point Bar and Bay Fill Deposits: Glauconitic Member, Lathom Field, S. Alberta Core
Reinson, Gerry E. Hydrocarbon Potential and Exploration Play Trends, Northwest Territories and Yukon ñ A Review Oral
Reinson, Gerry E. Comparative Analysis of Ultimate Natural Gas Resource Potential ñ Louisiana Gulf Coast, Mackenzie Delta/Beaufort and Scotian Shelf Basins Oral
Richards, Ken Compartmentalization of the Gobe and Moran Fields; Examples from the Papuan Fold Belt Oral
Ridgley, Jennie Biogenic Gas Resources in Montana Oral, Poster
Ridgley, Jennie Biogenic Gas Resources in Montana Oral, Poster
Rozak, A. Thomas Correlation Between Coalbed Methane Production and LogFAC Permeability Factors in the San Juan Basin: Implications on Coalbed Methane Exploration in Western Canada Oral
Ryan, Barry Coalbed Methane in British Columbia: An Update Oral
Samworth, J.R. CALLISTO - A New World-standard Facility for the Callibration of Nuclear Well Logs O/C
Samworth, J.R. CALLISTO - A new world-standard facility for the callibration of nuclear well logs O/C
Schoell, Martin Definition of Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Compartments with Gas Isotopes: JM-Brown Bassett Field, West Texas Oral
Schumacher, Dietmar Geochemical Exploration in Mature Basins: New Applications for Field Development and Production Oral
Schumacher, Dietmar Petroleum Exploration in Environmentally Sensitive Areas: Opportunities for Non-Invasive Geochemical and Remote Sensing Methods Oral
Seibel, Christopher Organofacies and Source Potential of the Middle Ordovician Winnipeg Formation within Southern Saskatchewan Oral
Sherwin, Mike Mannville Paleo-topography and Depositional Trends in the Glauconite Fm, Southern and Central Alberta Poster
Sitzler, Clause Williston Basin Anomalies Core
Slatt, Roger Styles of Compartmentalization of Deepwater (Turbidite) Reservoirs and Associated Performance Issues Oral
Soliman, Osama Thin-skinned tectonics and kinematics of the Mercury sub-basin and its vicinity, Grand Banks of Newfoundland Oral
Soule, Gregory Compartmentalization of the Southwestern Alberta Foothills Pincher Creek Field: a Retrospective Oral
Stoakes, Frank Effect of the R4 (ISHU) Exposure Surface on Compartmentalizing Play-Types: Caroline BHL 'A' and 'B' Pools Oral
Stoakes, Frank Stratigraphic Trapping Geometries in the Sunchild-Ferrier-O'Chiese Area: A Mississippian Banff Formation Play-Type Downdip from Subcrop Core
Strom, Raymond Universal Sandstone Well Cutting Comparator Set Poster
Sutherland, Graig A Reconnaissance AVO analysis of the Queen Charlotte Basin Oral, Poster
Sutherland, Graig A Reconnaissance AVO analysis of the Queen Charlotte Basin Oral, Poster
Tilley, Barbara Compartmentalization of Gas Reservoirs: Insights From Carbon Isotope Ratios Oral
Uchida, Takashi Comparison of Natural Gas Hydrate Occurrence Observed in the JAPEX/JNOC/GSC Mallik 2L-38 Well, Mackenzie Delta, NWT with Recently Obtained Natural Gas Hydrates Poster
Ward, Kimberley The Lower Cretaceous Sparky Sandstone, Rewater Area, Central Alberta: Stratigraphy and Paleoenvironment Oral
Wiebe, N.S. Sedimentology and Organic Petrology of the Middle Devionian Keg River Formation, Rainbow Sub-basin, Northwestern Alberta: Implications for Source Rock Accumulation and Reef Growth Oral
Wignall, Brent Ante Creek Beaverhill Lake B Pool - Porosity and Permeability Systems: a New Look at Old Rock Core
Winters, W.J. Laboratory Test Program and Physical Properties of Samples Containing Gas Hydrate from the MacKenzie Delta, N.W.T. Oral, Poster
Winters, W.J. Laboratory Test Program and Physical Properties of Samples Containing Gas Hydrate from the Mackenzie Delta, N.W.T. Oral, Poster
Wright, J.F. Laboratory Investigations of Methane Hydrate Stability Conditions and Application of Time Domain Reflectometry Poster
Zatsepina, O.Ye. Methane+Ethane Hydrate phase Equilibrium Oral
Zatsepina, O.Ye. Nucleation and Growth of Hydrate in Marine Environments Oral
Zhang, Jichun Stratigraphic Relationships in the Middle Devonian (Givetian) Elk Point Group, Saskatchewan Sub-Basin Oral
Zhang, Jichun Stratigraphic Relationships in the Middle Devonian (Givetian) Elk Point Group, Saskatchewan Sub-Basin Poster