Abstract Archive (2002)

Author(s) Paper Title Presentation
Abaco C.I.*, D.C. Lawton, and D.A. Spratt Mapping Magnetic Properties of Post-Wapiabi Sandstones from the South-central Alberta Foothills Oral
Adams J.J.* and S. Bachu Variability and Estimation of Formation Water Density in the Alberta Basin Oral
Al-Aasm I.S. Shallow Subsurface and Deep Burial Hydrothermal Dolomitization: Examples From Devonian and Mississippian Reservoirs in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral
Alkalali A.I.* and B.J. Rostron Petroleum Hydrogeology of the Nisku Formation in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin Oral
Andriashek L.D. Aspects of the Surficial Geology to Satisfy EUB Guide 55 Requirements in the Athabasca Oil Sands In Situ Area Oral
Armitage I. and G. Pemberton Facies Architecture and High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of the Falher "C" Member, Spirit River Formation, Deep Basin, West-Central Alberta, Canada Oral, Poster, Core
Arnott R.W.C. The Role of Fluid- and Sediment-Gravity Flow Processes During Deposition of the Carrot Creek Conglomerates (Cardium Formation, Upper Cretaceous), West-Central Alberta Oral
Asgar-Deen M. The Nordegg Member Exposed Poster
Asgar-Deen M.*, R. Hall and C. Riediger Revised Nordegg Member Subsurface to Surface Correlations Based on Detailed Core Descriptions, Regional Cross-Sections and New Ammonite Data Oral
Aspler L.B.*, M. Pilkington, W.F. Miles, J. Tod and L.S. Lane Interpretations of Precambrian Basement Based on Recent Mackenzie Valley Aeromagnetic Data Oral, Poster
Bachu S.* and K. Michael Hydrogeology of the Post-Lea Park Upper Cretaceous-Tertiary Succession in the Alberta Basin Oral
Barclay J.E.* and F.F. Krause Dawson Creek Graben Complex: growth-faulted soil-imprinted estuarine facies - Carboniferous Stoddart Group, Alberta/BC Oral
Barclay J.E., L.A. Dunn, F.F. Krause and M.R. Staniland Estuarine Valley Fill and Interfluve Strata at a Significant Sequence Boundary, Kiskatinaw and Golata Formations, Lower Carboniferous (Upper Visean), North-Western Alberta Core
Barnett C.R.* and S.G. Pemberton Ichnological Significance of the Jurassic Aklavik Formation, Mackenzie Delta and Richardson Mountains, Northwest Territories: A Frontier Basin Outcrop Study Oral
Batson P.A.* and M.R. Gibling Architecture of Ancient Channel Bodies and Paleovalley Fills in High-Frequency Carboniferous Sequences, Sydney Basin, Atlantic Canada: Implications for Offshore Hydrocarbon Exploration Oral
Baxter K.C. Management of the Basal McMurray Watersand During Bitumen and Heavy Oil Extraction Oral
Beaton A.*, C. Pana, D. Chen and W. Langenberg Coalbed Methane Potential of Upper Cretaceous-Tertiary Strata in the Alberta Plains Oral
Beauchamp B. Tectonically-linked unconformities and maximum flooding surfaces in the Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Oral
Beauchamp B. Energy from Northern Basins: A Complex, Yet Positive Issue That Will Change CanadaÌs North Oral
Beausoleil C.*, M. Malo, C. Morin, J-Y. Lalibertè and D. Brisebois Contrasting Taconian and Acadian structural styles along the new geophysical seismic reflection profiles in western Gaspè Appalachians, Matapèdia Valley Poster
Bednarski J.M. Central Foreland NATMAP: Some highlights of surficial geological studies near Fort Liard, N.W.T (NTS 95C) Poster
Bertrand R.* and M. Malo Source Rock and Oil Analysis, Thermal Maturation and Hydrocarbon Generation Histories in the Siluro-Devonian Rocks of the Gaspè Belt Basin, Canada. Oral
Bertrand R.* and S. Roy Lower Paleozoic Source Rocks in Southern Quebec Basins and in Outliers of the Southeastern Part of the Canadian Shield Oral
Bertrand R.*, A. Chagnon, M. Malo, D. Lavoie, M.M. Savard
and Y. Duchaine
Tectono-Diagenetic Evolution of the Saint-Flavien Gas Reservoir at the Structural Front of the Quèbec Appalachians Oral
Bhattacharya J.P. What's new in Deltas? Oral
Blair M.* and K. Bergman Allostratigraphic Analysis of the Middle Jurassic in Southern Saskatchewan Oral
Blakney B.* and M.K. Gingras Using Outcrops of the McMurray Formation to Ccreate a Reservoir Model Oral
Boni M.*, T. Bechstädt and M. Gasparrini >Post-Variscan Hot Dolomites in Europe: a 'Crustal scale Hydrothermal Palaeofield'? Oral
Bourque P-A. Reservoir Potential in the Southern Gaspè Belt, Quèbec Appalachians Oral
Boyd R.*, B. Dalrymple and B.A. Zaitlin Estuaries and Incised Valleys Oral
Brandley R., D. Hayden and H. King Drill Cuttings: One Man's Treasure, Another Man's Junk Core
Brennan-Alpert P. *, A. Desrochers, D. Lavoie and G. Chi Regional-Scale Depositional and Diagenetic Variations in Passive Margin Carbonates of the Lower Paleozoic Anticosti Basin, Eastern Quèbec, Canada Oral, Poster
Bridge J.S. Fluvial Facies Models for Petroleum Geologists Oral
C.A. Evenchick, K.G. Osadetz, P.K. Hannigan and M. Hayes Conventional petroleum and coal bed methane resources of the Bowser Basin region, northern British Columbia Poster
Caddel E.M. Stratal Architecture of the Conglomeratic Falher C Shoreline - Observations from Outcrop on Bullmoose Mountain, Northeastern British Columbia Oral
Campbell C. color="#CC0000">Exploration Potential of Mississippian Basins Onshore Nova Scotia Core
Cant D. Internal Stratigraphy and Reservoir Facies of the Rock Creek Formation, Central Alberta Core
Caplan M. Regional Geology of the McMurray Formation, Athabasca Bitumen Accumulation Region, Northeastern Alberta: A Synthesis Oral
Carrelli G.G., C.L. Riediger and J-P. Zonneveld Geology and source rock potential of the Upper Triassic Baldonnel and Pardonet formations, northeastern British Columbia Poster
Carter T. The Stratigraphic Setting, Hydrocarbon Exploration Plays and Production in Southern Ontario Oral
Castonguay S.* and J. Dietrich Reprocessed vintage seismic reflection data for an improved subsurface imagery of the Laurentian margin architecture: southern Quebec Appalachians Poster
Chatellier J-Y.*, M.E. Rueda and S. Olave Variable Structural Style Along the Furrial Trend, Implications for the Development of These Giant Fields, Norte de Monagas, Venezuela Oral
Chatellier J-Y., S. Olave and M.E. Rueda Missing sections interpreted as normal faults creating problems to geological interpretation and field development, examples from strike slip and compressional structures in Venezuela Poster
Chen D.*, A. Beaton, C. Pana and W. Langenberg Transition from the Belly River through Bearpaw to Horseshoe Canyon Formations in West-Central Alberta Plains Poster
Chi G.*, D. Lavoie and R. Bertrand Fluid Inclusion Records of Hydrocarbon Migration and Charge in Paleozoic Basins, Eastern Canada Oral
Chi G.*, P.S. Giles, M.A. Williamson, D. Lavoie and R. Bertrand Diagenesis and Reservoir Potential of Upper Carboniferous Sandstones in the Maritimes Basin, Eastern Canada Oral
Cioppa M.T.*, I.S. Al-Aasm, M.R Vernon, D.T.A. Symons Changes in Paleomagnetic, Rock Magnetic and Geochemical Properties in the Exshaw Formation: Evidence for Permeability Variations? Oral
Clifton H.E. Paradigms and Problems in the Interpretation of Marine Conglomerates Oral
Clifton H.E. A Re-examination of Clastic Shoreface and Shelf Facies Models Oral
Collom C.J. Three-fourths of a Century of Cretaceous Marine Invertebrate Zonation in the Western Interior, North America:a Sequence Biostratigraphy Perspective Oral
Collom C.J. The Elusive Correlative Conformity in Sequence Stratigraphy: An Example from the Upper Cretaceous of the San Juan and Raton Basins, Southwestern United States Oral
Comeau F-A.*, D. Kirkwood, and M. Malo Structure and stratigraphy of the parautochthonous zone of the Taconian Appalachians in the Quèbec City area Poster
Cooley M.A.*, R.A. Price, J.M. Dixon and T.K. Kyser Along-strike Structural Variation and the Kinematics and Relative Ages of Veins, Fractures, Faults and Folds in Thrust-Related Structures, Southern Livingstone Range, Alberta Oral, Poster
Cooper M.*, M. Warren and J. Porter-Chaudhry Thin- and Thick-Skinned Thrusting in the Humber Zone of Quebec and Newfoundland: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration Oral
Creaney S. A Basin-Play Scale Predictive Model for H2S Contents in the Devonian of Western Canada Oral
Creaney S. The Genetic Evolution of the Petroleum Systems of Canada - An Overview Oral
D.W. Deline and J. Stuhec Structure of a Sub-Surface Lateral Ramp in the southern Canadian Rockies (Crowsnest Pass area, S.W. Alberta): 3-D Seismic Interpretation and Analog Modelling Poster
Davidson G.R. Gas Potential of the Devonian Reservoirs in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral
Davies G.R. Thermobaric Dolomitization: Transient Fault-Controlled Pressure-Driven Processes and the Role of Boiling/Effervescence Oral, Poster
Dehler S.A.* and C.E. Keen A Fresh Look at the Evolution of the Continental Margin Off Nova Scotia Oral
Delong I., and J. Costello Beyond First Oil: An Overview of the Geology of the Terra Nova Oil Field Oral
Dickson W.*, J. Martin and M. Odegard SAMBA - Seeing the African Influence on Brazilian Geology Oral
Dietrich J. Petroleum exploration in the Carboniferous Magdalen Basin, Gulf of St.Lawrence, eastern Canada: past results-future prospects Poster
Dixon J. Unconformity Trap in the Triassic of the Spirit River-Rycroft Area, West-Central Alberta Core
Dixon J. A Regional Unconformity Associated with the Middle Triassic Halfway Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral
Dravis J.J. Leached Limestones: Burial Dissolution of Limestones in the Absence of Hot Dolomites! Oral
Dravis J.J.* and I.D. Muir Burial Dissolution of Dolostones, Devonian Upper Elk Point Group, Rainbow Basin, Northwest Alberta Oral
Drummond K.J. Arctic Oil and Gas Resources, Energy Resource Map Circum-Pacific Region, Arctic Sheet Oral, Poster
Durling P. and T. Martel* The McCully Discovery: A New Albert Formation Unconformity Play, New Brunswick, Canada Oral
Earle, K.L., T.D.A. Saunders, and S.G. Pemberton Species Feces: A Detailed Look at Ophiomorpha borneensis Poster
Eberth D.A. Review and Comparison of Belly River Group and Edmonton Group Stratigraphic Architecture in the Southern Alberta Plains Oral
Elazezi M., A. Jenik, K. Edwards*, P. Hickey, G. GO, R. Mayers and T. Jerzykiewicz Seismic traverse sections of the Western Sirt Basin, Libya Oral
Emberley S. *, I. Hutcheon, M. Shevalier, K. Durocher,
W.D. Gunter and E.H. Perkins
Geochemical Monitoring of Fluid-Rock Interaction and CO2 Storage at the Weyburn CO2-Injection Enhanced Oil Recovery Site, Saskatchewan, Canada Oral
Embry A. On the Shore of a Brackish Sea Oral, Core
Embry A.F. A Brief History of Sequence Stratigraphy Oral
Emery D.*, J. Hodder, J. McLean, K. Deutsch, G. Smee
and M.E. Enachescu
Exploration Potential in the Area Surrounding White Rose Oil and Gas Field, Jeanne d'Arc Basin Oral
Enachescu M.E.*, J. Hodder*, P. Pilch, L. Zanussi,
and D. Nguyen
Light Oil From Offshore Simple Four-way Closures: Wenchang 13-1 and 13-2 Fields in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, China Oral
England T.D.J.*, I. Dawes, and G.J. Rait Seeing Through the Basement to a New Exploration Frontier in the Southern Colombian Andes Oral
Enkin R.J., K.G. Osadetz and J. Baker Paleomagnetic Indications for a Late Paleozoic Age for Part of the Watrous Formation, Williston Basin, Southern Saskatchewan Poster
Esslinger P.* and D. Barson The Hydrogeology of the Mannville Group, North East Alberta Oral
Fallas K.M.*, B.C. Richards and A. Khudoley Regional paleocurrent patterns of the Mississippian Mattson Formation from the La Biche, Kotaneelee, and Liard Ranges, Yukon and Northwest Territories Poster
Finch, D. History of the CSPG - 1927 to 2002 Oral
Flint D.W.* and R.K. Dixon Gas Exploration and Development Strategies in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral
Fossenier K.* and C.M. Henderson Stratigraphic Framework and Biostratigraphy of the Pennsylvanian-Permian Belloy Formation, northeastern British Columbia Oral
Fowler M.G.* and K.D. McAlpine Petroleum Systems in the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, Offshore Eastern Canada Oral
Fowler M.G.* and M. Obermajer Potential Source Rocks in Eastern Canada Paleozoic Basins - Implications for Exploration and Known Production Oral
Fowler M.G.*, L.D. Stasiuk, M. Obermajer and M. Hearn Devonian Petroleum Systems in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) Oral
Frank J.* and G. Pemberton Outcrop Study of the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) Chinkeh Formation, Liard Basin, northeastern British Columbia, Canada Poster
Fraser R.C.* and D.A. Spratt Structural Changes Along Strike in the La Biche Range, Yukon and Northwest Territories Oral
Freeman R.* and T. Allen Oil and Gas Potential in the Yukon Territory Oral, Poster
Fu Q.*, H. Qing* and K. Bergman Meteoric Diagenesis of the Upper Winnipegosis Member in the Subsurface of South-central Saskatchewan, Canada Poster
Gibbs A.*, D. Block and S. Burnie Lower Colorado and Upper Mannville Flow Systems in Underpressured Aquifers Up-Dip of the Gas-Charged Deep Basin and their Relationship to the Gas Trapping Mechanism Oral
Gilbert E.E.* and E.A. Dembicki* Suncor's Early Land Acquistions and its Future Growth Plans Oral
Giles P.S.* and J. Utting The Stratigraphic Setting and Evolution of the Maritimes Basin in Eastern Canada: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration Poster
Gillmor E.* and B. Hannah Regional Perspective of Groundwater Resources in Buried Bedrock Valleys of North-eastern Alberta Oral
Gingras M.K.*, S.G. Pemberton and F. Henk Visualization Techniques for the Analysis of Bioturbate Textures Oral
Gordon J.* and K. Bergman Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Foremost Formation in Southeastern Alberta and Southwestern Saskatchewan Oral, Poster
Grasby S.*, Z. Chen and R. Betcher Impact of Pleistocene Glaciation on the Hydrodynamics of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral
Griffith L. and J. Stuhec 3D Reservoir Model of an Estuarine Valley-fill Based on 3D Seismic and Detailed Sedimentology, Glauconite Formation, Halkirk Area, Central Alberta, Canada Core
Halabura S.P.*, A. Costa, T. Danyluk, A. Prugger
and B. Nemeth
Salt Collapse or Karst? A New Model for Reservoir Development in Paleozoic Carbonates of the Potash Mining District of Saskatchewan Oral
Halabura S.P.*, A. Costa, T. Danyluk, A. Prugger
and B. Nemeth
The Application of Sequence Stratigraphy to a Practical Mining Problem: A Case Study from the Saskatchewan Potash Mining District Oral
Hall M. Integrating Well Observations with Seismic Interpretation Oral
Hankel R.C. and C.L. Riediger* The Lower Triassic Petroleum System in West-Centrall Alberta Oral
Harland N.*, J. Hogg, R. Riddy, G. Syhlonyk, G. Uswak, J. Weissenberger and R. Wierzbicki A Major Gas Discovery at the Panuke Field Jurassic Abenaki Formation Offshore, Nova Scotia Oral
Harris R.* and M. Cooper Structural Analysis in Eastern Yemen Using Remote Sensing Imagery Oral, Poster
Hassler G. New Life for a Prematurely Abandon Oil Pool Midale Central Frobisher Pool, SE Saskatchewan Oral
Hayes B.J.R.*, S. Fattahi and M. Hayes The Nechako Basin - Frontier Potential Close to Home Oral
Hayward N., A. Grant, S.A. Dehler* and P. Durling Geophysical Investigation of Salt Tectonics and Deeper Structure in the Eastern Magdalen Basin, Atlantic Canada Poster
Helwig J., C. Márquez, J. De Mena, L. Benkovics
and D. Guerra
Seismic Structural Interpretation of the Furrial Producing Trend, Eastern Venezuela Thrust Belt Oral
Henderson C.M. , K.J. Motz, students and teachers from Banff Community High School, Canmore Collegiate and Golden Secondary Size Matters: Morphometric analysis and sexual dimorphism in Marrella splendens Poster
Henderson C.M.*, L. Dunn and K. Fossenier Pennsylvanian and Permian Strata of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin; Biostratigraphic and Sequence Stratigraphic Framework Development Oral, Poster
Hill R.J. A Comparison of the 1997 and 2001 CGPC Reports, Keying on the Triassic of Western Canada's Play Breakouts and Reserve Estimates Oral
Hills L.V.* and C. Troke Calcretes on an Arid Ancient Wadi, Comrey Mbr (Oldman Fm) Oral
Hinds S.J.* and D.A. Spratt Tectonic Origin of the Pink Mountain Anticline Northeastern British Columbia, Results from Isopach Maps and Seismic Sections Oral
Hitchon B. Models: Their Use in Evaluating Early Hydrogeology Data in the Alberta Basin Oral
Hobbs T.W.* and J.A. MacEachern Along-Strike Variations in the Falher A and Basal Notikewin Members, Fort St. John Group of West-Central Alberta and NE British Columbia: Integrated Ichnological-Sedimentological Models in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework Poster
Hoffmann K. *, L. Fedenczuk, and T. Fedenczuk Integrating Geology and Waterflood Responses Poster
Hu Y.G.* and D.G. Lee Incised Valleys vs. Channels: Implications for McMurray Formation Bitumen Mapping and Exploration Oral
Hubbard S.M , M.K. Gingras* and S.G. Pemberton Trace fossils of the Cretaceous Blusky Formation Poster
Hughes J.D. Coalbed Methane Resource Potential of Canada Oral
Hynes G.F.*, J.M. Dixon and L.S. Lane Structural Geology of the northern Liard Range, Franklin Mountains, Northwest Territories Poster
Ichnology Graduate Class of 1999* and G. Pemberton The Professors Emeriti, University of Alberta: The Birth of Geology in Alberta Poster
Issler D.R. *, K. Hu, J.D. Bloch and T.J. Katsube Organic Carbon Content Determined from Well Logs: Examples from Cretaceous Sediments of Western Canada Oral, Poster
Jamison W.* and P. Graham Fracture Development within the Devonian Carbonates in the Liard Gas Fields Oral
Janicki E.P. History of Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Northwest Territories Oral
Jeary V.A.* and R.J. Spencer The Origin of Cambrian Mid-Platform Hydrothermal Dolomite Oral
Jerzykiewicz T.*, M.A. Ghummed, M.M. Abugares,
and S.O. Tshakreen
Evolution of the Western Margin of the Sirt Basin of Libya in late Cretaceous Time Oral
Jerzykiewicz T., M. Abugares and A.H. Alhnesh Gradual vs. episodic sedimentation of carbonate reservoir rocks, Western Sirt Basin, Libya Poster
Jerzykiewicz T., M. Czarnecki, M. Elazezi, P. Hickey and K. Edwards Geological history of the Ghedari Fault Zone in Western Sirt Basin, Libya Poster
Jerzykiewicz T., M. Ghummed and M. Abugares Storm deposits of Eocene age, Zallah Trough, Western Sirt Basin, Libya Poster
Jones P.B. The Twin Dome Structure, An Enigmatic Cretaceous Inlier in the Alberta Syncline Oral
Jowett D.M.S.* and C.J. Schröder-Adams Proximal and Distal Expression and Sequences of the Sikanni Formation in the Liard Basin Oral
K.L. Canter, M.D. Sonnenfeld, L.C. Zahm, L. Conrad,
J. Parkin and C. Siemens
Reservoir Characterization of the Mississippian Sun River Dolomite: Reagan Field, Glacier County, Montana and southern Alberta Poster
Kent D.M. and A. Nimegeers Intrastratal Depositional Breaks in the Mississippian Midale Beds of Southern Saskatchewan: Their Roles in Reservoir Rock Creation and Hydrocarbon Accumulation Oral, Core
Khidir A. and O. Catuneanu Sedimentology and diagenesis of the Scollard sandstones in south-central Alberta Poster
Kidston A.G. Assessment of Natural Gas Potential - Eastern Canada Offshore Oral
Koladich A.M.* and M. Wilson The Upper Cretaceous Medicine Hat and Milk River Formations in southeastern Alberta: Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Ichnology of a Shallow Gas Interval Poster
Kubli T.E. and C.W. Langenberg Structural cross sections, constructed to assess the coal-bed methane potential of the Foothills of Alberta Poster
Lake J. and M. Blair Nature's Acid Job: The Diagenesis of the Lower Watrous (Red Beds) Sandstone Reservoir at Manor Pool, southeast Saskatchewan Core
Lake J.H. Potential Sequence Boundary Oil Plays within the Mississippian of Southeast Saskatchewan Oral
Lamb C. Structural Complexity in the Burgos Basin, Mexico: Implications for Field Development Planning Oral
Lamb C. Technology Development and Application: Schlumberger's Contribution to Petroleum Exploration in Canada Oral
Lane L.S., K.M. Fallas* and W.F. Miles Cordilleran Structural Geometry in the Fort Liard region: Influence of subsurface features Oral, Poster
Langenberg C.W. Dr. John A. Allan: Founder of the CSPG Oral
Lavoie D. Regional Cambrian - Ordovician Stratigraphic Framework Along the Eastern Margin of Laurentia: Relationships with Known Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Oral
Lavoie D.* and G. Chi The Lower Silurian Sayabec Formation in northern Gaspè: Hydrothermal dolomite and reservoir potential Poster
Lavoie D.* and G. Chi The Lower Silurian Val-Brillant Formation: Generation of Secondary Porosity and Hydrocarbon Migration Record Oral
Lavoie D.*, G. Chi, and M.G. Fowler The Lower Devonian Upper Gaspè Limestones in eastern Gaspè: Diagenetic evolution of a fracture reservoir and hydrocarbon migration record Poster
Lavoie J-Y.*, J-S. Marcil and R. Aguilera Exploration Efforts in the Galt Area: First Economic Hydrocarbon Discovery in the Eastern Gaspe Peninsula Oral
Lavoie M.* and D. Kirkwood Structural Analysis of the St-Jean River Anticline, eastern Gaspè, northern Appalachians Poster
Leckie D.A. Sediment Variability Along a Coarse-grained, High-energy Coastline, Canterbury Plains, New Zealand Oral
Leduc J.P.*, V. Delhaye-Prat, P. Zaugg, B. Mathis*
and A. Lejay
FMI* Based Sedimentary Facies Modelling, Surmont Lease (Athabasca, Canada). Oral, Poster
Lee C.* and B.W. Sellwood Palaeocene Depositional Record of the Thrust Belt and Rift Shoulder on Eastern Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada Oral
Lemay T. 14C Ages and 87Sr/86Sr Isotopic Values for Water Samples Collected from Drift Aquifers in the Athabasca Oil Sands In-situ Area, Alberta Oral
Lerbekmo J.F. Magnetostratigraphy: A Tool for Precise Correlation of Time Horizons Oral
Leroux M.S.* and J.A. MacEachern Sedimentological and Ichnological Characterization of Reservoir Types in a Transgressive Systems Tract, Cretaceous (Albian) Basal Colorado Interval, South-Central Alberta Oral
Li M.*, C. Jiang, and K.G. Osadetz Bakken-derived Oils Beyond the Bakken Formation in the Canadian Williston Basin Oral
Logan K.G. Simplification of the Statistical Foundations Used in the CGPC 2001 Report Oral
Lynch G.* and A.M. Grist Thermal Modelling of the Laurentian Margin Beneath Anticosti Island Using AFTA, 1D Well Profiles, and Bulk Fluid Inclusion Data Oral
M. Lavoie* and D. Kirkwood Detailed fracture studies of detachment folds and thrust faults, Moose Mountain, canadian Foothills Poster
MacEachern J. and T. Hobbs* The Ichnological Expression of Marine and Marginal Marine Conglomerates and Conglomeratic Successions, Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway, Alberta and NE British Columbia Poster, Core
Machel H.G. and J. Lonnee* Hydrothermal Dolomite - a Product of Poor Definition and Imagination Oral
MacLean B.C. A New Model for Bovie Structure Oral
MacNaughton R.B.* and J. Utting The Triassic of the La Biche River Map Area (NTS 95C), Southeastern Yukon Territory: Preliminary Sedimentology, Biostratigraphy, and Thermal Maturity Oral
MacNaughton R.B.* and L.S. Lane New Occurrences of the Trace Fossil Oldhamia and Prospects for Early Cambrian Deep-marine Biostratigraphy Oral
MacNaughton R.B.*, J-P. Zonneveld and J. Utting Outcrop Analysis of Trace Fossil Assemblages in the Toad Formation (Triassic), SE Yukon Territory: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration in NE British Columbia Oral
MacRae A.*, J. Shimeld, R. Fensome, F. Thomas, M. Deptuck,
S. Bigg and S. Ings
Sequence Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary of the Scotian Shelf and Implications for the Scotian Slope Oral
Madi A.* and A. Damte Hydrocarbon potential of the frontier Melrhir Basin, northeast Algerian Sahara Oral, Poster
Majorowicz J.A. and K.G. Osadetz* Gas Hydrate Distribution and Volume in Canada Poster
Malo M.*, Y. Duchaine, D. Leavy and M. Gidon Structural Geology of the Saint-Flavien Natural Gas Reservoir in the Quèbec Appalachians Fold-thrust Belt: Analogy with the Chartreuse Massif, French Alps Oral
Manzano-Kareah B.K.*, C.L. Riediger and M.G. Fowler Geochemical Variations of Exshaw-Derived Oils in Southern Alberta Oral
Marcil J-S.* and D. Kirkwood Geometry and Kinematic Evolution of Moose Mountain Area, Southern Alberta Foothills: Implication for the Development of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Oral
Margitai Z. Hydrogeological Characterization of the Red River Formation, Williston Basin, Canada-USA Oral
Marsh A. and H. Qing A depositional model for the Mississippian Frobisher carbonate-evaporite cycles within the Steelman Field in southeastern Saskatchewan Poster
Martel T.* and P. Durling Old Harry: A Supergiant Structure in an Emerging Basin Oral
Martiniuk C.D.*, M.P.B. Nicolas and J.N. Fox New and Known Petroleum Prospects and Development Opportunities in Manitoba Oral
Massè L.*, D. Kirkwood and D. Lebel Developing a Method to Build a 3D Geological Model with gOcad in a Complex Thrust and Fold Belt Environment Oral
Mathison J.E. Hydrocarbon Trapping at the Mannville Group - Lower Colorado Sequence Boundary in West-central Saskatchewan Oral
McCabe P.J. Out of the Mire: New Perspectives on Facies Models for Coal and Coal-bearing Strata Oral
McDonald H.L. and M.R. Gibling Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Late Carboniferous Sydney Mines Formation at Morien Bay, Sydney Basin, Nova Scotia Poster
McLellan P.*, C. Hawkes and S. Dallimore Understanding In-situ Stresses in Permafrost and Gas Hydrates and Their Application to Well Design and Drilling Hazards in the Mackenzie Delta, NWT Oral, Poster
McNeil D.H. Microfossils and Sequence Stratigraphy - Examples from the Viking and Westgate Formations in the Vicinity of the Kimberlite Fields of Central Saskatchewan Oral
Meneley R.A. Assessment of Natural Gas Resources in Canada Oral
Meyer R. Depositional Controls on the Distribution of Dolomite Cement in Virgelle Member Sandstones, Writing-on-Stone, Alberta Oral
Michael K.*, S. Bachu and B.E. Buschkuehle To the northeast or to the northwest: Flow of formation waters in the Devonian succession in the Peace and Athabasca rivers area in northeastern Alberta Oral
Moffat I.W. Petroleum Systems in an Intracratonic Basin Setting, South-central Sudan Oral
Molyneux S. Deep Water Plays: Process, Success and Failure Oral
Morin C. The Gulf of St. Lawrence, a Large Basin Virtually Unexplored for Oil and Gas in Quebec Oral
Morin C.* Hydrothermal Dolomitization : A Potential Diagenetic Process in Ordivician Carbonates of the St. Lawrence Lowlands, Quebec Poster
Morin C.* and J-Y. Lalibertè The Unexpected Silurian-Devonian Structural Style in Western Gaspe Ç New Insight for Promising Hydrocarbon Plays Oral
Morin C.* and J-Y. Lalibertè Overview of the Very First Mega-Transects Seismic Survey Throughout the Appalachian Gaspe Belt Oral
Morrow D.W. Dolomitization for Explorationists: A Historical Perspective Oral
Morrow D.W.* and B.C. MacLean Basement Features and the Paleozoic of Slave Plain, Southern Northwest Territories: Implications for Mineral and Hydrocarbon Exploration Oral
Morrow D.W.*, B.C. MacLean and L.S. Lane Liard basin: Tectonic Evolution and Petroleum Potential Oral
Moslow T. F. Architecture and Characterization of Shoreface Conglomerates in the Deep Basin of Western Canada Oral
Moslow T.F.* and J-P. Zonneveld Exploration Potential of the Falher 'G' Shoreface Conglomerate Trend: Evidence from Outcrop Oral
Mountney N.P. Eolian Facies Nodels Revisited Oral
Mroszczak V. Gas Resource Estimate and a Brief Exploration History of the Beaufort/ Mackenzie Basin Oral
Mukhopadhyay P.K.*, J.A. Wade and B. Wygrala Preliminary Assessment of the Petroleum Systems in the Scotian Outer Shelf and Slope, Eastern Canada: Role of Geochemical Interpretations and Modeling Oral
Mukhopadhyay P.K.*, P.J. Harvey, J.H. Calder, R.C. Boehner,
and R. Ryan
Source Rocks and Maturation of the Carboniferous Rocks from Onshore Nova Scotia, Eastern Canada and Their Relationship with the Natural Hydrocarbon Seepage and Stains Oral
Mukhopadhyay P.K., D.J. MacDonald* and K.A. Doane Coalbed Methane Potential in NovaScotia, Implications for Natural Gas Prospects Oral
Mummery R.C. Hydrocarbon Potential of Cenozoic Basins in the Tuman River area of North Korea (DPRK) Oral
Myers P.* and M. Hewitt Exploration Growth Options in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Oral
N.P. Mountney Facies models for wet eolian systems and their role in predicitng permeability barriers in eolian reservoirs Poster
Narayan Y.R.* and C.R. Barnes Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology of Benthic and Planktic Foraminifera from Shell Canada Exploration Wells, Tofino Basin, Offshore Vancouver Island, British Columbia Oral
Newson A.C. Foothills Exploration Potential Oral
Nickel E. and H. Qing Diagenetic trends affecting carbon dioxide sequestration potential in Mississippian Midale carbonates; Weyburn Field, Saskatchewan Poster
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