Every year awards are given out at the Core Conference to recognize the presenters on their work, we are pleased to announce that this year we will be given out two awards after the Digital Core Event:

Bailie Award (Dr. Andrew Dollar “Andy” Baillie)
Presented for the Best Student Geological Presentation at the Core Conference and Gussow Conference
The award consists of a $1000 prize and a commemorative trophy

Pemberton Award (Professor S. George Pemberton)
Presented for the Best Core Presentation at Core Conference
The award consists of a hand crafted commemorative trophy

The announcement for the award winners will take place at the end of the presentations on Day 3, Friday August 28th

Bailie Award

The Baillie family has been involved in the upstream oil industry for over six decades. John's father, Dr. Andrew Dollar “Andy” Baillie (1912-2001) started with the British American Oil Company in 1953 after earning his PhD at Northwestern University.  Andy retired from Gulf in the 1970s and then spent more than 20 years pursuing his passion for teaching geology around the world. He was an inspiration to literally hundreds of geologists who came under his influence, however fleetingly, during his life.  Andy was an active member of the CSPG and had a particular interest in the CSPG Educational Trust Fund (now the CSPG Foundation).  The original Baillie award was established in 1992 by the CSPG Executive as a technical recognition award.  The idea of an accompanying cash prize was instituted by a donation from Andy himself.  His family ensured this tradition would continue with a commemorative gift to the CSPG Educational Trust Fund following his passing.

Andy’s son John has been in the industry for over 35 years (25 with Chevron and 10 with Sinopec/Addax). John’s career took him to West Africa and throughout North America and the UK, to where he now lives, in Switzerland. Interestingly, John currently teaches industry courses in China just as his father did decades ago.  

The legacy of the Baillie family continues with this award, created to recognize student excellence at the CSPG Core Conference.

Pemberton Award

George Pemberton was born in Preston, United Kingdom, in 1948. His family immigrated to Canada soon after his birth and settled in Dundas, Ontario, where he attended elementary and secondary school.  George began his post-secondary education at Queen’s University where he graduated with an Honours B.Sc. degree in geology.  He then received both his M.Sc. (1976) and Ph.D. (1979) from McMaster University, focusing on Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Animal-Sediment Interactions.

Dr. Pemberton transitioned into an academic career, taking the position of Assistant Professor, at the University of Georgia from 1978 to 1981. He returned to Canada in 1981 to join the Alberta Research Council where he earned the position of Associate Research Officer. Dr. Pemberton joined the University of Alberta as an Associate Professor in 1984. During his time at the University of Alberta, he rose to the position of Professor (1987-2009) and held a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in petroleum geology (2002-2009) before becoming a University of Alberta Distinguished University Professor (2009-present), the University’s highest academic rank, while also assuming the C. R. Stelck Chair in Petroleum Geology in 2013.  During his tenure at the University of Alberta, he has served as a Visiting Professor at four universities and Visiting Scientist at four major, global petroleum companies.

Dr. Pemberton is a member of 16 professional and technical organizations. He is a Fellow, Distinguished Fellow, and Honorary Member of five of them.  Dr. Pemberton has served as an instructor, field trip leader, chairman, organizer, convenor, delegate, evaluator, reviewer, committee member, board examiner, secretary, vice president, president, editor, business manager and short course co-author within these groups.

During his career, Dr. Pemberton has focused his research interests on animal-sediment relationships, clastic sedimentology, genetic stratigraphy, petroleum geology, and carbonate bioerosion. Dr. Pemberton has used the science of ichnology, the study of trace fossils, to infer the behaviour and anatomy of organisms, to integrate these essential elements into clastic sedimentology and genetic stratigraphy and then apply this knowledge to petroleum geology around the world.  Through his numerous publications he has successfully integrated ichnological concepts and observations into the principles of sedimentology and stratigraphy; including the recognition of important sedimentological surfaces and their integration into sequence stratigraphic analysis.

In recognition of Dr. George Pemberton the Pemberton award is given out in recognition for the best core presentation at the CSPG Core Conference.