As we settle into fall (which is looking a lot like winter), we think of our accomplishments thus far of the year and look forward to what the future holds. We are now only 7 months away from the 2020 CSPG Core Conference. This year we celebrate the integration of geology across Canada, an opportunity we only get once a decade! Considering this, we are making a significant change to the timing of the conference, which we believe will benefit our conference attendees considerably. The 2020 CSPG Core Conference will now take place on May 7-8th, prior to the start of Geo Convention. The committee is looking forward to kicking off Geo Convention 2020 and moving our ever-popular Core Meltdown to Friday evening. 

The planning committee is excited to participate in celebrating geology across Canada and look forward to igniting the disciplines within the geoscience community. This coming May, Core Conference will bring together all disciplines of geology to Calgary and the committee is looking forward to expanding the breadth of content for the 2020 Core Conference. We are looking to include examples from all facets of geoscience, whether it is sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic.

Short abstract submissions are now being accepted until January 17th, and we look forward to seeing content from all geoscientists who wish to present their unique ideas and perspectives. If you wish to submit an abstract, the committee asks that you provide a small paragraph or two explaining the subject matter of your talk, some indication of the location of your core (Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, NWT etc.), as well as the names of the author(s). As always, we ask that all submissions have a focus on an accompanying well core, strat test, or mining core.


The committee is looking to all geologists to submit an abstract or idea that would complement the overall theme of 'Igniting Geoscience across Canada'. We encourage those who have may be working in mineral exploration, academic research and reservoirs old and new to present their ideas in a more casual environment. The conference focus will showcase the understanding of the rocks, reflect the multiple disciplines of geology that established the resources we that provide for us throughout Canada.  


Wondering what your core display could showcase? Find a list of ideas below: 

-  Geology – Igneous or Metamorphic rock associations, stratigraphy, sedimentology, diagenesis, fracturing, petrography 

-  Geophysics – seismic prospecting, structural analysis, microseismic 

-  Petrophysics – log analysis, rock properties 

-  Geochemistry – source rocks, maturity, exploration

-  Geomechanics – rock characteristics, fracability 

-  Drilling & Completions – mining exploration & development, frac design, horizontal drilling

-  Reservoir Engineering – flow analysis, reserve analysis 

-  Laboratory Methods – porosity, permeability, special analyses


If this conference appeals to you, please submit your initial abstract to CoreConference@cspg.orgYou will be notified of acceptance the week of February 15th, following which time you will be asked to submit a more detailed extended abstract. Accepted presenters must also be prepared to display a section of core over 1 or 2 tables (~50-60m), posters (four 4’ by 8’ boards are provided for each display), and give a 15-20 minute PowerPoint.


We are very excited for the upcoming conference on May 7th and 8th, 2020 where we look forward to bringing together geologists from across the country, through a shared love of rocks. We hope to see you there.

Your 2020 Core Conference Committee