The 50th CSPG Core Conference was a success! Held at the world class AER Core Research facility May 16-17th, 2019 in Calgary. We had the opportunity this year to step back and reflect on the last 50 years of the Core Conference, providing perspective on how the past can guide our success as we move forward in our science. Isaac Newton eloquently identifies this concept in his famous quote, “If I have seen further than others it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”

Our focus this year was to remind delegates the importance of returning to the rocks again and again, to challenge their interpretation and unlock new potential.  This year’s theme of Reservoirs Through Time, highlighted the changes in analysis methods and the subsequent interpretations, and how the rock and its properties remain constant. The challenge all geoscientists face is the need to remain humble in our interpretations, as we endeavor to explore and exploit all reservoirs. As we continue to unlock additional resources in unconventional plays, we see a resurgence in the importance of applying new concepts in known pools and fields.

This year’s conference had a total of 736 registered attendees, and attracted a great deal of attention and conversation around some of our industry’s hot spots. Plays that’s were featured, included the Montney, Duvernay (East and West basins), Eagleford, and Austin Chalk plays. As well, new learnings and applications were highlighted in the Oil Sands, Viking, Manville and Carbonate plays ranging from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. The program this year consisted of twenty-five presentations from across Canada, with the addition, of two presentations some of the most prominent plays in the United States. The knowledge, ideas, understanding and application presented this year was outstanding and delegates were able to take away new and different concepts that they can apply directly to their day-to-day work. Furthermore, the value in re-connecting with old colleagues and making new connections over a box of core, can never be understated.

Its success would not have been possible without all our sponsors; Tourmaline (Title sponsor), AGAT Laboratories (for an always great core meltdown), Stratum Reservoir (for continuing on the delicious BBQ lunches), Core Laboratories (for keeping us happy with coffee and sweets), Enlighten Geoscience, DigitCore ( Taracore Labs), ALT, Canadian Discovery, Baker Hughes, Rockhound Advisory Corp, Belloy, Enersoft, Freeman Audio Visual and the Alberta Energy Regulator, for which we are extremely grateful for their ongoing support. We would also like to extend our thanks to the CSPG Board and staff, especially Candace Jones & Kristy Casebeer for organizing the logistics of the conference. A big thanks to all the volunteer hours put in by the Core Conference committee members and a special thanks to Ashley Moisson and the staff at the AER for their pivotal role in organizing the core. Finally, many thanks to all of the fantastic presenters, without which we would not have had the outstanding technical content and program to share with all our delegates.

We would like to congratulate this year’s Core Conference Award winners:

Best Core Presentation

Nancy Chow

Abstract Title: Sedimentology and Petroleum Evaluation of the Upper Devonian Duperow Formation, SW Manitoba

Best Student Core Presentation:

Meagan Gilbert

Abstract Title: The Dinosaur Park-Bearspaw Formation Transition in the Cypress Hills Region of Southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada.

Cole Ross

Abstract TitleCorrelating Clearwater sandstones within the Marten Hills and Nipisi regions of north-central Alberta

Next year will celebrate the CSPG Core Conference with GeoCanda! We look forward to another strong technical program with a diverse and always interesting display of core and talks. Thanks again for a fantastic year, we look forward to seeing you all next year!