Thursday, August 27th - Session Overview

Conventional Clastics
As we continue to strive to understand the tried and true reservoirs of our province, we will see a presentation high grading the petrographic and petrophysical relationships of regional projects within the Manville of East Central Alberta. Along with examining the detail in the sedimentary facies of the Incised Valley fill deposits of Clark Lake.

Presenter 1

Heterolithic incised valley fills, ancient and modern: comparing the fills of the Cretaceous Clarke Lake valley with those of Glenmore Reservoir’s bayhead delta

Jon Noad | SediMental Services

9:10-9:50 Presentation

9:50-10:00 Live Q & A

Presentation Overview

The fill of an incised valley from the Cretaceous Mannville Group of Clarke Lake, Lloydminster, is faithfully recorded in a series of cores. Two of these, one drilled in the valley fill and the other in the “background facies” outside the valley, document the very heterolithic nature of the fill and are discussed in detail in this presentation. The sedimentary succession of a bayhead delta, deposited in the western portion of Glenmore Reservoir, in Calgary, following the construction of the Glenmore Dam in the 1930s, is used as a direct analogue to the Cretaceous valley fill.

About the Speaker

Jon Noad graduated from Imperial College, London in 1985 and moved to South Africa to work on gold and platinum mines. He returned to the UK in 1990 becoming a marine geologist laying submarine cables. A Masters in Sedimentology at evening classes was followed by a PhD. in eastern Borneo, leading to a job at Shell International in Holland. This involved Middle Eastern exploration and production geology roles including the Tern Field and a field on Sakhalin Island.

In 2006 Jon moved to Canada and roles as Frontier Team Lead (Shell Canada), Exploration Manager (Murphy Oil) and Senior Geologist (Husky Energy and Gran Tierra, the latter focused on Colombia) followed. In 2016 he set up Sedimental Services to consult, as well as to teach industry classes in field geology, core and classroom courses. He has also taught semesters at U of A and MRU. In his spare time Jon likes running, wildlife photography, travel and hot curries.

Presenter 2
The Mannville of East-Central Alberta (Twp. 35-45 Rge. 1W4-20W4)
Godfried Wasser, Shpetim Cobaj and Lori Ibbitson of Eucalyptus Consulting Inc. 

10:05-10:50 Presentation

10:50-11:00 Live Q & A

Presentation Overview
This regional evaluation, working ‘from the rock to the log’, used core examination, petrographic analysis of thin sections, detailed correlations of 1000 vertical wells drilled after 1995.  Extensive petrophysical analysis was performed on 891 of these wells selected for wireline log quality. The results were used to map numerous reservoir variables ranging from simple thickness to average water saturation, hydrocarbon pore volume, porosity, KH, etcetera for each of the Mannville formations and pertinent subunits. The study results are available to subscribers in digital format for import in software like AccuMap and Petra (IHS). This forms a digital framework within which subscribers can quickly and consistently evaluate their own holdings and potential acquisitions. The study also provides insights in the various exploitation strategies best suited for each formation.

About the Speaker

Arriving in 1979 as a landed immigrant with a M.Sc. in sedimentology from the Dutch State University of Utrecht, Godfried Wasser started his petroleum geologist career at PanCanadian. First as a junior exploration geologist; then senior and district geologist in exploitation and as Staff Geologist in regional studies.

He founded Eucalyptus consulting in 1994 until today, with intermittent staff positions at companies such as Canadian Natural Resources and Penn West. His focus has always been on enumerating geological properties of reservoirs both local and regionally. Eucalyptus’ motto is: Working from the rock to the log.