Gussow 2019 Conference

New Directions in Geoscience for Unconventional Resources: 
living at the interface between geochemistry, geomechanics and engineering

Location: Banff Park Lodge, Banff, Canada
Dates:  October 15th – 17th, 2019 


Our growing understanding of unconventional plays demonstrates the need for new or improved methods and concepts to account for multiscale distribution of rock and fluid properties in these highly heterogeneous and complex systems. In recent years, these challenges sparked tremendous developments and innovations in geoscience disciplines as well as a better integration between them. Gussow 2019 will aim at gathering high profile international geoscience experts to share their knowledge about cutting edge research and recent developments in geoscience disciplines and their application to optimizing production from unconventional resources.

Technical Sessions:

1) Diagenetic controls of reservoir quality in tight rocks
2) Origin and impact of organic matter in unconventional reservoirs
3) The role of structure in unconventional plays
4) Geological controls and impact of fluid distribution in resource plays
5) Bridging geoscience with engineering and economics

Planning Committee:

Tristan Euzen ( IFP Canada)
Jim Wood (Calaber1 Resources)  -
James Macquaker (ExxonMobil) -  
Kristy Casebeer (CSPG Event Coordinator)  -

Thank you to our Sponsors: