Gussow Femi Student Grants

In memory of the late Olufemi "Femi" Jokanola. Femi helped start the Petroleum Research Group at the University of Calgary and was its first PhD graduate in 2007 (PhD in geology with a specialization in petroleum geoscience). He worked for ConocoPhillips' Subsurface Technology group in Houston where his research focused on top seals and petroleum geochemistry. Femi co-submitted an application for a patent that developed methods and systems for allocating production  among reservoir compartments by way of compositional and isotopic analyses. He subsequently transferred into the Eagle Ford Business Unit where he championed the use of geochemistry in field development. Part of that work led to a second patent that identified means for predicting and forecasting H2S production in unconventional source rock plays.

Thirteen (13) grants are available to students to cover the cost of registration for the 2021 Gussow conference. The cost for students for the online Gussow conference this March 2021 is $75.00.


  • PhD student (Masters if you are graduating shortly) or recent graduate (graduated in the last two years)
  • Preferably doing multidisciplinary work in the field of geosciences related to the petroleum or energy industry
  • Some preference given to international (non-Canadian) candidates
  • Preference given to a dynamic scientist who is a great integrator and keen to develop new practical methods that significantly impact business

The deadline for filling in an application is February 12th, 2021

For more information or the application form please contact 

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